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Billy Corgan & Flea Are Quitting Twitter

They say all good things come to end. Just a few hour ago, William Patrick “Billy” Corgan and Flea announced the end of their tenures with Twitter and his intentions of closing his account. Billy says, “After mulling this for awhile, I’m deleting this account. So many thanks to those that have followed.” The actual tweets can be viewed below (while the accounts lasts?) :


Corgan’s activity on Twitter was slowing down quite a bit, and it’s clear he wants to focus on his new project, People and Their Cars. Flea is at work building another music conservatory for children and finishing the new Chili Peppers album. There seems to be a trend starting against social media for several artists, for example Dave Navarro recently closed his page on Facebook. Social media makes it harder and harder to recede from the public view.

AlternativeNation recently published an article on his new project, and an excerpt is featured below:

“William Patrick Corgan (Billy Corgan) or as he often signs now, ‘WPC’, has always been ahead of the game with a little something extra. After a short hiatus from frequent tweeting, a couple of days ago Corgan returned to Twitter with his newest project: ‘People and Their Cars.’ While both people and cars are subjects in the blog, it is not what you think. The blog consists of vintage (or sometimes antique) photographs, a collection curated by Corgan himself. With Corgan’s ventures in music, poetry and teahouses, photography seems like a natural progression. A few days after the launch, Corgan announced the “Red Border Club”, an email listing for the blog. Benefits of joining the RBC include ‘the chance to receive additional images, but to be ‘first-in-line’ for updates on new merchandise and forthcoming People And Their Cars/Hexestential books.’ No emails outside of confirmation have been sent out. Joining the RBC is also free, “with no catch, fees, or obligation to buy.” Corgan has always had a keen sense of art direction and the Pumpkins’ work has been influenced by the aesthetics of vintage photography (and other forms of visual art) over the years.”

If interested, register for the RBC here for updates on Corgan’s artistic pursuits!