Top 10 Pearl Jam Live Songs

Pearl Jam kick off their 2014 U.S. tour on Wednesday in Cincinnati at the US Bank Arena, and to celebrate, has a list of Pearl Jam’s Top 10 Live Songs. While the list is subjective, we feel if Pearl Jam ever decided to mail it in (they never will, but hypothetically!) and have shorter setlists like some of their contemporaries, these are 10 songs they would have to play!

10. Yellow Ledbetter

9. Jeremy

8. Baba O’Reilly

7. Alive

6. Spin The Black Circle

5. Given to Fly

4. Rockin In The Free World

3. Porch

2. Animal

1. Release

  • John

    Well, this post is obviously going to spur A LOT of healthy discussion and disagreement, given the quantity and quality of PJ’s live material. However, there seem to me to be three songs that would just have to be added to this list, just thinking of some of the epic live performances of them: Even Flow, Crazy Mary, and Rearviewmirror.

  • God

    Stupid article, This is like asking “Which of my poops for the last 25 years were the best?”………The answer is they were all awesome!

    • Ryan Miller


  • Ryan Miller

    What about Betterman? That’s a “bettersong” live than Alive, Jeremy, or Spin The Black Circle.

  • CraigPW1984

    Should have Corduroy, Even Flow, Daughter, and Better Man on there. Maybe I would replace two of them with Porch and Jeremy.

  • KW UST

    GREAT list. Hard to narrow down just 10. Any live list should probably include Even Flow (since they’ve played that song the most, by far) and Do The Evolution is such a staple now. Otherwise, really a great list. Porch should be #1 – that is their staple live song at this point!

  • KW UST

    My list, FWIW:
    1) Porch
    2) Rockin’ In The Free World
    3) Given To Fly
    4) Even Flow
    5) Alive
    6) Release
    7) Do The Evolution
    8) Better Man
    9) In Hiding
    10) Yellow Ledbetter

  • nomad

    Sweet Lew!

  • Gill Dawe

    Good list. Definitely hard to make a top 10 when there are so many fantastic choices. Release is definitely one of my all time favourite songs though.

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  • Jared

    Spin the back circle?