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Frances Bean Cobain, Tool, Billy Corgan & Chris Cornell Celebrate Halloween

The stars of the 90’s alternative rock era (and their offspring) celebrated Halloween in style over the weekend. Tool dressed up as Led Zeppelin and covered “No Quarter” at their Monster Mash festival performance. You can view Tool’s setlist after the Halloween photos.

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan was ‘Count William Corgan’ at Madame ZuZu’s Teahouse, interacting with fans and taking Polaroids. Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell dressed as Chris Cornell, while his daughter Toni dressed up as Marilyn Monroe.





Tool Setlist:
1- No Quarter (Led Zeppelin cover)
2- The Grudge
3- Parabol
4- Parabola
5- Opiate
6- Schism
7- Ænema
8- Descending
9- Jambi
10- Forty-Six & 2
11- Vicarious
12- Stinkfist

smashing pumpkins corgan

Count William Corgan To Host Halloween Bash

Billy Corgan (aka William Corgan, William Patrick Corgan, WPC, The Ivory Tower, and BC) is taking holiday festivities to the forefront. On Halloween night, he will be hosting a “Halloween Bash” as “Count William Corgan” at Madame Zuzu’s, his esteemed tea house in his hometown of Chicago. With a band name like “The Smashing Pumpkins”, it is hard to see how a love of Halloween wouldn’t cross someone’s mind. The original Madame Zuzu listing details:

Join Zuzu’s on Halloween Night, Oct. 31 for a special Halloween bash. Your reservation includes: one reserved seat, special servings of ghoulish tea and v-gf dessert, a chance to participate in our (now) annual costume contest, and a vintage-style, peel-apart picture of you taken by your creaky yet congenial host, Count William Corgan. Only the dead could want more!  

At $15.00 a pop, it is far beyond sold out. Corgan has been making more appearances at Madame Zuzu’s lately after the End Times tour, including the three year anniversary event last week. The shop’s culture has grown the last few years and has poetry readings and comedy nights about once every month. The tea house has also recently hosted auctions of art and photography sanctioned by Corgan. Corgan’s interest and activity with photography has been showing especially lately, with the advent of his new blog and outlet People and Their Cars. People and Their Cars however, is not limited to people nor cars. Up today are some peculiar, quaint and mildly disturbing pictures of vintage Halloween costumes.

Around the holidays, we should be expecting a single from the new Pumpkins album whose title is unclear. While Corgan still had his Twitter, he revealed an acronym, “SFTMITHOTS,” which was allegedly an acronym of the album’s full title. The album was originally planned as “Day for Night” but the title was apparently scraped.