Tool guitarist Adam Jones proposed to his girlfriend at Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble PPV, she accepted. You can watch video of it here. The Royal Rumble was headlined by The Rock vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship.

  • irishtdawg

    I thought this guy was cool? What happened?

  • Yaddah

    He became gay?

  • Billy Howerdel

    Billy Corgan must be jealous

  • Creative Grunge Reference

    Billy Corgan thinks popular 90s musicians only propose at wrestling events to cash in on nostalgia. They should be more inovative and propose at tea shops.

  • Mind Riot

    Yes. He became gay by proposing to his girlfriend.

  • Jack Irons

    What a “tool”! The only thing lamer that proposing to your girlfriend at sporting event is proposing to your girlfriend at a fake sporting event!

  • ReverendMaynard

    Adam is awesome and TOOL is the best. Hardcore TOOL fans know that Adam is a huge wrestling fan so good for him. All the people ripping on him can go back to sucking Vedders dick.

  • Truth

    Jack Irons = Troll!

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    your move BilCo, cut a promo at WM XXIX

  • Brett Buchanan

    WWE Champion The Rock vs. Billy Corgan at WrestleMania, BillCo beats The Rock to win the title.

  • Edward R. Murrow

    What class! Also, unless you are 110% certain of the answer, never do this in such a public place.

  • Dave

    wow – that is gay – when you ask a woman to marry you out in public with everybody watching, your just looking for attention!….

    I wish she said go fuck yourself

  • Magic Mike Mazzarone

    Tons of people ask those they are dating to marry them in public. The majority of public places are usually sporting events such as NHL, MLB, NBA games…etc. A wrestling event to some is no different.

    I see no problem with this.

  • Jack Irons

    It’s just lame as F@CK. Absolutly no originality or thoughts was put into this. With all the money this guy has there are a million more romantic ways to propose to your girlfriend.

  • Jack Irons

    Just actually saw the video… She looks horrified he did this in public. He shows the ring to the camera first and almost didn’t get down on one knee. It’s just incredibly LAME! You’d think an artist would have more originality! I mean it would be cool if he was proposing to a guy but what girl would want to be proposed to this way? He doesn’t even put the ring on her finger, he hands her the box… That was about as painful to watch as it gets!

  • Shadows Collide with People

    Come on guys, this proposal was obviously staged! Anyone can tell that.

  • Cobainsweater

    I’ve been a big Adam Jones fan for nearly 20 years. I never thought I’d see the day where he was proposing to his girlfriend at a WWE pay per view.

    Good for him. Though I have to admit. just handing her the ring in the box like that *is* remarkably lame.

  • Cobainsweater


  • Smells Like Infinite Sadness

    What’s with all the alternative rockers digging professional wrestling? Just seems odd given the sport is full of macho posturing which much of alt-rock/grunge rebelled against. Just an observation.

  • grunggirl

    Somebody who knows Camella Grace said he had first hand experience that Jones is a “dick head” and that Camella left him. I don’t know, I’ve always thought Tool is amazing, but to marry the first woman you date after a divorce sounds insecure and disasterous.