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One Direction Singer Rips Noel Gallagher For Calling Band ‘C**ksuckers’

One Direction’s Liam Payne has laid into Oasis’ Noel Gallagher, The Daily Mirror reports.

Liam, 22, who was once a huge Oasis fan, accuses 48-year-old Noel of being two-faced after being pally with him on the same day he was bad-mouthing 1D last month.

Liam says: “The funny thing was, I met him the day the story came out.

“I didn’t know it was coming out, and he came up and said, ‘All right, mate? How are you doing?’ I was like, ‘Fine thanks, mate. Nice to meet you’.” That was on the same day that Noel was calling 1D “c***suckers”.

Liam says: “The next day I read the story and thought, ‘How sad is that?’ He completely dissed us. Nice to diss your fans, isn’t it?”

Liam says: “Oasis are great. I just wish sometimes they’d pipe down.

“There’s no point. He ripped off half the industry for no reason, and then loved Kanye West. I love Kanye West as much as the next man, but there’s no need to diss poor Adele.”

Speaking on Radio 1’s Superstar Playlist, Liam says: “It’s sad because they (Oasis) genuinely led me to a path of singing. That’s something they should be genuinely proud of.

“They don’t think before they speak. You never know who was a fan of your music. Especially when you were as big as they were. Do it with grace. Good old Noel, bless him.

“I had to have a moan about that at some point. I’m over it.”

Noel Gallagher Wants More Money To Reunite Oasis

Noel Gallagher has denied rumors that Oasis will headline Glastonbury as they ‘don’t pay enough.’

The former Oasis guitarist says if the band ever were to reunite, it wouldn’t be on the iconic Pyramid Stage.

Speaking to The Daily Star, he said: “I don’t know where the rumors keep coming from about Glastonbury.

“Would we ever do it? They don’t have enough money I’m afraid. That’s the bottom line, they just don’t pay enough.”

The Daily Star recently reported the latest Oasis reunion rumors, claiming that Noel Gallagher, Liam Gallagher, Andy Bell, and Gem Archer are in ‘serious talks’ to make a boatload of money with a series of UK arena shows in 2016.

The source said, “Other bands have reunited and had a fantastic pay day so it makes sense for everyone involved.”

“It has been discussed seriously – it’s only a matter of time.”

“It is looking so certain it is worth betting on for next year.”

However, approached for comment by NME a spokesperson for Liam Gallagher said that the rumors are “totally unfounded”. A request for comment from Noel’s camp has not received a reply at the time of writing.

When asked during a recent BBC Radio 4 interview if he and Liam were close when growing up in Manchester, Noel said: “When you are 10 and your brother is five it is a lifetime away and so I never hung out with any of his friends, but, yeah, we got on.

“You can gain some strength from being in a band with your brother when everyone else is a stranger, but as time goes on it becomes your Achilles heel because you know how to push each other’s buttons.

“On our day we were great. People are there now at my concerts that weren’t even born then and they are crying at Oasis songs. All all over the world people are still in massively in love with that band – and none more so than me.”

Noel Gallagher Wants Sons To Form Next Oasis

When asked if he would advise the brothers against starting a band together, Noel Gallagher recently said he would be thrilled if they did, and he wouldn’t have an issue with it at all: ”No because we were f***ing great. You know what I mean. I don’t know if you heard but we sold like 70 million f***ing albums. It (Oasis) was great but these things can’t go on forever can they.”

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the Q Awards at London’s Grosvenor House hotel on Monday, he explained: ”The funny thing is that because I was never taught I can’t teach anyone because I just kind of magicked it up. So my lad has got a drum kit in his bedroom and a guitar, I don’t know what he’s trying to do f***ing at both of them at the same time or something. He’s also left-handed which is slightly annoying.

“My theory is that if we have musical instruments lying around the house then they will just pick them up. I don’t say guitar lessons today from three until quarter past. If they do it they do it and if they don’t they don’t.”

While Noel wants his children to follow in his footsteps, he admitted they don’t listen to his music.

He said: “They’re not listening to me that’s for sure. They listen to a lot of hip hop which is lightly annoying. They listen to what they’re mum listens to and she’s kind of urban as well. Hip hop hasn’t grown on me, to be honest.”

“My teenage daughter is f***ing cooler than anybody in that room today for sure. I don’t have any problems with her at the minute. The two lads they’ll be what teenagers in 10 years who knows where we’ll all be in 10 years.”

While Gallagher loves his children, he doesn’t want any more right now. “F**k no way! No, no, no. We’re getting a dog soon that’s enough.”

Noel Gallagher Has A Stalker: ‘She Isn’t Attractive’

Noel Gallagher recently discussed Oasis performing at Manchester’s Maine Road in 1996.

Speaking about the occasion to TalkSport, Gallagher said: “I was thinking: ‘I definitely want a chimp after this, and a top hat and a mirror Rolls-Royce and a couple of stalkers.'”

He then went on to reveal how he has actually experienced trouble with stalkers in the past. “I have had a stalker, yes,” he said, adding: “She’s German, actually.”

Noel continued: “She’s a proper lunatic. Breaking into hotels and stuff, shouting underneath the door, as I’m calling my security guard saying, ‘Get this head case out of here!’ and she’s like, ‘I know you’re in there!'”

The former Oasis guitarist continued to describe the individual as “not the most attractive woman” but that it “wouldn’t change anything” if she was.

Noel Gallagher was asked about the chances of an Oasis reunion during a recent interview with the Irish Examiner.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, what would it be? 1 being the lowest? I don’t know, that’s it, that’s it. I am fully aware that the NME have made a big deal about that, because they have fuck all else to write about. What can I say?”

When asked if he’ll seccumb to the pressure of his brother Liam and Paul McCartney trying to get him to reunite Oasis, Noel didn’t seem to care what McCartney thought.

“I don’t give a fuck about what anybody called Paul has to say about anything,” quips Gallagher, adding that he’s really tired of the question.