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Pearl Jam Perform “Comfortably Numb” At Epic Rain Soaked Show

Pearl Jam put on another legendary performance last night in Porto Alegre, Brazil at Arena Do Grêmio. The band covered Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” with Eddie Vedder on piano, performed an epic version of “Jeremy” in the rain, and Eddie Vedder put on a flag that seemingly turned him into ‘Super Ed.’ See videos and the full setlist below!

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Três horas de show sensacionais!! #pearljam #eddievedder #pearljamnobrasil

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Sea posted the following report on PearlJam.com’s forums:

Set List
01. Pendulum
02. Release
03. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
04. Mind Your Manners
05. Animal
06. Do The Evolution
07. Interstellar Overdrive-(Barrett, Mason, Waters, Wright)
08. Corduroy
09. Lightning Bolt
(Ed ask the audience how they are doing. Addressing sections and noting that the louder ones are doing better. He then addresses the crowd in Portuguese.)
10. Faithfull
11. Even Flow
(Ed claims that as soon as Mike was born he threw his first guitar pick. He then claims that Matt was born holding a pair of drumsticks which was certainly uncomfortable for his mother. Ed then addresses the crowd in Portuguese.)
12. I Got Id
13. Lukin
14. Not For You/Modern Girl-(Sleater Kinney)
15. Sirens -(sing along outro)
(“Before we fell in love with a woman…or a man, our first love was [records]” Ed indicates his distaste for mp3’s and appears unenthusiastic regarding CDs.)
16. Let The Records Play
17. Spin The Black Circle
18. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break 1

19. Last Kiss-(Cochran)
(During the song Ed climbs down to the lower level in front of the stage and sings. He is handed a Brazilian flag and a sign or note)
20. Hard To Imagine
21. Wishlist
22. Jeremy
23. Glorified G
(after the song Ed tells Matt he has a big fan in the front. The young man is holding a sign asking for drum sticks. Matt comes down to read the sign and they get the sticks to the fan. Ed says they also have the fan set up for “after”.)
(Ed gets the audience to sing Happy Birthday in Portuguese to his wife Jill.)
23. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) (during the guitar solo Ed works Mike’s whammy bar. “Save It” tag has actual verse and chorus not just “run away/let me down”)
23. Go
24. Porch

Encore Break 2
(Ed thanks the audience and talks about how the venue is safe and even though it isn’t full it feels full. He also thanks the opening band ‘Wannabe Jalva’ He then speaks in Portuguese and introduces the next song by Roger Waters)
25. Comfortably Numb-(Gilmour, Waters) {Ed plays piano for the outro guitar solo while Boom plays Organ. Possibly the first time Ed has played piano live on stage with Pearl Jam}
26. Why Go
27. Given To Fly (“this is for Diane, Matt and Jeff)”
28. Black (at the end of Black Ed lies on his back with his head hanging upside down off the stage and reaches to the audience)
29. Alive
30. Fuckin’ Up-(Young)
31. Yellow Ledbetter
(Ed thanks the audience. Jeff opens some champagne.)

Listen To Clip Of Foo Fighters’ New Pink Floyd Inspired Song

Foo Fighters have changed the background audio on their mysterious website with a countdown clock to a new instrumental that sounds very Pink Floyd inspired. It it also accompanied by a new image. Click here to download the song clip from Foo Fighters’ lobby website, and view the new image below.


Foo Fighters have launched a new website featuring a countdown clock with audio in the background of people talking for a few minutes with Dave Grohl’s voice briefly being heard, set to expire 23 days from now. On the website, Foo Fighters’ logo is in the middle of a U.S. highway sign that resembles U.S. Route 66 (and many others). Alternative Nation has put the countdown clock and the Route 66 sign side by side in the above photo.

U.S. Route 66 (US 66 or Route 66), also known as the Will Rogers Highway and colloquially known as the Main Street of America or the Mother Road, was one of the original highways within the U.S. Highway System. Route 66 was established on November 11, 1926, with road signs erected the following year. The highway, which became one of the most famous roads in America, originally ran from Chicago, Illinois, through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona before ending at Santa Monica, California, covering a total of 2,448 miles (3,940 km). The announcement may involve a tour in the area or perhaps a continuation of Sonic Highways, the band having recently recorded 5 new songs in Austin shows that the band have no plans to go on hiatus in the immediate future. What do you think is next for Foo Fighters and Sonic Highways? Let us know in the comment section!


Watch Billy Corgan, Roger Waters & Tom Morello Perform Pink Floyd Hits

Billy Corgan, Roger Waters, Tom Morello and others performed Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” at the D.A.R. Constitution Hall in Washington DC on Friday. Corgan also joined Waters for “Brain Damage” and “Wish You Were Here.” Morello also joined them for “Forever Young.” See video and the setlist below!

Set 1:
When the Tigers Broke Free (Pink Floyd song – Tim Donley vocals)
Wide River to Cross (Buddy Miller cover – Tim Donley vocals)
Mother (Pink Floyd song with Pigs On The Wing teasing)
Lean On Me (Bill Withers cover – J.W. Cortés vocals)
A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke cover – J.W. Cortés vocals)
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pink Floyd song with Tom Morello & Tim Donley vocals)
Money (Pink Floyd song with Tom Morello & Greg Galeazzi vocals)
The Ghost of Tom Joad (Bruce Springsteen cover with Tom Morello)

Set 2:
Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd song with Billy Corgan)
Brain Damage (Pink Floyd song with Billy Corgan)
Eclipse (Pink Floyd song with Billy Corgan)
Crystal Clear Brooks
Goodbye Blue Sky (Pink Floyd song)
Blowin’ in the Wind (Bob Dylan cover with Sheryl Crow and Tim Donley vocals)
Is There Anybody Out There? (Pink Floyd song)
Nobody Home (Pink Floyd song)
Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover – Tim Donley vocals)
Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 (Pink Floyd song)

Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd song with Billy Corgan, Roger and Tim Donley vocals)
Forever Young (Cover with Billy Corgan and Tom Morrello vocals)

Note: Music Heals, a benefit concert in aid of MusiCorps With Billy Corgan, Tom Morello, & G.E. Smith and featuring the MusiCorps Band