Tom Morello, Flea and Billy Corgan all tweeted support yesterday for NBA player Jason Collins. Collins, in a recent article in Sports Illustrated became the first active male athlete in any major professional American sport (NHL/NBA/NFL/MLB) to come out and announce being openly gay.

Here are the following tweets:

Tom Morello ‏@tmorello
Jason Collins makes history. Thanks for ur courage. Cmon out NBA/NFL/NHL/MLB!

Tom Morello ‏@tmorello
“@shajoasoto: Saying your gay = making history?” 1st pro 2 come out in country slowly emerging from anti-gay predjudice & hate, yes HISTORY

RHCP bassist Flea sent the following series of tweets:

Flea ‏@flea333
I love my gay brothers and sisters

Flea Flea ‏@flea333
I hope all the other gay nba players come out that would be so great

Flea Flea ‏@flea333
Right on jason Collins

Meanwhile Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan said the following:

Billy Corgan ‏@Billy
I appreciate this man’s courage

Collins has also gathered support from other celebrities including Larry King,  Josh Groban, Charlie Sheen and even Former president Bill Clinton

For those interested you can follow Billy Corgan at @Billy, Flea over at @Flea333 and Tom Morello at @TMorello. Jason Collins can be followed over at @JasonCollins34

  • Is he one?

    I aslo salute his courage! Hope this brings more gay athletes to come out!

  • Shadow on the Sun

    A huge step forward, Jason risked alot to do this.

  • JesseJane

    It takes so much courage to come out, especially in the sports world. Jason Collins has a lot of courage. I applaud Tom, Flea and Billy for supporting him!

  • Is he one?

    I hope some NBA team will “dare” offering him a contract despite his coming out. The opposite would be very sad, and bad for the cause.

  • GwynnKatie

    This is a good thing. Appreciate the bravery.

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