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Interview: Saxon’s Biff Byford Talks Future Tour Plans And Recent Album

2015 has been a pretty busy year for British metal heavy weights Saxon. They have spent a majority of the year touring, whether it be with L.A band Armored Saint or the almighty Motorhead, but this still left them with enough time to put out their new album Battering Ram. Battering Ram is the band’s 21st album and shows that the band is still on top of their game.

Biff Byford’s voice still sounds great as shown in “Queen of Hearts”, “Battering Ram”, and the haunting ballad “Kingdom of the Cross”.  Nigel Glockler’s drumming is produced really well showcasing his style, especially on the track “Destroyer”. Guitarists Paul Quinn and Doug Scaratt both have plenty of great solos throughout the disc. The song “The Devil’s Footprint” has a solo in the vein of 80’s speed metal like Accept, with a touch of atmosphere, while “Top of the World” has that good old rock’n’roll guitar work.

All and all there isn’t anything bad to say about this release. Any fan of Saxon should enjoy this album as it is one of band’s best modern efforts.

I had the honor of interviewing vocalist Biff Byford about this awesome new release. He was a nice guy and revealed some future tour plans as well as his love for Indian curry!

On Battering Ram‘s writing process: It went really well. The bassist and I started the process and then the others joined in. We all got drunk and ate lots of Indian curry!

On album name: I felt it was a good title, just like the track it’s named after. The name really rings right off the tongue and fits in with how the album first hits you. The first four tracks are the heaviest, but after that it gets more melodic.

On possible music video: We have no plans on shooting another music video for the album. We not too long ago put out a lyric video for “Queen of Hearts”. We might do a live video in the future. Maybe “Devil’s Footprint” or “Queen of Hearts”. I feel those would be good choices.

On 2016 tour: We are still touring with Motorhead until February. We are planning on playing shows in the US around April or May. We have no planned opener as of now.

On the track “Kingdom of the Cross”: It was a poem I wrote and we put it together with some of Nigel’s keyboard ideas. It was a bit of an experiment, a bit of a mad idea I had. I think it worked pretty well.

On favorite song to play live: I’d say the older songs are my favorite to play. Either “Denim and Leather” or “Princess of the Night”.

On the album “Innocence is no Excuse“: I feel the songs from that album were great but the production made it sound not so metal.  It was just something that happened,the label wanted a more radio friendly sound for that record.