The Band That Both Kurt Cobain And Roger Miret Enjoyed

I recently interviewed Agnostic Front singer Roger Miret for the Songfacts site, and he discussed when he felt that hardcore punk and heavy metal first joined forces (a style that has become quite common nowadays):

Songfacts: Something I always find fascinating is trying to pinpoint which bands were the first to merge heavy metal and hardcore. To the best of your knowledge, who were some of the first bands to merge those two styles together?

Roger: I would say Void. Void is an early band from Washington, DC. They had a split single with Faith. Faith was a lot more hardcore – it featured Ian MacKaye’s brother – and Void had a little more of a metallic edge to it. I would pinpoint it to them, and you had your Suicidal Tendencies, but we all kind of started doing it at the same time. You had your Corrosion of Conformitys, your DRIs, your Agnostic Fronts, your Leeways, your Cro-Mags. But for some reason, Void is something that sticks in my mind. I used to cover Void songs when I played in the Psychos – before I was in Agnostic Front. They always had more of a different style.

And it turns out that Miret is not alone in his appreciation of the band Void – Mr. Kurt Donald Cobain once picked their one-and-only release issued during the band’s career (1982’s Void/Faith split LP), as an all-time favorite.

Agnostic Front’s latest album is titled The American Dream Died.

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    Did these guys just break out of prison?