• be

    very good,
    Eddie Vedder is God 🙂

  • wes. c. adle

    for the love of god brett, i love this site but please stop pimping this guys show. it just encourages him.

  • Pam

    So jealous…. he has all those limited edition items…
    i agree though you members who sell your shit on ebay…
    tsk, tsk, tsk!

  • Tom

    Everything you post is quality, except for this garbage. This pj show is horrible and embarrassing. I like your stuff but I won’t be following anymore if this show is something that you continue to support.

  • Dreux

    You know, Tom, no one’s twisting your arm to watch this shit. Just ignore the weekly posts, for fuck sakes.

  • Brad

    Thanks for sharing.
    I think these complainers are the aholes who sell shit in ebay.

  • Sickwit_it

    I dont why this guy is posted on here. Nor do icare. But why is he being posted on here like hes something special when hes obviously not….did he suck your dick brett? xD

  • wes. c. adle

    ebay has nothing to do with it, the show is awful.

  • Brad

    Are you jealous your not posted on here?
    Nor do you care? You clearly do.
    He thinks hes something special .. Really?
    Hes so humble and chilled out.
    You guys are such fags.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000022737943 Riley R.

    I enjoy the show….

  • Zach

    Who are you to judge people for selling shit? “Betraying” Pearl Jam by selling something they (over)charged $70 for? It’s an honor and privilege to be in the Ten Club? Really? It’s an honor to send them $20-$40 a year for a 10 month late christmas single and a half assed newsletter? They are the privileged ones for having people like you pay to kiss their ass.

    There would be no secondary market for these items if the Ten Club had any idea how to run a business. And what is your motive for making these videos? Just to brag about your collection? Congrats on having rare items!