Here are the best comments on in the last week or so, according to me.

Platinum Bo$$ said:

Fo real G Mayn, ain’t enuff hip hop news in this bitch… Nirvana and them White boys is wack as hell on the real tho. Whuts good ne way ma ballin ass partna? Shaniqua say u ain’t been keeping up with the child support, bitches be trippin, welfare cheques n shit, ain’t that about a bitch.

Rodrigo said:

the day Billy will turn into a porn actor, I will start to talk bullshit about the pumpkins I promise

Anth said:

Update on the breaking Corgan fart story: sources are reporting that it was silent but had a “powerful” aroma. “I didn’t think it was possible,” remarked one observer who spoke under the condition of anonymity, “but he actually did something that stunk worse than Zeitgeist.”

Reached for comment, Corgan said, “Don’t look at me. It was [former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist] James [Iha].” Iha refused to speak on the matter.

This is not the first time Corgan has farted: producer Butch Vig recalled an incident during the Gish sessions that later inspired the song “Rocket,” and it’s widely rumored that a post-concert fart in the dressing room was the catalyst for the Zwan breakup (though Corgan insists that “David Pajo smelt it and therefore dealt it”).

We’ll continue to update on this breaking breaking wind story as more details come in.

Iso said:

The delightfully scented bowl of shit known as MAYAN CALENDAR strikes again! Balls to your chin Mayan. May the beef-stick of justice rest comfortably in your throat. Feel those testies slapping against your taint? That’s that same cock up yer butt now. Takin’ it in both holes Mayan, good on ya, champ. Perhaps we ought unload an AR-15 in yer cornhole. Then evaluate your well-placed comment once more…

bon3z said:

The [2nd Mad Season] album cover is revealed! OMG!!!

  • lala

    props for the new type site. much better with all the bands

  • Dreux

    Same here. Props to you, Brett. Loving all the new updates on different bands.

  • Mia

    That Mad Season cover made me laugh so hard…

  • Gems

    lmao at the Mad Season cover.

  • Iso

    Honored to have made your favorite comments Brett! I don’t kid myself- friends I do not have on But that’s OK as my sole purpose here is to balance the equation of MAYAN CALENDAR’s idiocy-spewing hole known as his mouth.

  • bon3z

    my friend made this cover 🙂 Also we did some Mark Lanegan + Josh Homme comix 🙂

  • bon3z

    also, the same picture on a t-shirt (tits included)

  • http://deleted SuperSG

    glad to have you here to create equilibrium Lso.

  • muthafuthinASH

    I like the idea of best comments. I like it a lot.