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Foo Fighters Sing Happy Birthday To Dave Grohl’s Mom

At Foo Fighters’ epic show at Wrigley Field in Chicago last night, Dave Grohl brought his mother Virginia Grohl and cousin Tracy on stage so that fans could sing happy birthday to them! Grohl also discussed his mother drinking with Green Day. Watch video below!

Happy birthday to Dave's cousin Trac(e)y and his mom! @foofighters

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Foo Fighters Wrigley Field Setlist:
Monkey Wrench
Learn to Fly
Something From Nothing (with Rick Nielsen)
The Pretender
Big Me (slow version)
Van Halen covers (Snippets during band introduction)
Roundabout (Yes cover) (Snippet during band introduction)
School’s Out (Alice Cooper cover) (Snippet during band introduction)
Cold Day in the Sun
My Hero
All My Life
Happy Birthday (Mildred J. Hill cover) (to Virginia Grohl and Tracy DaveĀ“s mom and cousin)
Times Like These
These Days
Miss You (The Rolling Stones cover)
White Limo
This Is a Call
Best of You

Foo Fighters performed at the First Niagara Pavilion in Burgettstown, PA on Tuesday, and Dave Grohl discussed his throne, broken leg, and his roots in the area, as transcribed by Alternative Nation. Grohl first discussed he would be happy if he had to stay in his throne.

“You know why I’m sitting in it, don’t you? You know why? Cause it’s fucking cool as shit, that’s why. Oh, and also I can’t walk! But let me tell you, if I never, ever, have to stand up again, I think I might be perfectly happy in this thing because it has a drinkholder, and lights.”

Grohl then changed his tune, hoping he can soon be ‘learning to walk again.’ Grohl said, “But I hope it’s just temporary, because I sure love running around when we play, for anyone who has ever seen us before. I’m singing a ballad right now, and I’m not going to dedicate it to the ladies. I’m not going to dedicate it to the wonderful people of this part of the country where my people come from, just so you know. I think this is as close as I’m going to get on this tour to the place that I was born. I got a little Pittsburgh in me! Sweet Miss Virginia Grohl, my mother, was born in Pittsburgh, I don’t know if you know, it’s true. All of my family comes from that other turnpike, that’s over there.”

A fan also requested “Low” with a sign, and Foo Fighters obliged the request and performed the song live for the first time since 2009!