Top 10 Pre-Nevermind Seattle Grunge Albums

After the massive success that was Ten of the Heaviest Bands From Japan, Anthony Carioscia chose to do a list that is more Alternative Nation friendly (minus Billy Corgan); here he talks about some of his favorite grunge albums that predate the popularizing of the genre in 1991 with the release of Nevermind and Ten.

Skin Yard – Skin Yard (1987)

Mother Love Bone – Apple (1990)


Screaming Trees – Buzz Factory (1989)


Tad – God’s Balls (1989)


Mudhoney – Mudhoney (1989)


Soundgarden – Louder Then Love (1989)


Green River – Rehab Doll (1988)


Alice in Chains – Facelift (1990)]

Nirvana – Bleach (1989)


Melvins – Gluey Porch Treatments (1987)


  • — J —

    “Guitarists Stone Gossard and Bruce Fairweather would go on to be in Pearl Jam.”

    WRONG. Bruce Fairweather was never in Pearl Jam.

    “Drummer Greg Gilmore and bassist Jeff Ament would go on to form Pearl Jam.”

    WRONG. Greg Gilmore was never in Pearl Jam.

    Does anyone research these things or do they just make wild assumptions?

    • Ben

      Poor Stone Gossard gets completely left out!

  • biorneit

    Bleach & Facelift are 2 of my favorite albums

  • nomad

    How could you forget Deep Six?

    • Jim Kirk

      Deep six was a compilation

  • AIC76

    Good list – enjoyed it – couple of errors but enjoyable.
    I would like to add an honorable mention – Gruntruck – formed from the remnants of Skin Yard, they were grunge-metal kings (next to AIC). If you have never heard them, check them out. They were sort of a blip on the screen, but did release 2 albums and an EP, and they were solid. I’ve never seen them covered on here – Brent – maybe an article on them? I know their singer died a few years ago….

  • Jim Kirk

    How about all or malfunkshun

    • Hwang Sunghyeop

      Yes, you rock!

  • liakosjam .

    Fuck Nevermind,Bleach was way better.

  • God

    Bruce Fairweather slappin the bass for Pj

  • kris08

    Facelift by Alice in Chains should be #1. Sorry but no other album listed is this polished and good!

  • Raj

    Personally I think a lot of the bands that came from Seattle made really great first and second albums before they recorded their commercial smash albums that were too polished. Nirvana’s Bleach, SG Louder than Love are raw, visceral with dropped tunings. Same thing with Alice’s Facelift. All those bands did take their songwriting, production and elevated it to a new level but I still think those old debut albums are the best.

  • Jen Haubrich

    Who picks “Mudhoney” over “Superfuzz Bigmuff?”

  • gamedemon24

    Wasn’t Ten released before Nevermind?