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This is exactly why Seattle is the coolest city I’ve never been to.  Mudhoney graced the front page of the city’s premier news publication, The Seattle Times, in Thursday’s edition with an exposé honoring their 25 years together.

When asked for a comment on the band’s ‘silver annivesary,’ Mudhoney guitarist, Steve Turner expressed, “The 25 years means something, maybe, but you can use that kind of thinking to boggle your mind on any front,” he said. “I’ve been skateboarding for 35 years, and I’ve been alive for 48 years.”

Turner went on to say that if an anniversary brings more attention to Mudhoney’s new album, that isn’t a bad thing. The record takes its place as one of the their best in years, showing that age is just a number, and that the band still has plenty of fuel left after 9 full length albums spanning a quarter of a century.

“We can’t deny that rock music was created as a youth thing,” Turner admitted. “But people just keep doing it as they get older, like us. How do you age in something, and stay youngish, if that’s possible? It’s a weird, built-in problem.”

Vanishing Point is the band’s latest forth-coming release which hits record stores this Tuesday, April 2nd.  It will be succeeding the documentary of the band, I’m Now, which was released late last year. The documentary revisits the beginnings of Mudhoney and the birth of grunge, as well as Sub Pop records, which (not so coincidentally) celebrates it’s 25th anniversary next month. Now– back to the future, Mudhoney’s new release is still up and available for free streaming in it’s entirety right here. For the full story, click The Seattle Times link at the top of the page.

I also want to remind you that while you are at the record store picking up Vanishing Point on April 2nd to look for the Deluxe Reissue of Mad Season’s Above, which includes bonus tracks, and the remastered DVD of their legendary performance at the Moore Theater, April 29, 1995.