Found this on, NuclearBlast has the bonus content listed:


1) By June (Ignoffo Sessions/2012 Mix)
2) My Dahlia (Ignoffo Sessions/2012 Mix)
3) Jesus Loves His Babies (Gish Sessions Rough Mix)
4) Cinnamon Girl (Ignoffo Sessions/2012 Mix)
5) Glynis (2012 Mix)
6) Crawl (Gish Sessions outtake)
7) Cinder Open (Eddy St. demo/2012 Mix)
8) Blissed (Sadlands demo/2012 Mix)
9) Slunk (Live) (2012 – Remaster)
10) Jackie Blue
11) Venus in Furs (Live)
12) Translucent (Sadlands demo/2012 mix)
13) French Movie Theme (Siamese Sessions outtake)
14) Purr Snickety (Gish b-sides session outtake)
15) There It Goes (Demo/2012 Mix)
16) Vanilla (Ignoffo Sessions)
17) Why Am I So Tired (Live in studio demo)


1) Intro by Billy Corgan
2) Pulse Cable Show Introduction by Lou Hinkhouse
3) There It Goes (Pulse Basement Jam – Chicago)
4) She (Pulse Basement Jam – Chicago)
5) She (Pulse Basement Jam – Chicago)
6) Under Your Spell (Pulse Basement Jam – Chicago)
7) My Eternity (Pulse Basement Jam – Chicago)
8) My Eternity (Pulse Basement Jam – Chicago)
9) My Eternity (Pulse Basement Jam – Chicago)
10) My Eternity (Pulse Basement Jam – Chicago)
11) Bleed (Pulse Basement Jam – Chicago)
12) Nothing and Everything (Pulse Basement Jam – Chicago)
13) Jennifer Ever (Pulse Basement Jam – Chicago)
14) Jennifer Ever (Pulse Basement Jam – Chicago)
15) Jennifer Ever (Pulse Basement Jam – Chicago)
16) Jennifer Ever (Pulse Basement Jam – Chicago)
17) Jennifer Ever (Pulse Basement Jam – Chicago)
18) Death of a Mind (Pulse Basement Jam – Chicago)
19) Spiteface (Pulse Basement Jam – Chicago)
20) Blue
21) Offer Up
22) The Joker
23) Slunk
24) Dancing In The Moonlight
25) Snap
26) Hello Kitty Kat


1) A1: Jennifer Ever
2) A2: East
3) A3: Nothing And Everything
4) B1: Sun (Remix)
5) B2: She (Live)
6) B3: Spiteface

  • Adam

    looking forward to this reissue.

  • rodrigo

    there must be some kind of mistake, how can it be 5 versions of jennifer ever of the same gig?!?!?!?

  • Anth

    Gotta be honest, I’m a little disappointed that space is being wasted on stuff like “French Movie Theme” and “Why Am I So Tired.” I was still hoping that some rarities previously unavailable on CD would show up (“Bullet Train to Osaka,” “Daughter,” Sub Pop “I Am One,” etc.). And the cassette is useless, but whatever. Most of the bonus disc should be worthwhile, and I’m looking forward to the concert too–but yeah, the repeat tracks have got to be a mistake.

  • no

    Could we just get more pictures of D’arcy on the website?