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Sex Pistols Singer Talks Kurt Cobain & John Lennon Similarities

Lucky old me got to interview one of my all-time favorite rock n’ roll frontmen, John Lydon of Public Image Ltd (and formerly known as “Johnny Rotten” when he fronted the legendary Sex Pistols), for the Songfacts site. During our chat, we discussed PiL’s recently released album, What the World Needs Now, its leadoff single/video, “Double Trouble,” and I asked his thoughts on a belief I have had for a long time concerning three specific gentlemen:

Songfacts: Something that I’ve felt strongly about for a long time is I think that there are three musicians who spoke their mind the freest about their beliefs in both interviews and their songs: John Lennon, you, and Kurt Cobain. Do you agree with that statement?

John: As far as I’m aware, Kurt wrote one really excellent song, called “Teen Spirit,” which I think is more than enough for anyone in a lifetime. Even writing one most perfect pop song is quite great, that.I don’t know the comparison of Lennon and me, that’s something Oasis brought up years ago. I think we’re all very different from each other, and long may we reign. I seem to be the only one left alive! But in my memory, there’s always a great place for John Lennon. Always. “Working Class Hero” and the album Imagine are highlights of my musical collection.

You can read the entire interview here, and PiL tour dates can be viewed by clicking your clicker here.