In a new interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, A Perfect Circle guitarist Billy Howerdel discussed working as Trent Reznor’s guitar tech in the 90’s. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“The only way I’ve seen (a broken guitar) is Trent hauling the thing 30 feet in the air, hitting the lighting truss, doing a triple pirouette into the stage and just shattering,” Howerdel says.

“I did buy new guitars constantly. I think the number was 137 Les Pauls, working for Trent.”

After a while, Howerdel started fixing those broken necks, because Trent was demolishing as many as eight guitars a night.

“You learn how to fix them and save the tour some money,” Howerdel says.

“He let me take a couple of guitars at the end of the tour, and I took the best-sounding of the 137. That’s my main guitar!”

  • Astaroth

    Damn you, Reznor! How can you break guitars than the rest of us could only dream with them?

  • RödeOrm

    What a fucking waste, just to hold his image…

  • Search and Destroy

    It’d be nice to be rich, eh?

  • Raj

    I know Kurt Cobain destroyed a lot of guitars in Nirvana’s heyday. He described it as the climax and Krist said it took away the need for an encore. Bands need to smash their guitars again!

  • Christine

    Keeps Les Paul in business, I say go for it.

    Any guess as to how many Ric’s Pete Townshend killed — Ric is very proud.

    No one ever smashes a Gretsch though… 😉

  • Rooster

    137? Well that’s alright. If it were 138 I’d take issue.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    We all know its “rock and roll” to break guitars, but 8 a night is disgusting. In those crowds were ppl who had to scrounge to save money for those tickets and here’s some douchebag on stage, destroying thousands of dollars of guitars.
    Ive never liked Reznor, and this just further justifies that.

    In reference to Krist saying a broken guitar nullified a need to do an encore: Hmmmmmm, i’d rather hear 4 more songs than have a shortened set. I go to see bands play music, not break the equipment so that they can’t play said music.