Ryan Jarman frontman of the UK independent rock group “The Cribs” was very vocal about legendary grunge band Nirvana telling The Sun that they wouldn’t be signed in today’s day & age.

“Bands like Nirvana and SONIC YOUTH – that come up from the underground and cross over – the problem is there’s no time to do that now.”

Jarman also added:

“Even underground bands, if people like them, get over-exposed really quickly. Then people move on to the next thing. It’s a concern that bands can’t come up through those channels any more.”

The surviving members of Nirvana reformed with Rock icon & former Beatles member Sir Paul McCartney on vocals for the 12.12.12 Hurricane Sandy Benefit Concert earlier this December.

  • Andrei

    He’s absolutely right.

  • Mike

    He’s absolutely right. Everybody is so focused on the “next thing”, that last year’s “next thing” doesn’t get any attention on their sophomore release. Sad state of music when almost every act is a one-and-done type thing.

  • nigelknox

    He didn’t take a “shot” at Nirvana. He’s making a statement about the current state of music.

  • versus

    I agree with nigelknox: no “shot” taken here at Nirvana, but at the music industry.

  • Search and Destroy

    Kind of sad, but the times are a changin’

  • Pete

    Yep, this is not a “shot” at Nirvana, but at today’s music scene.

  • Unglued

    He thinks really seriously i think. But that explain no underground band didnt do the same act anymore

  • Yourmom

    Kurt would get a record deal, cuz he was TALENTED. Also would Jeff Buckley, blind melon…
    the cribs???

  • unglued

    Nirvana did a record deal and became a biggest band in the world. That is impposible nowadays. the cribs could sells many records like nirvana but as he said, people’s moving next thing is faster than 1990s. faster but still underground have a poor infra. that’s why Sonic Youth and Nirvana still being thought great band.

  • xsamociukx

    If The Cribs could get signed Nirvana could get signed. I had the misfortune of seeing them live more times than I would like to count as they were the perennial opening band and I live the next city over from them. They were terrible then and they’re still terrible now but with added arrogance.

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  • youareallnuts

    sure, everyone might be focused on “the next thing” all the time.

    but that’s because none of the ‘things’ are worth a damn and one tires of them quickly. there hasn’t been worthwhile music made since the 90’s, with a few exceptions.

    and those exceptions are going strong.

    nirvana is going strong.

    its not the system. it’s the talent, or lack there of.

    there’s a reason why nirvana is as big a name as it is, and its not just the marketing of geffin records. cobain was very special. a kind of talent that is lasting and won’t be denied.

    sonic youth on the other hand, might not make it today.

  • paulonious

    another misleading headline to get views. that’s just how this website rolls nowadays.

  • ha

    title made to look like hes bashing nirvana. nice brett.

  • ha

    title made to look like hes bashing nirvana. nice brett.

  • MJM

    Misleading headline? Nothing misleading about a quote that was actually said. Quit trolling.

  • Lihanukke

    I think Kurt would do what it takes to get deal these days, it would not be like Nirvana was before cause things evolve. Like Dave does, there is still market for good stuff but way things went 89-94 that would not work now. There is no MTV anymore, its just viral videos and shit like that, but I still think Kurt would make good buzz in internets.

  • kim

    The internet has speeded things up, made things almost too accessible so nothing feels as special as stumbling across something

  • Raj

    Most of the money bands make these days are only through touring and DVDs. It is true that today people move on a lot to the next band, it’s hard to sustain success for and stay relevant.

    There are probably a lot of good underground bands without any exposure, part of the culture hides that good music. It’s still focused heavily on pop, hip hop/rap.

    Staying underground is a double edge sword, Nirvana wouldn’t have achieved the same level of success by staying with a label like Sub-Pop.
    A record deal with a major label helps a lot, but also there’s a ton of interference from management.

  • Keith

    He is wrong, in fact, the success of Nirvana was a total accident. Nobody in the business expected them to be that huge. People were fed up with the candy ass bands and pop music of the time. Then something with some honesty and real agression came through. And in a years time they were looking for the next Nirvana, before you know it the air waves were saturated with Bush and Goo Goo Dolls. Its still possible for bands like Nirvana to make it big today, except its just harder to gain immediate momentum because of the types of media now available like Itunes and Amazon.

  • Keith

    And to add to that, the reason its so hard for bands to make such an impact like Nirvana is because Nirvana was a really great fucking band!

  • Unglued

    keith/ absolutely, 20 years give me the time to see them correctly
    now i think they are not the overrated band. They were and are really cool band. So sad i didnt know that thing at that time.

  • Kirill

    Hahahaha! What Magic Mike cant decipher a Brit English opinion anymore? Way to go….way to go, too much fat is accumulated on his little brain.

  • Search and Destroy

    Nobody makes it HUGE anymore, those days are over. It used to be all the really big bands were on MtV,radio,’s so scattershot nowadays..big rock musicians are a dying breed

  • johnatan

    why wouldn’t they succeed? a good songwriter is a good songwriter.
    it wouldn’t maybe make the same kinda impact it did in the 90s.

    but it shows when you play with passion and soul. i rarely feel anything when i hear these super-polished every second garage guitar hero bands. it isn’t even rock anymore.

    rock needs to be in you’r face fuck the man additude. not this playing it safe and making happy dance music.

    btw the cribs sounds like a washed-up mtv 15 seconds of fratboy indie metal reality show.

  • TheWalrus26

    I totally agree with him, it is sad to say but it’s the truth. Not only the fact, that people are “looking for the next thing” but in this day 3/4 of the youth today would even give “music” a chance. If there isn’t booming bass or if there is use of a actual instrument, they will just push it away. Just like all of the parents of the girls and boys when The Beatles invaded America. It was not a slam at Nirvana, all it is just truth and reality of today’s age and youth.

  • JD

    Dude, I’m 19 and I love instruments in music. Pop is so fake a disconcerting somewhat as if there was a robot that looks almost human…