Trent Reznor Insults Neil Young’s MP3 Player Product

Neil Young’s portable music playing device, Pono, was recently announced and revealed at SXSW festival. The device is noted for it’s high-quality audio playing abilities and it’s 128 GB of memory. The product’s price starts at $399. Arcade Fire, Beck, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, and more have Artist Signature Series PonoPlayers currently being sold on Pono’s kickstarter.

Recently, Trent Reznor bashed the aesthetics of the Pono publicly by saying “Anything that elevates music back to where it should be is inherently cool. I have great admiration for Neil Young as an artist. But as a device I can’t pretend it doesn’t look a bit like a Toblerone.”

You can view testimonials by artists impressed by the Pono such as Eddie Vedder, Rick Rubin, Arcade Fire, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Dave Matthews, Brendan O’ Brian in the video below:

  • toni

    TMZ headline. He’s stating the obvious. Why would anyone buy a product like this that requires you to re-buy all your albums again in a new format to truly take advantage of the ‘amazing’ sound quality?

  • Ka

    lame Trent, really lame

  • Big M

    Who the hell cares what it looks like?

    • Paulonious

      Because it’s not like it can comfortably fit in your pocket, which is the main point of a portable device. It can stand up. Yay. But if I’m somewhere where it can stand up, I can also likely throw on a record instead.

  • General Zod

    Technically speaking you don’t have to rebuy all your albums. The Pono plays non-drm’d standard formats like FLAC. It can do CD quality FLAC as well as higher quality versions of FLAC.

    There’s nothing stopping you from ripping your cd’s to flac and putting them on the device. It’s has a high quality DAC (Digital to Analog Convertor) in it so it should make standard flac sound a lot better than devices like smartphones which tend to come with a mediocre DAC.

    Pono isn’t the only company to do this though. There are other players out there that have high quality parts (DAC) and can play Various quality FLAC files.

  • CL

    It’s obviously a joke. Typical sensationalism. I thought you guys were done with that sort of thing? Shame…

  • Anth

    I find it baffling that RHCP is supporting a product like this when their last 4 or 5 albums are some of the most heavily compressed releases out there. If Neil Young weren’t behind this, none of these artists would give a rat’s ass about Pono.

  • jim garturt

    This player is not even needed . Most phones are more than adequate for playing music. Watching this whole thing is funny since now they all will sell anything for a buck.

    • General Zod

      They aren’t targetting the smartphones are adequate audience. They are targetting the audiophile audience. Hardcore music fans. The same ones the still buy records and record players.

      Yes smartphones are “adequate” for most people, but they are far from fantasic music players.

      There is already a niche markets with several manufacturers making high end music players. There’s definitely a market out there for players that are better than adequate.

  • Christine

    It looking like a candy package is hardly an insult. Apple has been making candy color products for years, so this one is a candy box shape… no big deal. The real question is, how is it going to compete with an iPhone? No one who had an iPod that I know uses it anymore,… they use their phones instead.

  • Daniannie

    Graceless as usual. Typical Trent.