• kez

    matt a hard hitter maybe for soundgarden and pj98 but today he hits like a pussy for pj so mr drum tech why is that soo?…does he not care about pj?..just goes out and provides the beat really doesnt care no passion no heart he’s drumming for pj is quite boring and i know alot of fans agree

  • Kevin S

    Kez, you’re the fucking pussy!

  • Adam

    Matt is not a hard hitter by any stretch. He’s mr. cruise control on drums with PJ.

  • Shaun Jam

    Matt is a beast, seriously he’s hitting 50 (Looks like 30 btw :D) and he’s touring the world with two of the best bands ever.

    He ain’t no pussy, if anything he’s drumming like he’s licking white pussy, black pussy, spanish pussy, yellow pussy, hot pussy, cold pussy, wet pussy, smelly pussy, hairy pussy, bloody pussy, snapping pussy, silk pussy, velvet pussy, naugahyde pussy. Even horse pussy, dog pussy, chicken pussy….

    Blatantly stolen From Dusk till Dawn but you get my point, he’s ain’t a pussy!

  • Adam

    have any of you actually seen a pearl jam concert?

    where the fuck are people getting that he hits “light” with pearl jam?

    saw them four times on the “backspacer” tour and he was playing his ass of…

  • Calvin McLain

    Having seen over 31 Pearl Jam shows and almost all with MC on drums, I have to say that certain songs he is really into and it shows with his enthusiasm. Of course his own like Evacuation and such he really lets rip. But I’ve noticed that if he doesn’t care for the song, or if it’s one that’s played EVERY FUCKING SHOW i.e. corduroy and betterman he does look like he’s phoning those in to a large degree. Though it’s roughly 30% of the songs he’s just doing a great job, but nothing spectacularly brilliant in way of intensity for that 30% of the set list. But as he stated with EV putting on 3hr plus shows, he’s gotta conserve, while drums are a lot harder to play that long then guitar or vocals. He’s still one of the best drummers of all time.

  • Leonidas-Greece

    I think that Matt is a great drummer,but for Pearl Jam,i prefer Jack Irons.

  • http://deleted SuperSG

    i think SG is the only band Matt feels truely comfortable in. Sorry to any PJihadists (cuz u guys go ‘holy war’ mode whenever somebody says anything negative, and sometimes true, about Pearl Jam or Eddie Vedder). Not all Pearl Jam fans are like that though. just alot of those ive met in person.

  • Dreux

    In Soundgareden, he’s a near-perfect drummer in just about every aspect. Anybody that can come up with drum patterns like those in “Jesus Christ Pose” and “Burden in My Hand” (which are two totally different songs)is the man. With PJ, he’s more conservative, focusing a little more on technique than power. It’s not really a band that requires him to exert as much energy as possible (on a great majority of their songs, anyway). Soundgarden and PJ are two totally different bands, and I think the fact that he does phenomenally well in one and easily adapts with the other proves his versatility. Simply put, he’s one of the best.

    Oh yeah, and he was fantastic in Temple of the Dog.

  • JoeyC

    Without Matt, there is no Soundgarden. PJ would be PJ with Matt or without him, as the drummers in PJ are mostly interchangeable and PJ really and truly is Ed’s band. There’s your difference.

  • Dreux

    I’m sure everyone’s aware of that difference. I’m just saying, Matt does the job just fine.

  • Vinny

    Watch Soundgarden ugly truth from voodoo fest last year!!! I was beating the piss out of his drums!!!

  • Vinny

    He was rather

  • http://deleted SuperSG

    You know what? I agree with Chris Cornell: Soundgarden cannot be imitated. I have yet to hear a single band that sounds like they do. Yet ive heard several PJ generic bands. Creed are the only prominent band name that i can think of at this time.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    Cameron is my fave drummer of all time and he mixes perfectly with what cornell writes and even if he saves up for certain songs with pj ie; green disease, you are, whipping, etc then that’s great but songs like better man he can sleep thru because it doesn’t challenge him. Jack irons was a serviceable fill in who lasted way too long with pj.
    It’s always interesting to think how the pj sound would have developed if Dave Abru-zztop or however u spell his damn name lol had agreed to slow things down a bit but still pushed them to continue the vs sound.