This article is intended to be about albums that were poorly received and overlooked both commercially and in some cases critically at the time of their release and may still be looked at negatively by their fans.  Something like Temple of the Dog, Mad Season’s Above, and Mother Love Bone’s Apple aren’t on this list because they were widely regarded as great albums when they were released and are looked back on as classics today, even though they may not have achieved huge commercial success.  Even something like The Smashing Pumpkins’ Adore is hailed now as a classic.  So here is my list of what I believe to be the top ten unfairly criticized and underrated albums by alternative rock/Grunge era artists. It’s important to note that this is focused on the artists of the Grunge/90’s alternative rock era we cover on here, rather than modern alternative rock bands.

10. Jane’s Addiction- Strays (2003)

After 13 years, and sans original bassist Eric Avery, Jane’s Addiction came roaring back with their comeback album Strays, their long awaited follow-up to 1990’s Ritual de lo Habitual.  Many longtime Jane’s Addiction fans ripped on the band for having a more polished and commercial sound, but the songwriting is top notch on this album and it is a very focused effort.  Perry Farrell has some of the most memorable melodies of his career on this album, and Dave Navarro shines on guitar.  Standout tracks include: Strays, Just Because, Price I Pay, True Nature, and To Match The Sun.

9. Jerry Cantrell- Degradation Trip Volumes 1 & 2 (2002)

Many casual Alice In Chains fans may overlook Jerry Cantrell’s solo career, but he released two solid albums in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, with the most underrated being Degradation Trip Volumes 1 & 2.  The album was definitely the most ambitious of Cantrell’s career, a double album that lasts 2 hours and 20 minutes and is one of the darkest albums of the last decade.   Lyrically the album addresses Cantrell’s own isolation and misery, along with his broken friendship with the then reclusive Layne Staley (the album was written and recorded prior to Staley’s death).  On Bargain Basement Howard Hughes, Cantrell sings about his ailing friend, “Enigma wrapped in riddle, Your life I belittle, Dignity I’d steal, Now I know how it feels, Stubborn bastard, hard head knocking, We had our good years too, Though apart, you’re still in my heart I’d give anything for you.”  Standout tracks on Degradation Trip include: Angel Eyes, Anger Rising, Solitude, Gone, and Bargain Basement Howard Hughes.

8. Deconstruction- Deconstruction (1994)

After Jane’s Addiction broke up in 1991, bassist Eric Avery and guitarist Dave Navarro recorded the lone Deconstruction album together with Michael Murphy on drums.  The album sounds like how musically a third Jane’s Addiction album would have sounded if the band had never broken up, except with Eric Avery on lead vocals (Navarro sang on some songs like Big Sur).  The album has unbelievable songs and to this day has been totally overlooked.  Standout tracks include: LA Song, Big Sur, Iris, and Get At Em.

7. Scott Weiland- 12 Bar Blues (1998)

Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland’s debut solo album is one of the most eclectic and daring albums of the late 90’s.  Weiland went into sonic territory he never had before, and his songwriting on here is as strong as it is on any Stone Temple Pilots albums.  This is one of Weiland’s darkest albums as he was suffering some of the lowest points of his heroin addiction.  Comparing this to Weiland’s second solo album, 2008’s Happy in Galoshes, is like night and day.  12 Bar Blues features one of Weiland’s best lyrics of his career on Barbarella, “Grab a scale and guess the weight of all the pain I’ve given with my name, I’m a selfish piece of shit.”  Standout tracks include: Barbarella, Cool Kiss, Mockingbird Girl, and Lady Your Roof Brings Me Down.

6. Red Hot Chili Peppers- One Hot Minute (1995)

Yep, another Dave Navarro related project!  After guitarist John Frusciante left the Chili Peppers in 1992, the band eventually replaced him permanently with Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro.  During the making of the band’s lone album with Navarro, RHCP frontman Anthony Kiedis relapsed on heroin which led to One Hot Minute being the Chili Peppers’ darkest and most personal record.  Many Chili Peppers fans couldn’t understand this change in direction for the band, but as it stands today it could be argued that One Hot Minute was the band’s greatest album.  If only they would play material from it live!  Standout tracks include: Aeroplane, My Friends, Warped, and Tearjerker.

5. Chris Cornell- Euphoria Morning (1999)

Euphoria Morning was Chris Cornell’s first solo album, and his first record following Soundgarden’s breakup.  13 years later, and it is his last masterpiece (we’ll see if he can make another with Soundgarden’s King Animal).  The album sees Cornell embrace his love of the Beatles and soul music, with some of his finest songs to date.  Cornell received help from Alain Johannes on the album, a guy who always seems to be around when kick ass music is being created.  Standout tracks include: Can’t Change Me, When I’m Down, Moonchild, Sweet Euphoria, and Preaching the End of the World.

4. Screaming Trees- Dust (1996)

While Sweet Oblivion saw the Screaming Trees reach their apex in popularity, Dust is really their crowning achievement.  The album was overlooked commercially, if it had come out a year or two sooner it could have done far better, but unfortunately the Trees were not able to strike when the iron was hot.  Dust is definitely a Grunge classic.  Standout tracks include: All I Know, Sworn and Broken, Halo of Ashes, and Traveler.

3. Stone Temple Pilots- Shangri LA DEE DA (2001)

After No. 4’s return to hard rock roots, STP surprised fans with their most experimental album ever in 2001, Shangri LA DEE DA.  The band fully embraced their pop, bossa nova, and 60’s influences on this album, but manage to rock out at the same time.  Unfortunately Atlantic Records refused to release Wonderful as a single, a surefire radio hit that would have given this underrated gem of an album the attention it deserved.  Standout tracks include: Hello It’s Late, Black Again, Hollywood Bitch, Wonderful, and Coma.

2. Zwan- Mary Star of the Sea (2003)

I think this will probably be the most surprising choice.  I’ve always thought of the Zwan album as a defacto Smashing Pumpkins album, since the album features Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin with Billy writing all of the songs, like most Pumpkins releases.  Many Pumpkins fans criticized this album as being too poppy and generic, but it really is one of Corgan’s strongest bodies of work ever.  Every song is memorable, just an incredibly catchy and inspired album.  I could give a shit about the live songs and demos left off, the songs that made the album are great.  The title track Mary Star of the Sea is one of my favorite Smashing Pumpkins/Billy Corgan songs.  Standout tracks include: Jesus, I/Mary Star of the Sea, Settle Down, Of A Broken Heart, Lyric, and Ride A Black Swan.

1. James Iha- Let It Come Down (1998)

Just kidding Billy.

1. Pearl Jam- Riot Act (2002)

This is possibly Pearl Jam’s most divisive album among fans, but to me it is one of their best.  Over a decade into their recording career Pearl Jam were at a point where they could either go back and try to rewrite Ten, or they could push forward.  Riot Act contains the sound of a band aging gracefully, with a mature but still heavy sound.  It also features one of my favorite Eddie Vedder lyrics ever on I Am Mine, “I know I was born and I know that I’ll die, the in between is mine.”  Riot Act is still debated fiercely on the Ten Club boards, but it will always be a classic to me, especially since my Dad basically played it to death for about two years when it was released. Standout tracks include: I Am Mine, Love Boat Captain, Green Disease, Can’t Keep, and Thumbing My Way.

By the way, a special honorable mention goes to Blind Melon’s Soup album from 1995. To be honest I didn’t think of it until after I finished this article. So consider them #11, even though I think all of these are great so the numbers don’t matter. But another great, underrated album!

  • irishtdawg

    Great list Brett! Now, no arguing people. Just do your own list and remember everyone is entitled to their opinion (no matter how shite their taste is music is haha)!

  • NikicaJelavic

    I agree with about half the list. JA, RHCP, ZWAN, ST are great choises

  • Andrew

    Filter – Title of Record – totally belongs here. Good list though!

  • NikicaJelavic

    also ZWAN unreleased stuff > Mary Star album

    also JA Great Escape Artist should be on here. That album si great and very underrated

  • Edward R. Murrow

    Is this meant to be a “news” site or the place for an 18 year old’s opinion? Honest question.

  • bon3z

    no blind melon, mad season, jeff buckley… WTF BRETT, WTF?

  • Shadow on the Sun

    Cool list. One hot minute is my fave rhcp disc hands down Shangri was also amazing, soup was also awesome and riot act to me was their last great album

  • Shadow on the Sun

    It is funny that fans love one hot minute but the band basically pretends it never happened.

  • NikicaJelavic

    bon3z yeah I agree with you 🙂

    Mad Season instead of Catrell solo shit and Buckley instead of Weiland solo shit

  • Patrick

    Pearl Jam’s Riot Act is an amazing album, but I’m biased since they are my favorite band.

    Scott Weiland’s 12 Bar Blues is like a David Bowie album. I always loved it but my friends all hated it.

    And Blind Melon’s Soup would have been #2 or #3 for me on this list – glad to see it got mentioned.

  • Jarofchains

    Deg Trip was one of the best albums of the last decade. Really dark and brutal. Good list but I would of had Deg Trip at number 1 !!!!

  • not4you

    jeez, its just because mad season and jeff buckley’s are acclaimed rather than underrated albums…its nit for this list, turn on your mind when reading…

    unrelated topic, bon3z, is there anything planned for sept to be held in Moscow( like stanleys tribute party)??? how can i get the info??i know there is always good junk of cobains and yorks related stuff…spasibo!

  • mikewails

    Boggy Depot is an amazing album as well. Good list though. Open to debate of course. Good day all.

  • Michael

    BOTH of Blind Melon’s albums are underrated. Nobody talks about anything off the first one other than No Rain and maaayybe Change. Every single song on both albums are solid. I could listen to them all day. Blind Melon <3

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    cool to see degradation trip in there, also riot act is a great album

  • Is he one?

    HAHAHA seriously you cracked me up with that Iha joke. Loll.

    But more seriously my list would widely differ from yours. Euphoria morning and Mary Star of the Sea might be the only 2 on my list. But that’s a very interesting exercice dude, really! 🙂

  • MindRiot132

    Nice job on the list man, glad to see you didn’t neglect the Trees–IMO the most underrated band of the 90s, without a doubt. And yeah Blind Melon definitely deserves a spot.

  • Jcon

    I never understood how Euphoria Morning doesn’t get more credit. The song writing is phenomenal and it truly is the 5th classic of CC’s string of 90’s albums. Also LOVE Riot Act!

  • muthafuthinASH

    I’m Ashley – and I approve this post.

  • Wam Meesly

    Decent list, thanks for the Cantrell reminder. Agree entirely about Deconstruction and One Hot Minute. For me, its the best RHCP album of their catalog and the last “hard” album they made. I could never get into Californication and after as I did OHM and prior. And after hearing I’m With You, this is accurate.

  • Mark

    Great List….currently at work listening to Strays as I type this!

  • thefreewheelinMarkArm

    Boggy Depot was quite good.. if I had to put it up against Jerry’s double disc album… it’s really hard. I guess if we are talking which one is more underrated, then yes Degradation.. is more underrated, as Boggy had some good reviews and radio time.

    Bringing me to… Euphoria Morning? I’ll agree that is one of Chris’ best works and by far his best album without Soundgarden, but it really isn’t underrated. There were a few singles that got plenty of air time on the radio and 2 videos on Mtv that got played all the time (back then when they played videos…wooww it’s been a long time). Plus, it was critically acclaimed back then.

  • thefreewheelinMarkArm

    I actually just Googled ‘Euphoria Morning’ reviews.

    I can’t believe the mouth on this guy:

    what a tasteless fool

  • Xforewarnedx

    I still believe all the songs left OFF the Zwan album were some of their strongest. Like the Spun Soundtrack and the extra songs you hear on the DVD that came with the album. Spilled Milk man!

  • Breadbitten

    “This is possibly Pearl Jam’s most divisive album among fans…”

    I’m pretty sure the award for ‘most divisive PJ album’ goes to none other than ‘Binaural’. ‘Riot Act’ was a MUCH more warmly accepted record than Binaural as evidenced by some of the most heated conversations I’ve had (and heard) with friends and fellow fans. If Riot Act was a sign of Pearl Jam aging gracefully, Binaural was the realization that the band was at the point of no return.

  • Is he one?

    Agreed with Breadbitten. But seriously all the PJ fans I know agree that Binaural and Riot Act are the bands weakest work. That is why the avocado freaking blew me away. If anything, it’s the avocado that would be in my list.

  • HallFan01

    Deconstruction is vastly underrated.

    My #1 choice would be Toadies – “Rubberneck”.

  • hotoriousdick

    totally agree with you on RA, Zwan and 12 Bar Blues… Riot Act especially it’s one of my favs from the band and I Am Mine is one of my ALL time fav songs from them.

  • Dennis

    Failure – Fantastic Planet

    I’m one of the 22 people that showed up to see them play at like noon at Lollapolooza 97. Sucks they broke up shortly after.

  • King Cornell

    Excellent #1. Absolutely. Riot Act is one of their finest albums and their last great one, in my mind. I expected One Hot Minute to be here because I know you love it, as do many people. Still not much into most of the album tracks, but I am such a Frusciante lover maybe I am letting that get in the way of appreciating Navarro. But that’s at least better than I’m in you. I’ll take Navarro over Klinghoffer any day.

  • Kirill

    Failure – Fantastic Planet, Hum – Downward Is Heavenward and RHCP – One Hot Minute

  • Patrick

    this list makes me want to listen to these albums. excellent article!

  • Jake

    I only agreed with half of this list but that’s more than most websites when they try to do this kind of thing. I can only say “where is failure?” on here though.

  • Kirill

    Brett, can you add Refused to your site? I mean its one of the underated bands from the 90s.

  • Treason

    To me, the standout tracks on Degradation Trip are on the second disc. Aside from ‘Solitude’, ‘Spiderbite’, and ‘Gone’, I’d say ‘What It Takes’, ‘Dying Inside’, ‘Siddharta’, ‘Pig Charmer’ and every song after that are amazing.

    And Shangri La Dee Da is excellent.

  • MJM

    Murrow you silly troll. This is a news & editorial site. Even the most established (music) news outlets have opinion pieces. Piss off with you and your “is this supposed to be a news site” comment

  • jjc19461

    That Toadies song “I Burn” has been stuck in my head now.

  • runawaydog

    wow just yesterday I was listening to all of Blind Melon albums and was just thinking how amazing they were. I love all 3 of them (including Nico), but yeah Soup is definitely their best.

  • Mia

    I agree with One Hot Minute, it’s always been my favorite RHCP album and the only one I really listen to anymore.

  • SuperSG

    Euphoria Mo(u)rning is a classic! Sorry Brett, but Grace by Jeff Buckley is just too good to be left off. Cornell made Wave Goodbye in memory of Jeff Buckley. Whatever…its still a successful list.

  • Sonic_Junkie

    Lots of love for Dave Navarro which is great but you left off his excellent solo effort “Trust No One”! That is criminal.

  • Grunge Addict

    BRILLIANT LIST..i agree with you on pretty much all of those things, each of these albums is VASTLY underrated, and are some of my fave albums…I Have to admit tho id never heard of “Deconstruction” which is weird ..youd think i would will be checking that out now, One hot minute is so underapreciated tho…just cos bloodsugarsexmagik was so big, once again..great list Bret

  • scottguyland

    blind melon soup

  • bon3z

    @ not4you
    HEY! 🙂 Layne Staley tribute concert already took place in Moscow. here’s a video report of this concert, 3 bands and 4th – just a bald dude with a guitar (who was great by the way) performed lots of AiC covers and Mad Season(only 1 song i guess)
    1 Band even did Grind, Queen of the rodeo and Brush away wich are very rare and cool choices IMHO 🙂

  • Todd

    Wow, you’re Smashing Pumpkins roots get the best of you everytime, Zwann?? And One Hot Minute?? Good lord. Have you ever even listened to Silverchair’s Neon Ballroom or Diorama?? Those are definitely up there with Riot Act, which was Pearl Jam’s swan song.

  • Is he one?

    Diorama would be in my top 10 for sure!

  • John

    Deconstruction should be number one. Eric Avery is an innovator of music and poetry.

  • kaka

    by the way ZWAN has a 79 on metacritic … so why is it underated?


    Strays was a great Jane’s Addiction album. Can’t believe in the standout tracks, you didn’t mention the best song: THE RICHES!!!!

    EUPHORIA MORNING is undisputably the greatest album Chris Cornell has ever been a part of (with TOTD coming in second).

  • Brett Buchanan


    Fan perception of the Zwan album is really negative for some reason. It also didn’t do well commercially.

  • Brett Buchanan

    Sonic_Junkie, I love Navarro’s Trust No One! A solo album by a non lead singer that actually has really memorable songs and surprisingly solid vocals. The only problem is I would have had 4 Navarro projects in the top 10! Also couldn’t list everything I love in the top 10, which is why Blind Melon’s Soup was an honorable mention.

  • Jimmy D

    Nice list…. agree Blind Melon “Soup” should be in there though

  • Paul Kneitz

    Great list. One thing – One Hot Minute is a great album, but I don’t think it’s RHCP’s best.

  • Capt. Poon

    Mudhoney – My Brother the Cow
    Paw – Dragline
    L7 – bricks are heavy
    The fluid – Glue

    all pretty decent underrated gems…

  • danalog

    My only addition would be Neil Young’s ‘Mirror Ball’. Neil and PJ KILLED it on this one. Perhaps the ‘grungiest’ album ever?

  • Capt. Poon

    Quicksand – Slip and Manic Compression..

    killer albums alot of folks missed out on

  • Craigory52

    I love this list! One Hot Minute is definitely underrated and I think it’s tied with Blood Sugar Sex Magic as the best. Riot Act is a very good album, although it is in my latter half of the ranking in Pearl Jam albums. I like it more than Binaural and No Code. Zwan’s album is better than some of the Pumpkins material. Strays is actually the album that got me into Jane’s Addiction in the first place. Degradation Trip is incredible! I bought it when it was just one disc and just that disc alone is incredible. Then when the two disc came out it was even better. Stone Temple Pilots’ Shangri La Di Da is better than their self-titled for sure. I haven’t heard the other albums on the list but I will have to now. “All I Know” is my favorite Screaming Trees single.

  • Schermer

    Brett – You need to acquaint yourself with a band called Failure. Fantastic Planet one of the most overlooked albums of the nineties. And Sonic Youth A Thousand Leaves needed to be in that list.

  • Schermer


    Shihad: The General Electric
    Twilight Singers: Blackberry Belle

  • Treason

    @ SuperSG

    I believe Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’ is left off the list because it isn’t underrated at all. I hate Rolling Stone, but even they have it in their 500 Greatest Albums list.

  • CagedTiger

    Great article, I agree with most of your choices, especially ‘One Hot Minute’, ‘Deconstruction’ and ‘Shangri La De Da’, they are 3 of my favourite rock albums of all time.

    Don’t agree so much with ‘Riot Act’ or ‘Strays’ though, was disappointed with both albums upon their release and still not a huge fan of them today either. Both have their strong tracks but also some filler too I feel.

    I also agree with the guy who said Filter – ‘Title of Record’ should’ve been included, that album to me is timeless, one of those classic albums where I can just press play, sit back and enjoy every song on. Criminally underrated rock album.

  • King Cornell

    Every Lanegan album should be here.

  • Ben

    Jeff Buckley definitely should be on this list!!!
    Such an amazing singer/songwriter and so sad we will never hear more music from him!

  • Evan

    Pearl Jam is my favorite band of all time, but Riot Act was the one album they did that’s just too much for me. I like maybe half of the songs, as opposed to their other albums where I’ll like every song except maybe one or two.

  • dakotablue

    Jerry Cantrell’s song “Pig Charmer” is a pretty bad dig at Layne, who at one time was one of his best friends. Later Cantrell said Pig C was about himself–yeah, whatever never mind.

  • SuperSG

    I despise Rolling deaftogoodmusic Stone. They got it right with Grace, but criminally undervalue Soundgarden and AIC. They overvalue Pearl Jam and Nirvana, even though the Nirvana being overvalued is because Rolling Stones for brains is the epitome of mass culture.

  • Jim

    Great article idea Brett. I completely dig Strays too. I don’t know exactly what success Silverchair had in the US except they were big at times (?), but surely their latter albums would be eligible?? (Diorama/ Straight Lines. :-/) Ironically, I’m an Aussie but not a super massive fan.

    PS Nikica, you have to be a Toffees fan yeh?? Amazed to find another here; go you Blues!!

  • Tommy

    Diorama is definately a biggy. Anyone remember “Foma” by The Nixons? That was a good record.



  • no

    Cool list!! Hope that you make some more of them.

  • SuperSG

    White Stripes are very recognizable and relevant in todays popular musical culture. Jack White was featured along with Jimmy Page and The Edge on Palladia/VH1 Classic’s “It Might Get Loud”. Great Movie, White plays a dirty guitar…

  • GenXLady

    Wow! So many positive comments here. It is sorta refreshing! Thanks for spotlighting some good albums. I’m going to have to listen to stuff I haven’t heard in awhile.

  • Jarofchains

    dakotablue said:
    Jerry Cantrell’s song “Pig Charmer” is a pretty bad dig at Layne, who at one time was one of his best friends. Later Cantrell said Pig C was about himself–yeah, whatever never mind.

    Yea so what if it was about Layne – that is how he expressed his feelings – through his music. Bargain Basement Howard Hughes was also about Layne and here are some telling lyrics of how he felt about him: “Though apart, you’re still in my heart I’d give anything for you”

    So basically you don’t know the whole story and relationship between Layne and Jerry so shut the fuck up.

  • Brett Buchanan

    Filter’s Title of Record went Platinum and was a pretty well regarded album, I love it. I met Richard Patrick and he signed my copy of it last year. I don’t think it’s underrated because the album was a success, Filter’s biggest hit is Take a Picture.

    Jeff Buckley’s Grace is very well regarded, and he’s hailed as a legend now with two movies in the works about him.

    I don’t think Pig Charmer is about Layne. Jerry Cantrell himself was pretty miserable and had a coke problem when working on the album, the song is pretty clearly about his period of isolation when writing the album.

    Bargain Basement Howard Hughes definitely shows his true feelings for Layne. I’m sure Jerry was pissed off at Layne, who wouldn’t be in his shoes? Layne’s decision to hole up in his apartment for years and not tour or record cost Jerry MILLIONS. But the song clearly shows he still loved Layne, despite any problems they may have had.

    I’ll probably do some more stuff like this, I’d like to avoid cliche stuff though like ten best Grunge albums ever or whatever. I mean I could do that at some point but I’d like to do unique things. I might do ‘best alternative rock covers.’ As in covers recorded by alternative rock bands.

  • Creep

    In my opinion, ALL of Blind Melon’s albums are underrated. 🙁
    I don’t know how they got labeled as a one-hit-wonder band…
    also, Riot act AND Binaural to me were WAY underrated for a Pearl Jam album.
    Maybe it’s just because I love all Pearl Jam.
    other than that, all the albums you chose were spot on. All great albums, not enough recognition.

  • SuperSG

    Do the best grunge albums ever when Cornell, Vedder, Cameron, Thayil, Sheppard, McCready, Novoselic, Grohl, Cantrell, and all other Grunge legends of the original ” Grunge Movement” are either definately done making music or passed away. That would be sort of a memoir of sorts if the above were the case.

  • danny

    horrible selection my friend. I’d only save STP, Weiland, Dust by Screaming Trees. Maybe One Hot Minute. But the other records are less than mediocre

  • corey jones

    Nirvana bleach is a underated album

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  • dean.

    Soup is my favorite album ever. Literally. Every year or two, however, I pull out 12 Bar Blues thinking, “Maybe NOW I’ll get it.” I never get it.

  • blewharvest

    Missing (and in no order):

    Tad – infrared Riding Hood
    Porno for Pyros – Good God’s Urge
    Hater – self titled
    Wellwater Conspiracy – Brotherhood of Electric: Operational Directives
    Truly – Fast Stories… from Kid Coma
    Rocket From The Crypt – Group Sounds
    Mudhoney – Tomorrow Hit Today
    Supersuckers – Evil Sounds of Rock and Roll
    Gas Huffer – The Inhuman Ordeal of Special Agent Gas Huffer

  • GwynnKatie


    THANK YOU for mentioning Degradation Trip Volumes 1 & 2!

    I will just say this – for any Jerry fan – if you have NOT listened to this record – DO IT NOW. It’s just freaking epic. The guitar work, Jerry doing his own harmonies on every track, (which IMHO oftentimes are reminiscent of harmonies with Layne) Mike Bordin on drums, Robert Trujillo on bass — need I say more? Lets put it this way…

    1st copy – I gave to my son after loving it to death.
    2nd copy – I gave to my good friend & fellow Alice fan Gary @ work after he borrowed it and *forgot* to give it back… heh
    3rd copy – I just received yesterday from Amazon after being without it for nearly 5 months. I won’t be giving this copy to anyone.

    I’m serious folks. He only toured ONCE for this record – and to my knowledge has never played any of this music live again. I had tickets to see Jer @ The Roseland in Portland Oregon on October 23, 2002. Jerry was sick & subsequently was hospitalized in Seattle for dehydration. He cancelled The Roseland show. I understood – but to this day it eats at me that I will never hear some of those songs live. This record is a masterful achievement, haunting…

    @ Jarofchains – I am with you man! AIC Forever! 😀

    @ dakotablue – He might very easily have been referring to himself in Pig Charmer. Jer locked himself in his home for months to write & record DT Vols 1&2. From what has been stated at MusiCares, this was BEFORE Jerry went into rehab – so I am betting there was heavy drug use involved. And quite frankly, so what if he did say something off-coler about Layne in a song? Only they know how much they love each other as brothers in music. And when someone you love is strung-out on heroin and shuts you out – it can really stir up anger and frustruation.

    Kudos to Jerry for being such an amazing artist that he could take such pain and create such haunting and beautiful music from it.


  • Jacqui

    Agreed, Creep. Blind Melon weren’t around long enough and their self titled wasn’t completely
    in line with the sound of the early 90s grunge movement. It was close but lacked a certain dark, more modern edge. Soup had that darker edge at times, but by that time, they were the simply the bee girl band to most mainstream music listeners. The hippies dancing naked
    in a field. It’s unfortunate and they define underrated as far as I’m concerned.

  • Spoonman

    so jerry cantrell opened for creed and nickelback to support degradation trip?? disturbing…

  • Christine

    I completely agree with Strays 100%.

  • Vincent Morel

    I know it’s an old post but I think the band “Unified Theory” has never show on this website and I site their self titled album is underatted… It really sound “90’s” grunge (Dave Kruzen is on drums). So I’ll had “Unified Theory” from “Unified Theory” to the list 😉

  • Dan

    Really good list. All great CDs. I love this site.

  • jeremy scott adidas

    Hi there, its good piece of writing regarding media print, we all be
    aware of media is a enormous source of facts.

  • Shoegeezer

    What? No mention of Throwing Copper from Live? Criminal.

  • Spoonman

    ^^^^because Live sucks


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  • big hutch

    I currently own 8 of these 11 albums. I would’ve included madseason but otherwise I completely agree w this article!

  • Matt

    Screaming Trees “Sweet Oblivion”, “Dust” is great… but SO was 10x better. Seriously one of the greatest grunge albums. Can’t believe it isn’t as big as anything besides “Nevermind” and “Ten”. Pretty much everyone I’ve ever turned on to it absolutely loves it. Lanegan has some great solo stuff too. “Blues Funeral” was great in 2012. His work with Queens of the Stone Age is solid as well.