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Dave Grohl Wants To Form Band With His Kids: ‘We’ll Be The Next Haim’

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl recently told Q Magazine that he wants to form a band with his children.

“My bucket list is so short these days, I call it my ‘f**kit’ list. You know who I look forward to jamming with the most? My kids. I can only hope that I have my own little Haim to jam with someday. Though I’m probably the last person they’d want to be their drummer!” he grinned to Q magazine, referring to the sister trio band made up of Este, Danielle and Alana.

Grohl also discussed his throne he is using at Foo Fighters shows.

“Knowing that I wouldn’t be up and racing around a stage for a while, I figured the only way to keep going was to sit with my leg elevated,” he reasoned. “But nobody wants to see a dude on a f**king stool screaming his balls off every night, so I drew this hilariously amateur picture of a chair with lights, lasers and guitar necks shooting out of it and sent it to my lighting designer, Dan Hadley.”