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AlternativeNation.net’s Review of Plastic Visions’ Debut EP

Bowling Green band Plastic Visions

Brad Shultz (left) and Kane Stewart (right) of Plastic Visions

After the massive success of Cage the Elephant’s self-titled debut album, many aspiring musicians in the city of Bowling Green, Kentucky have been following the path their fellow band trailblazed. The result is a cohesive, tight knit, almost family oriented musical scene not too dissimilar to what was happening in Seattle in the 80’s and early 90’s. Musically, many of these bands are raw, energized, and shed mainstream radio cock rock and post-grunge tropes in favor of a sort of stripped down form of punk-grunge. Bands like Sleeper Agent have already started to ripple through to mainstream knowledge with their debut album, and others, such as Schools, are set to make it big with the release of their debut EP. Even bands located out of neighboring Nashville, Tennessee became associated with Bowling Green; artists like Bad Cop are getting heavily plugged by their Kentucky peers.

The latest band to come out of the “family” is the new project of Cage the Elephant guitarist Brad Shultz and his cousin, Kane Stewart, a Californian expatriate who recently settled in Nashville. Formed out of the ashes of Stewart’s previous project, The Sex Bombs, the duo’s debut EP, Plastic Visions, is a no-nonsense rock and roll effort that captures the frenetic-yet-poppy attitude of Nirvana and The Pixies, courtesy of Brad Shultz’s playing, and meshes it with Kane Stewart’s Californian surf-rock attitude. The EP, which is a depressingly short fifteen minutes, opens with a mid-tempo Pixies-esque barrage in “Kamikaze”, with vocalist Kane Stewart belting irreverent lyrics such as “you think you’re so fucking cool!” The song, which ends in a barraging, noisy guitar solo, transitions into the fast-paced punk rocker “Now I Know”, a very catchy and up-beat tune that I can only say is reminiscent of songs off of Nirvana’s classic Nevermind such as “Territorial Pissings”.

In what is surely the most accessible tune on the depressingly short E.P., “Little String” is a strong Generation Y anthem. “Well I got wound up tight”, Stewart belts out to a steady backbeat. “They cut me open, they stringed me up. That’s how it feels to be turned into a little string.” I believe the song has the potential to be a radio hit if the band ever makes it available for airplay: its catchy, psychedelic, and intense. “Bitch, This Ain’t LA”, the E.P.’s closer, is irreverent fun: at this point, it seems the band just wanted to have fun, throwing away deeper lyrical content for the sake of pure energy, with Kane Stewart ranting “listen to me. Bitch, this ain’t LA” over two minutes and ten seconds of pure, unadulterated noise-pop.

What Plastic Visions have given us is a fun, disappointingly yet appropriately short E.P. that continues the trend of promising young bands emerging from the Bowling Green, Kentucky area. Brad Shultz won’t be part of the band when it performs live due to his commitments to Cage the Elephant’s third studio release, but I’m sure Stewart will carve a niche in the Bowling Green/Nashville music scenes on his own.

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AlternativeNation.net reader Stones Friend left his account of the recent fight between Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis and security guards outside of the Four Seasons hotel in Philadelphia in our comments section yesterday:

“I was there. I know both bands. This is what happened.

There were hundreds of fans, professional “ebayers” and about 30 or so paparazzi all surrounding the hotel waiting for The Stones. The Stones security call the RHCP and told them they would have the front of the hotel blocked off at a certain time, so they could get the band out without being mobbed. They asked the Chili’s to use the side exit if they needed to leave the hotel during this 15 minute period when they blocked off the entrance.

Anthony either forgot, or didn’t care. He walked out…then walked through the crowd towards the hotel door. The gray headed security guards were local security hired for crowd control.

They dd not recognize Anthony and asked to see his room key. he told them to get lost, so the security tried to stop him, got pushed and slipped off the sidewalk and that is when it started. See TMZ’s site for a better angle of how it started.

Anthony was fine. I talked to him right after this and again, later that night. His Tour Manager was pissed because he got thrown into the bushes.

But they were all together in the bar at the end of the night and all is well. The bands are friends. The local security got a little over zealous, but Anthony knew in advance and should have had his key”.


Trent Reznor was interviewed on KROQ’s Kevin and Bean radio show yesterday in Los Angeles.  Reznor discussed Nine Inch Nails’ upcoming comeback album Hesitation Marks.

On working with David Fincher: Trent said he learned collaboration from working with David Fincher. Before he worked with Fincher on film scores he only really collaborated significantly with Atticus Ross. He said it was “nice not having to call all the shots.” He said he’s now more comfortable able to collaborate with others and not be intimidated.

On Adrian Belew and Eric Avery’s ambiguous exits from Nine Inch Nails: “I started off with an idea of who I thought would be in the band, we started working that way. And you realize, you can spend a lot of time as I’ve done hypothesizing and imagining and projecting as to what it’s going to be like with this chemistry and this recipe of people in a room playing music. In reality, it rarely is that, it turned out to be something different. In the case of a couple people in the band, some switches were made, and it turned into something different. Much like any creative endeavor, it does go through that path of how you think it’s going to be and then how it actually ends up being. It’s felt like a wrench in the works at times but at the same time it’s made me rethink a lot of how we put this together and I think where we’re ending up at is much truer to what Nine Inch Nails should be and better in the long run.”

On Nine Inch Nails’ new David Lynch music video: “It’s weird, oddly enough, strangely enough yes.” He also revealed that it’s coming out at the end of this week.

You can listen to the interview below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

AlternativeNation.net Music News


Well, after 6 months of hype, the Chinese Democracy of website name changes has finally happened! GrungeReport.net has changed its name to AlternativeNation.net! We’re still covering all of your favorite bands from GrungeReport.net, we even have a ‘Grunge Report’ subsection that focuses on the initial bands covered on GrungeReport.net (the Seattle bands/STP/Smashing Pumpkins) for people who just want to know what those bands are up to. On Alternative Nation we have added Radiohead, Weezer, Deftones, Green Day, Cage the Elephant, Dead Sara, and Silversun Pickups to our bands covered. We’ll add some more over the next few months, two artists I am strongly considering covering are former White Stripes frontman Jack White and former Wolfmother frontman Andrew Stockdale.

We’re trying out a ‘Setlists’ subsection as well. We’ll be adding a bunch of new reporters/writers in the next few days, I’m hoping a few of them stick around and are good. We’re looking at making a non WordPress layout for the site early next year, but for now we’ll stick with this one, despite some of the pain in the ass glitches when it comes to posting!

I’d like to thank Joseph Thomas for donating the money to buy the AlternativeNation.net domain and longtime reader Andrei Toth for coming up with the name idea. My Dad put in a lot of work on moving on the site over, so thanks to him as well. Also thank you to all of the loyal readers, trolls, and anybody who has ever written for the site!

Also I’d like to throw in a quick plug for my Stone Temple Pilots fan forum STPfans.com


The following comes from Weezer’s official website:

Midwestern Weezer Troops! We are happy to announce that we are playing the Horseshoe Casino in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio on September 20th!  Last year we played the Bunbury Festival, but this is the first headlining show we’ve done in the Cincy are in a long time. So come on down and rock out with us!

General On-Sale begins Friday June 28 at 10am



Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins discussed the band’s next album in a new interview with Billboard:

“We’re getting our ideas together. Dave (Grohl) has his brain working overtime, like usual, and he’s got a lot of great ideas, both musically and conceptually — none that I can speak of at this moment, but it’s gonna be great. It’s gonna be cool.”

“You always want every one of them to be the best one you’ve ever done, and you always think you haven’t done your best one,” Hawkins acknowledges. “Although some people may feel we have, I still think we haven’t written our ‘Hotel California’ or our ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ or whatever. You should always be a little scared…Every time you start a record, you have to be, like, ready to fuckin’ kill yourself or it’s not gonna be any good.”


According to FourthEye.net Maynard James Keenan has donated plantinum copies of Tool’s Undertow and A Perfect Circle’s Mer De Noms to support Oklahoma’s Animal Resource Center which was hit by recent tornadoes.

“Our first 2 items for auction are the personal RIAA sales plaques that once belonged to Maynard James Keenan of Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer. After the May tornado’s destroyed countless homes and lives across Oklahoma, Maynard thru his trainer gave us his plaques for the specific purpose of helping in relief efforts. The following pictures below serve as genuine authentication that the actual auction items once belonging to Maynard James Keenan.”

You can bid by clicking here.



Performance Follows the Release of Their Sixth Album …Like Clockwork on June 4

Performance Will Be Streamed Live and Available On Demand on CBS.com and VEVO

CBS Interactive’s award-winning webcast concert series, LIVE ON LETTERMAN, will feature four-time GRAMMY® Award nominees Queens of the Stone Age in a live webcast concert from the world-famous Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City, available on CBS.com and VEVO, Wednesday, June 5 (9:00 PM, ET/6:00 PM, PT).

Queens of the Stone Age will perform songs off their hotly anticipated new album, …Like Clockwork, which will be released the day prior to their LIVE ON LETTERMAN appearance. Along with new tracks from the album, which include the recent Rolling Stone 4-star lead single review recipient “My God Is The Sun,” as well as others being unveiled in succession at likeclockwork.tv, Queens of the Stone Age’s LIVE ON LETTERMAN debut will also feature favorites from the multi-million-selling Queens catalogue of albums, including the acclaimed Era Vulgaris and Lullabies To Paralyze, the recent deluxe reissues Rated R and Queens of the Stone Age, and the platinum Songs For The Deaf.

The LIVE ON LETTERMAN franchise, which has surpassed 160 million views to date on CBS.com and VEVO, has hosted some of the most established bands and musicians across the globe, staged in an intimate and dynamic setting for worldwide followers to enjoy. LIVE ON LETTERMAN webcasts have included some of music’s biggest stars, including The Killers, Coldplay, Mumford & Sons and Adele.

Fans can watch Queens of the Stone Age’s webcast live or on-demand on CBS.com at http://www.cbs.com/shows/liveonletterman/. The webcasts are also available on-demand via the newly launched CBS App for the iPhone and iPad. Additionally, the show is available live and on-demand through CBS properties and via a live audio stream on Radio.com’s mobile applications. The webcasts are also offered on VEVO, the world’s leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform, through VEVO.com and its free mobile and tablet apps for iPhone and iPad. The on-demand performances are available across the entire VEVO platform, including VEVO.com, its mobile and tablet apps, mobile website, connected TVs and syndication partners.

Critically acclaimed, GRAMMY® Award-nominated, gold and platinum arena/stadium/festival vets Queens of the Stone Age – consisting of founder and lead vocalist Joshua Homme, Troy Van Leeuwen, Dean Fertita and Michael Shuman – will release …Like Clockwork, their sixth studio album, on June 4. The album marks Queens of the Stone Age’s first full length offering of new material since 2007’s Era Vulgaris and boasts an impressive roster of collaborators, including Elton John, Dave Grohl and Trent Reznor, new Queens drummer Jon Theodore, among others. The band has built huge cadres of fans among critics and consumers alike with its eclectic, hypnotic and relentlessly intense brand of desert rock, with many already hailing …Like Clockwork as the finest Queens effort to date. Queens of the Stone Age has already embarked on an extensive tour of theaters, arenas and festivals all over the world to support the album’s release. Their LIVE ON LETTERMAN webcast will be an intimate and unforgettable stop along the way.

Queens of the Stone Age’s LIVE ON LETTERMAN webcast will precede their two nights of appearances on the LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN, the first which will be broadcast that same evening, Wednesday, June 5, and the following night on Thursday, June 6 (11:35 PM-12:37 AM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

AlternativeNation.net Interview With Greg Prato, Author Of “Grunge Is Dead”

Interview from August 7, 2009, reposting it since we moved to a new host and lost everything.

It’s finally time for GrungeReport.net’s first ever exclusive interview since I launched the site back in May!  I couldn’t be happier that GrungeReport.net’s first interview is with the author of the great new book Grunge is Dead: The Oral History of Seattle Rock Music Greg Prato!  Prato has also written the books A Devil on One Shoulder and an Angel on the Other: The Story of Shannon Hoon and Blind Melon, Touched by Magic: The Tommy Bolin Story, and No Schlock…Just Rock.   You can read sample chapters and get ordering information for the books on http://www.myspace.com/gregpratopage.  Greg also writes for RollingStone.com, Billboard.com, and AllMusic.com.

Who was your favorite person to interview for Grunge is Dead?

Greg Prato: Probably a 2-way tie between Eddie Vedder and Kim Thayil. I interviewed Mr. Vedder 1x during a mammoth 2-hour phone interview, and Mr. Thayil over a series of mammoth phone interviews. Susan Silver was another cool interview, as was Mark Arm, Duff McKagan, and Blag Dahlia – all had great stories to tell and didn’t hold back!

Who was the most difficult person to get to do an interview for Grunge is Dead?

Greg: Probably Mr. Vedder, as I had to go through a lot of red tape to finally get him on the phone. But when I did, he couldn’t have been nicer and more forthcoming w/ great stories/memories (many of which I never read anywhere else before). And I appreciated how much he was willing to discuss Pearl Jam’s early years, which is something he often avoids in interviews nowadays.

Do you think its right for Alice in Chains to continue using the AIC name without Layne Staley?

Greg: Many bands have soldiered on after losing integral members (AC/DC, Kiss, the Who, Faith No More, etc.), so it’s certainly not the first time a well-known rock band has opted to carry on. That said, Layne was a HUGE part of AIC for me. But I totally understand and respect AIC’s decision to carry on – it must had been like torture for the other band members not to have continued doing what they love and worked so hard for.

When did the Grunge era officially die in your opinion, when Kurt Cobain killed himself in 1994 or when Soundgarden broke up in 1997?

Greg: It hasn’t really truly ever died, as bands like Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, and the Melvins are still rocking n’ rolling to this day (and now AIC is returning). But as a fan, after the 1-2-3 punch of Kurt’s death, Soundgarden’s split, and Layne’s death, it hasn’t truly been the same. But thankfully, we still have all that great music to listen to ’til the end of time.

What are you thoughts on Chris Cornells solo album that came out this year Scream?

Greg: I didn’t care for it at all. Mr. Cornell will always be one of my favorite rock singers of all-time, but on ‘Scream,’ the style just wasn’t a good fit for him – it came off sounding like he was trying too hard. I’ve said before in other interviews – if you want to hear a GOOD version of what Mr. Cornell was trying to do on ‘Scream,’ check out Peeping Tom’s self-titled debut from a few years ago (which features Faith No More/Mr. Bungle singer Mike Patton). That album hit the mark.

I saw you talking about a possible Soundgarden reunion in a recent interview you did with explodingwithsound.com, do you actually think Soundgarden will realistically reunite anytime soon?  I think its stupid that they broke up in the first place after reading about why they broke up in Grunge is Dead.

Greg: It wasn’t me who was talking about the reunion, it was Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil (who I interviewed for Rolling Stone.com). As long as all of Soundgarden’s 4 members are alive, there is always a possibility for a reunion. If Van Halen and the Police can reunite, that proves that just about any other band can as well. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

What Grunge bands did you see live back in the 90s?

Greg: Soundgarden (5x), Chris Cornell solo (2x), Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Tad, Brad, Satchel, the Melvins – most of them. But sadly, not Nirvana 🙁

What are your three favorite Grunge albums?

Greg: My favorite Soundgarden album fluctuates between ‘Badmotorfinger’ and ‘Superunknown,’ so 1 of those, as well as the obvious ones, Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind,’ and Pearl Jam’s ‘Ten.’ And hovering just outside this 3-pick list would be Mudhoney’s ‘Superfuzz Bigmuff,’ Alice in Chains’ ‘Dirt,’ the Melvins’ ‘Houdini,’ Truly’s ‘Fast Stories from Kid Coma,’ and quite a few others.

What do you think about Pearl Jams new song The Fixer and Alice in Chains A Looking In View?

Greg: I enjoy hearing new music from any of the first wave grunge bands, so I’d say I enjoy them both. I’m not saying they pack the same wallop as “Evenflow” or “God Smack” did way back when, but still, they are both pleasing to the ear, and makes your toes tap.

Who are some of your favorite modern rock bands out there today?

Greg: Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, whatever project Mike Patton is involved in at moment, and I recently heard the solo debut from Faith No More’s original singer, Chuck Mosley, titled ‘Will Rap Over Hard Rock for Food,’ which I found rather intriguing.

Any lesser known rock bands out there right now that are impressing you?

Greg: I always get a kick out of Eagles of Death Metal – they’re an old fashioned rocking good time. Their latest album came out last year, titled ‘Heart On.’

Scott Stapp.  Great singer, or greatest singer?

Greg: Greatest stinker.

Thank you to Greg Prato for taking his time to do an interview with GrungeReport.net, definitely pick up his new book Grunge is Dead.  I only read a few books per year and this is one of them, so I’m not bullshitting you.  It’s definitely a must read for any Grunge fan out there.