Top 10 Metal Albums Of 2005

2005 was one of the best years of the last decade for metal as well as one of its most diverse. Many current bands would release their most well known albums and several classic bands showed the world they were back on their feet. Here in no order are 10 of the best metal albums from that year.

Kreator – Enemy of God

In 2001, thrash icons Kreator showed the world they were coming back strong with the album Violent Revolution. Four years later they proved it even more with the even better Enemy of God. Like the previous album it combines the band’s aggressive old school thrash sound with melodic death instrumentation. These reused elements were more perfected on this album, creating a record that almost rivals the band’s early work.

Devourment – Butcher the Weak

Slam is a micro genre of death metal that tends to be more miss then hit. Nothing hits harder in this genre than Devourment’s older albums. Butcher the Weak is the band’s finest hour. The album is simplistic and brutal without being generic. The track “Babykiller” is now the band’s most well-known song.

High on Fire – Blessed Black Wings

Blessed Black Wings is the third album from Californian sludge elites High on Fire. Like most of their releases, this album fuses sludge with thrash and contains complex drumming. Legendary producer Steve Albini’s touches give this album a raw and dirty sound. This is so far the band’s best work. If you like this album also check out Witchcraft’s Firewood from the same year.

Hypocrisy –Virus

Hypocrisy’s Virus is the band’s 10th album and one of their most diverse. The album’s sound is based in melodeath like most of the band’s work, but elements from thrash, black metal, industrial and punk can be heard. Guitarist Gary Holt of Exodus even plays on the track “Scrutinized”.

Gojira  – From Mars to Sirius

2005 was a year that saw many solid prog oriented metal releases. Opeth, Between the Buried and Me, Akercocke, Nevermore, and Strapping Young Lad all had great albums that year, but they all paled in comparison to From Mars to Sirius. Playing an ultra-heavy, riff driven, and groove influenced (without the tough guy attitude) style of progressive death metal, Gojira are one of the most original bands of the last decade and this album is their opus.

Taake – Hordalands doedskvad

Taake’s third album is the best black metal from that year. On this release Norway’s famed one man black metal outfit brings dreamy atmosphere mixed with raw energy. To this day he has yet to top this album. Other great black metal albums from 2005 include Naglfar’s Pariah and Axis of Perdition’s Scenes from the Transition Hospital.

Bolt Thrower –  Those Once Loyal

The band’s eight full length is also still their latest effort. This is because Bolt Thrower feels they won’t record again until they know they can write a great follow up. Crunchy riffs layer this release and not a single song is forgettable. Martin “Kiddie” Kearns, who played drums on this album has sadly recently passed away. May this album live on in his memory!

Kamelot – The Black Halo

Power metal is a genre that tends to be flooded with cheesy bands. Kamelot is a major exception. Here on their greatest album the band continues the dark Faust inspired story that started on the previous offering Epica. The dark feel of the music and progressive song writing make this an album that could appeal to even the harshest of power metal haters.

Napalm Death – The Code if Red…Long Live the Code

Grindcore creators Napalm Death’s eleventh studio album is one of the best of their more recent work. Like a lot of later Napalm Death albums, the sound combines the grindcore of their early days with their early 90’s death metal sound. The track “The Silence is Deafening” is now one of the band’s most popular tracks.

Nile – Annihilation of the Wicked

This fourth entry in the Nile saga is still to this day the band’s most iconic. This album also features some of the band’s most well-known songs such as “Lashed to the Slave Stick” and the title track. The band’s trademarks such complex drum fills and epic Egyptian vibes are turned up to eleven on this record. Ten years later and Nile is still a household name to death metal fans.