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Nirvana, Alice In Chains & Velvet Revolver Members React To Scott Weiland’s Death

The rock and roll community took to Twitter on late Thursday night to pay their respects to former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland. Weiland was found unresponsive on his tour bus and pronounced dead at the scene. Read tributes below from members of Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Velvet Revolver, Guns N’ Roses, Blink-182, and many more.


Scott Weiland Reveals When He Wants STP To Reunite

Scott Weiland was interviewed last Friday by 93.1 The Fox Rocks to promote his November 18th concert at Diamond’s in Louisville. He was asked about possibly rejoining Stone Temple Pilots following Chester Bennington quitting the band.

“I think it would be beneficial to wait a little while. Give it a little bit of time to let some air kind of breathe between all of us before that happens. A year, something like that.”

He later said, “We just kind of had a different sort of vision, but I think it could be cool in the future.”

He also discussed using a rocking chair at STP’s 1993 MTV Unplugged performance. “Well, I just like to move when I sing. First we had a regular chair, and I was just moving around in the chair, and so I was like: ‘Hey, do you happen to have a rocking chair? So I can move back and forth, and sing.’ They said, ‘Yeah, we do happen to have one.’ We put it up there, so I was able to kind of just scoot back and forth.”

Weiland discussed the inspiration behind “Big Empty” and the story behind the song. “I was just thinking about being in a relationship with somebody, a girlfriend, a fiancee, and a wife, and coming home from a restaurant or a night club, and having one of those downer conversations, and knowing that you are breaking their heart. That’s where that line ‘conversations kill’ [comes from]. Knowing that the relationship is coming to an end, those uncomfortable silences, and some of those uncomfortable things that you have to say, and have to talk about, basically relationships coming to an end.”

Current Wildabouts frontman and former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver member Scott Weiland has teamed up with Google Play architect Tim Quirk and Freeform Development, Inc. to release a brand new application and content delivery system across multiple mobile operating systems, available now for download.

Simply titled “Scott Weiland”, the app currently features free one time listens of the first seven tracks of 2015’s Blaster with a link to purchase; alternatively, several “offers” to receive a free digital download of the record include subscribing to Rhapsody or taking advantage of promotional offers from partners such as Subway and DirecTV. A previously unreleased bonus track entitled “Back to the City” is unlocked by sharing the app via Facebook.

The app opens with a note from Weiland explaining his intent for the new app:

Check out my new record with The Wildabouts, “BLASTER”, along with a brand new bonus track “Back To The City”.

You can crank most of these tracks up once a day for free. But if you just gotta have it for keeps, and who doesn’t, just TAP the OFFER bar!

Be on the lookout for more + more +more, offers and free stuff; big thanks to all of my fans. -Scott Weiland

At the end of the “notes” section of the app, offering a summary of Weiland’s career, Weiland left a dedication to former Wildabouts guitarist Jeremy Brown, who tragically passed away on the eve of Blaster’s release at the age of 34:

Jeremy Brown, you are in my thoughts, prayers, and dreams, God speed, love and peace brother; we will meet again.

Chester Bennington Signs Fan’s “Plush” Single, STP Talk “Only Dying”

Doug Mack sent the following review to Alternative Nation yesterday:

Last night I was fortunate enough to see STP @ Bogarts in Cincinnati, Ohio. My buddy and I went the extra mile and purchased VIP Meet and Greet tickets. We were able to get our photo with the band, ask them to sign an album cover or two and we were also given a professional photo of them which they had each signed. I had them sign a CD booklet from their Talk Show record and a 7″inch single of “Plush.” I wanted to make my few moments with the band memorable so I had decided that when I met them I would sing to them the line “Hello hello, hello hello” from their Talk Show single “Hello, Hello.” Needless to say they were a little shocked, but then smiled and said, “Yeah, that is an old one.”

They also was appreciative of my old STP baseball jersey that I had from their No. 4 tour in 1999. They said, “That shirt goes way backm” and I replied, “Well, I have been with you guys from the beginning.” I then went on to tell them how it was a great honor to finally meet them and how they have been my favorite band for 22 years. I also mentioned that their music has been the soundtrack for my entire life. They were very gracious with my compliments. Since I only had enough time for one question, I decided to ask them if they would ever consider recording and releasing their unreleased demo song “Only Dying.” Robert commented how that it was a really old one and that they might have to consider dusting it off. Chester also commented, “Yeah that is a really great one.”

When they were signing my album covers, Robert, Dean and Eric signed the Talk Show cover. Chester at first was just going to pass on the “Plush” album cover to the other band members, but I asked if he would please sign it. He did and I told him how I really appreciate it. I would totally understand if he said he didn’t feel comfortable signing it. I even contemplated if I should have him sign it. To be honest, I thought why not, he’s now the lead singer of the band and he sings the song now at every concert. After the photo the band went backstage. There were probably 20 or 25 of us at the Meet and Greet.


We were then able to get front row for the night’s concert. Their opening act was a new rock group called US Elevator. They weren’t bad. They said that this was only their 5th show and that they had an album coming out in November. During their set, they said that two of their songs had been produced by Robert DeLeo. After the opening act did their 45 minute set, STP came out about a half and hour later at 9:15. They were in top form. Chester does have some very big shoes to fill, replacing Scott Weiland. After last night’s performance, I can say that he is making a very valiant effort. I respect the fact that Chester is not attempting to sound just like Weiland in his vocals. He is making the songs his own. Even though I am a die-hard Scott Weiland fan, it is nice to see Chester and the rest of STP be very kind and appreciative of their fans.

Throughout the entire performance they were always paying complements to the crowd and how honored they were to play for us. You can tell that they truly mean it and that they want to continue this band the best way that they can. I recently read that Robert DeLeo said that he realizes that this incarnation of the band has a lot to prove. At least on their live performance, they are totally bringing it. Their setlist was great, and I totally enjoyed hearing lesser known songs that are not on their greatest hits album. I was front and center at the concert and got to see Chester and Robert look right at me why they were singing several times. I always love how Robert will pat his hand on his heart in between playing to let you know how much he appreciates the fans. I remember him doing the same thing at the same venue a few years back when I saw them perform in Army of Anyone.


During the show I did get a little bummed out when the girl on my right caught Dean’s guitar slide. Later, the girl on my left caught a guitar pick. My buddy caught Robert’s towel. And when Chester came down to the front row to sing “Plush,” my buddy also got to sing a line of the song with him. Also, their was a guy behind me that caught the signed drum head that Eric threw out at the end of the show. I guess I was just in the wrong spot. I’m not bitter though, I got to see a hell of a show and got to meet some of my music idols!

Here is the setlist from the concert in no particular order:

Wicked Garden
Sex Type Thing
Piece of Pie
Dead and Bloated
Lounge Fly
Interstate Love Song
Big Empty
Big Bang Baby
Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart
Heaven and Hotrods
Sex & Violence
Hollywood Bitch
Out of Time