Top 95 Rock Songs Of 1995

As we close 2015, it was quite depressing putting together the ‘Top 10 Rock Songs Of 2015’ list. There just wasn’t a lot this year to get too excited about. But when it comes to 1995, it was easy to put together a Top 95 Rock Songs of 1995 list. Check out some of the greatest rock songs of 1995, in mostly random order (barring some of the top choices). Thanks to Alternative Nation reporter Greg Prato for contributing songs to this list.

95. Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Tearjerker”

94. The Smashing Pumpkins – “Jellybelly”

93. Alice In Chains – “Over Now”

92. The Smashing Pumpkins – “Fuck You (An Ode To No One)

91. Mad Season – “Lifeless Dead”

90. Foo Fighters – “Floaty”

89. Filter – “Dose”

88. Sleater-Kinney – “Sold Out”

87. No Doubt – “Spiderwebs”

86. The Rentals – “Friends of P”

85. Silverchair – “Israel’s Son”

84. Radiohead – “My Iron Lung”

83. Radiohead – “High and Dry”

82. The Smashing Pumpkins – “Porcelina of the Vast Oceans”

81. Alice In Chains – “Sludge Factory”

80. Mad Season – “I’m Above”

79. The Verve – “History”

78. Supersuckers – “Bad, Bad, Bad”

77. No Doubt – “Sunday Morning”

76. 311 – “Don’t Stay Home”

75. Primus – “Southbound Pachyderm”

74. Kyuss – “One Inch Man”

73. Morrissey – “The Boy Racer”

72. Mad Season – “Long Gone Day”

71. The Verve – “This Is Music”

70. Truly – “Blue Flame Ford”

69. Soul Asylum – “Misery”

68. Everclear – “Santa Monica”

67. The Magnificent Bastards – “Mockingbird Girl”

66. Wilco – “Box Full of Letters”

65. Mudhoney – “1995”

64. Collective Soul – “The World I Know”

63. Collective Soul – “Smashing Young Man”

62. Sonic Youth – “The Diamond Sea”

61. Slash’s Snakepit – “Beggars & Hangers-On”

60. Local H – “Cynic”

59. Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Warped”

58. Ben Folds Five – “Underground”

57. Ben Folds Five – “Jackson Cannery”

56. Ben Folds Five – “Where’s Summer B?”

55. Morphine – “Honey White”

54. Morphine – “Super Sex”

53. Faith No More – “Digging the Grave”

52. Mr. Bungle – “Chemical Marriage”

51. Faith No More – “Ricochet”

50. Mr. Bungle – “Carry Stress in the Jaw”

49. Faith No More – “Evidence”

48. Mr. Bungle – “Desert Search for Techno Allah”

47. David Bowie – “The Heart’s Filthy Lesson”

46. Meat Puppets – “Scum”

45. Morrissey – “Dagenham Dave”

44. Kyuss – “Hurricane”

43. Faith No More – “Cuckoo for Caca”

42. Meat Puppets – “Taste of the Sun”

41. Meat Puppets – “For Free”

40. Primus – “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver”

39. 311 – “Down”

38. Primus – “Professor Nutbutter’s House of Treats”

37. Collective Soul – “December”

36. PJ Harvey – “Down by the Water”

35. Spacehog – “In the Meantime”

34. Garbage – “Only Happy When It Rains”

33. No Doubt – “Don’t Speak”

32. Radiohead – “Fake Plastic Trees”

31. Bender – “Headless Soldier”

30. Blind Melon – “2 X 4”

29. The Smashing Pumpkins – “Thirty-Three”

28. No Doubt – “Just a Girl”

27. Foo Fighters – “Exhausted”

26. Neil Young & Pearl Jam – “Peace & Love”

25. Mad Season – “I Don’t Know Anything”

24. Blind Melon – “Galaxie”

23. Radiohead – “Just”

22. Oasis – “Don’t Look Back In Anger”

21. Green Day – “Brain Stew”

20. The Smashing Pumpkins – “Zero”

19. Foo Fighters – “This Is A Call”

18. Silverchair – “Tomorrow”

17. Bender – “Rope”

16. Blind Melon – “Toes Across The Floor”

15. The Smashing Pumpkins – “Muzzle”

14. Mad Season – “Wake Up”

13. Oasis – “Wonderwall”

12. Alice In Chains – “Grind”

11. Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Aeroplane”

10. The Smashing Pumpkins – “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”

9. Filter – “Hey Man, Nice Shot”

8. Alice In Chains – “Again”

7. Foo Fighters – “I’ll Stick Around”

6. Red Hot Chili Peppers – “My Friends”

5. Oasis – “Champagne Supernova”

4. The Smashing Pumpkins – “1979”

3. Alice In Chains – “Heaven Beside You”

2. Mad Season – “River of Deceit”

1. The Smashing Pumpkins – “Tonight, Tonight”

  • Jason

    Hey Brett, I might pinch your list as the format of show in the new year (Y)

  • JSawyer80

    1979 had a lot more staying power. The complete lack of Hum is extremely, extremely disappointing. You’d Prefer An Astronaut is freaking amazing, with Stars and Suicide Machine standing out. Those two, 1979, and Exhausted are all sensational.

    • Felonious Punk

      Agreed. YPAA is one of the greatest albums not just from 1995, but from the 90s period. Downward Is Heavenward is standing right there next to it, too.

      It’s amazing how influential Hum has come to be in the past 20 years. For a band that went virtually unnoticed in their day, everyone from Deftones to Asobi Seksu has admittedly modeled their sound off of them. That tour they did with Failure this past summer proved they were still an absolutely crushing force live.

      Everyone here who is reading this needs to listen to Hum’s You’d Prefer An Astronaut. It’s one of the greatest 90s rock albums you’ll ever hear, and sounds nothing like you’ve ever heard.

  • Felonious Punk

    Some pretty crucial songs from 1995 missing here..

    Hum – Stars
    Deftones – Bored
    Candlebox – Understanding/Simple Lessons
    White Zombie – More Human Than Human
    Nine Inch Nails – Hurt
    Jawbreaker – Fireman
    Goo Goo Dolls – Name
    Bush – Little Things/Comedown/Glycerine
    Monster Magnet – Negasonic Teenage Warhead
    Therapy? – Stories
    Sugar Ray – Mean Machine

    I get that it’s a personal preference list, but some of those bands have like four or five songs on there.

    I remember watching 120 Minutes religiously when it was one. I was so stoked when that Magnificent Bastards video debuted; it sounded completely poppy compared to what we knew from Weiland at the time. I was so hoping they would cut an entire album together and we’d get two great bands fronted by Scott that sounded different from one another. But that never happened. I wonder when they’ll release Scott’s first two solo records on vinyl, now that he’s gone?

    • Ron L

      I like your list better lol


      I agree with several of your choices, though NIN’s “Hurt” is from 1994’s “The Downward Spiral”, if singles from albums released in that year were included then the list should add stuff from “Superunknown”, “Vitalogy” and many others. šŸ˜‰

      • Felonious Punk

        Good catch. The ‘Hurt’ single was released in 1995 but yea, he’s strictly going off songs actually released in 1995.


    • brunswickga

      I agree… Also, 311 was pretty low on the list.

  • Duckhouse

    Kyuss would be in the top 10 of my list, but this is good.

  • John

    Agree with others that Stars by Hum should be on here. Some others: Long Road and I Got Id; Geek Stink Breath. Also, In The Meantime should be top 5. Otherwise, solid list.

    • Yair Daar

      Agreed re: In the Meantime.

  • Joe Costigan

    That list takes me back to being in 8th/9th grade! So many great songs. As far as the current state of rock music – it’s easy to become discouraged but the so called “Alternative” label does not seem to be applied to music as much these days which may cause you some distress when looking at the top songs of 2015.

    I would say that the Rock genre is becoming cannibalized by the microanalaysis and labels applied to Rock n roll – in the 90s there was rock, alternative, grunge, punk, hardcore and metal. Now 15 years later the hipsters and scenesters in their efforts to make themselves feel unique and different have so many different labels they put to music – shoegaze, post-metal,post-grunge, post-core, death metal, emo and it goes on and on. This really seems to limit and put a ceiling on alot of bands and their exposure to a wider audience.

    Rock radio is also to blame as so many rock stations have gone to classic rock formats or seem to play songs up through the 90s and than just stop putting out new music.

  • headlesssoldier

    oooooo! Hum!.that was a watershed 90s tune. great one

  • Yair Daar

    What about Alanis Morissette? IMO Jagged Little Pill is one of the best rock albums in the past 30 years. Also, the title track on The Bends is missing. Great, great alt-rock song.

  • Victor Charlie

    I think the stations are going classic / retro rock to compete with satellite and also because that’s all anybody cares to listen to.
    New music is pitiful and with the labels no longer in control these days large scale promotion is hardly the norm.
    We’re in a hyperfractionated society with the attention span of a gnat.
    That does not bode well for the development of great new rock bands.

  • Aaron Coppock

    No Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals??? REALLY? Welcome to the Cruel World and Fight for yer Mind were 2 of the most influential albums he put out.. I get he was “new” to the scene but no songs on the list.. OUCH!! “Waiting on an Angel, Walk Away, Like a King, Forever, Don’t take that attitude to your grave, Mama’s got a girlfriend” or off The Will to Live “Roses from my friends, Ashes, Widow of a living man, Homeless Child” ANY of these should be somewhere on there?

  • dakotablue

    Judging from this list, Layne totally owned 1995 with a dozen songs–seven Mad Season and five AIC (although I’d personally place Sludge Factory, Grind and Again way higher in the list and Heaven Beside You way lower than number three). Also Long Gone Day higher.
    Glad to see Meat Puppets, Morphine and the Verve represented by more than one each. I can do without No Doubt, though.