The Jesus Lizard’s David Yow Recalls Playing Show With Nirvana

In a new interview that yours truly conducted with Jesus Lizard/Scratch Acid singer David Yow for Songfacts, Mr. Yow talked about a variety of topics, including info about the new book, The Jesus Lizard Book, the stories behind several JL classics, and memories of playing shows with Nirvana back in the day.

Here are a few excerpts to point your peepers at:

Songfacts: Something else I’ve always been curious about but I could never really get to the bottom of: Did Jesus Lizard play any other shows with Nirvana besides that 1993 Roseland performance?

David: Yeah. The first show that we ever played together was at Maxwell’s in Hoboken when Chad Channing was still playing drums. And at that time Nevermind had not come out. But right before that, Sub Pop had put out a single with Sonic Youth, who was not on Sub Pop, and Mudhoney was on Sub Pop.

And after we played with Nirvana at Maxwell’s, Kurt and I were talking about the possibility of doing a split single the way Sub Pop had done. But doing it on Touch and Go. So we decided to do that, and then they signed to Geffen and Nevermind came out and everything changed. It took a while, but you probably are aware of that 7-inch, right? Split single?

Songfacts: Yes. I am aware of it.

David: And then also we played with them and Dinosaur Jr. at the Gothic Theater in Denver, Colorado, as well.

Songfacts: Out of all the times that Jesus Lizard played with Nirvana, would you say that there was any standout show? That Roseland in ’93 show is considered a pretty big one in the career of Nirvana, because that was before their last album came out and they premiered a lot of the songs from that album at that show.

David: Well, I didn’t think that show was very good at all. Kurt was so fucked up he could barely… I mean, he and Krist were writing the set list in our dressing room and Kurt was babbling – he could hardly function.

For me, of those three shows, the standout one was Maxwell’s. It was great. It was before Nevermind came out, and the next day – and this never happens – in the van, Mac, our drummer and I, were singing “In Bloom,” after having heard it once live.

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Above band photo taken by Whitney O’Keefe.


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