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In a new interview with Q Magazine, Mark Lanegan discussed his collaborations and what he’s been recently working on. Lanegan talked about the positive experience he had working with Duke Garwood on their recent collaboration album ‘Black Pudding.’ While discussing his collaborations with various artists such as Josh Homme and Greg Dulli, he said that “the music is secondary to our friendship.” Lanegan also revealed that he will be releasing a new album in the fall of this year.

On the topic of his new record, Lanegan said: “I wanted to make a record with a crooner-ish type of song, for want of a better term. You know, orchestrated, stuff like Andy Williams or Perry Como would do. I ended-up recording a record like that in February, it’s going to be out in the fall. That was something I wanted to do for years and years.” Lanegan also added: “I do a John Cale song, a Nick Cave song but in that style. It’s called Imitations.”

Finally, Lanegan said that he’s been writing songs every day for the next Mark Lanegan Band album. The ‘crooner’ album and the new Mark Lanegan Band album are “all [he has] on the docket” right now. Lanegan recently rumored a two-disc anthology set and a new Gutter Twins album in the future, but the interview made no mention of these projects. Read the rest of the interview at Q Magazine.

AlternativeNation.net’s Review Of Mark Lanegan And Duke Garwood’s “Black Pudding”

Fans of singer Mark Lanegan’s smoky baritone voice and poetic lyrics will not be disappointed with his new studio effort, Black Pudding, a collaboration record with British artist Duke Garwood. Lanegan’s long list of collaborations grows with his new album with Garwood, who has been described in British press as Lanegan’s “spiritual cousin across the Atlantic waters.”

Recorded in Burbank, CA, the album features twelve delicate tracks from the Lanegan-Garwood duo, employing Garwood’s acoustic guitar throughout most of the album that serves as the backdrop for Lanegan’s dark, whiskey-stained voice. Although Black Pudding does not feature much production, the album’s mixing by Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Mark Lanegan Band, Eleven) exposes the raw talent of the artists and the dark beauty of their music.

The album begins with its title track, “Black Pudding,” a quiet acoustic instrumental introducing the listener to the soft nature of the album. The instrumental is followed by the track “Pentecostal,” the first song from the album released to the public in February. Although “Pentecostal” is a quiet acoustic track, it exudes strength from Lanegan’s dark vocals.

The next song, “War Memorial,” is a song seemingly influenced by Lanegan’s heroes of American folk and blues music, reminiscent of Lanegan’s cover album I’ll Take Care of You. “Mescalito,” more reminiscent of Lanegan’s latest studio album Blues Funeral, features classic Lanegan lyrics such as “I’ll rest in your shadow/Take the sorrow from my heart/Know I’m deep forever with you.”

The next track, “Sphinx,” is a mournful tune featuring a quieter, sorrowful approach from Lanegan’s vocals while “Last Rung” is a short song employing a dark piano sound. The song “Driver” has an ethereal, drifting acoustic guitar sound while “Death Rides a White Horse” grounds the listener with a dark, driving acoustic sound and moving lyrics delivered by Lanegan’s classic baritone.

“Thank You” is the album’s next song, but do not be misled by the song’s inviting title. The track is a haunting song characterized by a creepy strings section. Following this gloomy song, “Cold Molly” picks up the album’s tempo with lashing drums and a groovy bass track. The lighter feeling of this song is quickly doused by one of the album’s slowest songs, “Shade of the Sun,” which exudes a dark, bluesy feeling. The album ends as it began, featuring the instrumental track “Manchester Special.” The final instrumental showcases Garwood’s incredible guitar ability and his emotional acoustic sound.

Although Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood are featured as the primary artists of the album, listeners should not expect a high amount of vocals from Garwood, even though the British musician is an accomplished singer in his own right. Although Garwood delivers light backing vocals to some songs, Black Pudding is instead characterized by the poetic lyrics sung by the signature leathery voice of the baritone Mark Lanegan. While Lanegan’s vocals deliver a classic sound, the multi-instrumentalist Duke Garwood provides intricate and impressive guitar tracks and his presence is still felt throughout the album. Lanegan has stated that “working with [Garwood] has been one of the best experiences of my recording life.”

Those familiar with Lanegan’s solo albums will enjoy the delicate acoustic-driven sound of Black Pudding, compelled by Lanegan’s gritty vocals and Garwood’s intricate guitar work. Although the album’s tone will be familiar to fans of Lanegan’s work, Black Pudding also goes beyond the singer’s norm by experimenting with new sounds and utilizing the fresh instrumentalism from Duke Garwood. Although this is only the first collaboration album from the Lanegan-Garwood duo, fans should hope to see more music from this fantastic partnership.

Black Pudding is set for release on May 14, 2013 from Ipecac Recordings in the United States and Heavenly Recordings in the United Kingdom.


Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood are set to release the first single, ‘Cold Molly,’ from their upcoming collaboration album Black Pudding on April 20, or Record Store Day. The new single will be released as 10″ vinyl pressings and the release will be limited to 300 copies. The single will also feature two remixes, one from Lanegan collaborators Soulsavers and the other from Roman Remains. The Roman Remains remix of ‘Cold Molly’ can currently be heard on Paste Magazine.

The single will be distributed through British record label Heavenly Recordings. Although the website for the UK’s Record Store Day lists the release, the website for the USA’s Record Store Day does not. It is unclear whether or not the single will be released in North America or the rest of Europe, but it might be unlikely due to the limited number of copies and the release from a British record label. For the single to be sold in the United States, American label Ipecac Recordings would most likely lead the distribution, but it is unknown at this time whether or not they are involved.

Nevertheless, ‘Cold Molly’ is set for release in the UK on April 20, while Black Pudding, the collaboration album from Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood, is set for release on May 14.


Mark Lanegan has signed with British record label Heavenly Recordings, and will release his collaboration album “Black Pudding” with Duke Garwood on May 13, 2013. It was previously announced that the album would be released on April 16, however, American record label Ipecac Recordings now has the album’s American release date set for May 14. A new single from “Black Pudding” will be announced soon, but you can now stream the track “Pentecostal” from the upcoming album:

Barrett Martin Talks Mad Season, New Mark Lanegan Album, And More

Barrett Martin has revealed news in a recent Facebook post regarding new Mad Season, new Mark Lanegan, and more. Martin first revealed that he recently recorded a Jimi Hendrix song with Mike McCready, recorded by Jimi Hendrix/Led Zeppelin producer Eddie Kramer. Secondly, he revealed that he “got to play on the new Mark Lanegan album” but did not specify whether this new album was Mark Lanegan’s upcoming collaboration with Duke Garwood or a rumored new solo album by Lanegan.

Next, Martin mentioned that he is currently working on an instrumental soundscape album with Mike McCready, and that McCready also played on the new Walking Papers album, which was recorded last September.

Lastly, Martin mentioned that he and McCready are preparing the release of the Mad Season box set for April 2nd, 2013. Martin revealed that the first single “Locomotive,” featuring Mark Lanegan, will be released to the radio soon. A link will be posted by Martin when the song goes streaming live.


Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood will release a new album, entitled “Black Pudding,” on April 16, 2013.

Lanegan’s newest collaboration features Duke Garwood, who has been described in the UK as “spiritual cousin across the Atlantic waters.”  Lanegan, whose other collaborators include Isobel Campbell and Greg Dulli, has called Garwood “one of [his] all time favorite artists” and stated that “working with him has been one of the best experiences of my recording life.”

“Black Pudding” will be released via Ipecac Recordings, and was recorded at Pink Duck Studios in Burbank, California. The album was mixed by Alain Johannes.

Black Pudding track listing:

1. Black Pudding
2. Pentacostal
3. War Memorial
4. Mescalito
5. Sphinx
6. Last Rung
7. Driver
8. Death Rides a White Horse
9. Thank You
10. Cold Molly
11. Shade of the Sun
12. Manchester Special

(Source: TheObelisk.net)