Trent Reznor Adds New Members To Nine Inch Nails’ Live Lineup

Sharlotte Gibson and Lisa Fischer were recently added to Nine Inch Nails’ lineup for the Tension 2013 tour as backup singers. Gibson sang backup on American Idol and Fischer has shared the stage with artists such as the Rolling Stones and Tina Turner throughout her career.

Reznor also posted a short clip of a rehearsal on Instagram:

  • Balls

    The Reznor always have different people in band. Balls wonder how many different Fucking people the Reznor have in his Nails group. Balls get into the Reznor music a little but really not my style. Still some like so what the fuck does the Balls know.

    He uses many modern day tools to make the music does the Reznor. Balls not sure about how he feel about it. Like that Motherfucking Edge from the U2 need to use computers and fancy shit to make sound. Fucking tools are bad for music. Balls go rock the fuck out to Allman Brothers Band now.

  • Newton

    NIN has also added bassist Pino Palladino, who played on “Hesitation Marks” and is most famous for replacing John Entwistle in The Who after his death, to the 2013 U.S./Canada tour. Should be more funky!

  • Boom

    Boom think the Reznor make very good music and Boom also think Mr. Reznor must be good at love making too. Boom love to think about making love to Rockstars like the Reznor. Boom must crack head with bass guitar while listening to Mumford and Sons now. Boom out

  • WaM mEEsly

    Robin Finck is back in also, I don’t know whether AN has reported that, but NIN has a strong lineup, and the record is amazing.