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Mac DeMarco Reveals New Tracks From Upcoming Album ‘Another One’

With the release of his upcoming mini-LP Another One around the corner, Mac DeMarco has revealed new tracks from the album. Following the release of the outstanding title track last month, DeMarco has now released “I’ve Been Waiting For Her” and “No Other Heart.” The former is a polished, upbeat pop single with a jangly guitar solo while the latter is a more personal track with melodic songwriting and a longing, melancholic vibe reminiscent of DeMarco’s “Brother.” Listen to the tracks below.

Mac DeMarco is set to release Another One on August 8 via Captured Tracks. Digital pre-order customers will receive instant, free downloads of “The Way You’d Love Her,” “I’ve Been Waiting For Her” and “Another One,” as well as bonus instrumentals of Another One upon release date. Meanwhile, he’s kicking off a world tour this October, check out the tour dates here.

Mac DeMarco Reveals New Single And Fall 2015 Tour Dates

Last month, singer Mac DeMarco announced the August 7th release date for his new mini-LP entitled Another One, which is said to include a “bittersweet, romantic sensibility” while avoiding an “an overly somber listen.” Now, the indie rocker has revealed a new single, “The Way You’d Love Her,” and tour dates for fall 2015.

The new track is cleanly produced and driven by DeMarco’s signature psych-pop guitar sound. While it does have a romantic and nostalgic feel, it resists a downbeat vibe by remaining upbeat and poppy. Check out the new track below:

Pre-orders for Another One are available via iTunes. Mac DeMarco’s newly announced US fall 2015 tour dates can be viewed below:

Sat. Oct. 10 – Port Chester, NY @ The Capitol Theatre
Sun. Oct. 11 – Woodstock, NY @ Bearsville Theater
Tue. Oct. 13 – Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero Theatre
Wed. Oct. 14 – Washington, DC @ The Howard Theatre
Sat. Oct. 17 – New Orleans, LA @ Civic Theatre
Sun. Oct. 18 – Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live
Mon. Oct. 19 – Dallas, TX @ House of Blues
Tue. Oct. 20 – Austin, TX @ Stubb’s
Thu. Oct. 22 – Tucson, AZ @ Rialto Theater
Tue. Oct. 27 – Arcata, CA @ Kate Buchanan Room at Humboldt State University
Wed. Oct. 28 – Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom
Thu. Oct. 29 – Seattle, WA @ Moore Theatre
Fri. Oct. 30 – Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom
Sat. Oct. 31 – Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom
Mon. Nov. 2 – Calgary, AB @ MacEwan Hall
Tues. Nov. 3 – Edmonton, AB @ Union Sound Hall
Wed. Nov. 4 – Saskatoon, SK @ O’Brian’s Event Center
Thurs. Nov. 5 – Winnipeg MB @ Garrick Centre
Fri. Nov. 6 – Milwaukee, WI @ Pabst Theater
Sun. Nov. 8 – Pontiac, MI @ The Crofoot Ballroom

Mac DeMarco Announces New Album ‘Another One’

Nearly a year since the release of his critically-acclaimed Salad Days, Mac DeMarco has announced a new mini-LP project, Another One, set for release on August 7th via Captured Tracks. The new album consists of eight fresh songs written and recorded between tours at his new house in Far Rockaway, Queens. Although the lead single has yet to be revealed, DeMarco’s new album is said to employ a “bittersweet, romantic sensibility,” while resisting a somber feeling and remaining “playful, retaining the guts and soul of classic Mac.”

In addition to the album announcement, DeMarco revealed a “Making Of” teaser trailer, which you can view below. Pre-orders of Another One, which can be made here, will include bonus instrumentals of the album’s eight songs at the time of the album’s release. Tour dates, which include stops at the Pitchfork Music Festival and San Francisco’s Outside Lands, can be viewed at Rolling Stone.

1 The Way You’d Love Her
2 Another One
3 No Other Heart
4 Just To Put Me Down
5 A Heart Like Hers
6 I’ve Been Waiting For Her
7 Without Me
8 My House By The Water

Interview: Alex Calder Talks New Solo Album, Stage Anxiety, & Fans’ Expectations

above: Image by Rebecca Storm, courtesy of Captured Tracks.

The work of Edmonton-born, Montreal-based artist Alex Calder is defined by its unique psych-pop sound which incorporates a distant, dreamy pensiveness behind simple, addicting melodies. Launching his career playing with fellow Edmontonian Mac DeMarco in Makeout Videotape, Calder set out as a unique songwriter in his own right, signing with Captured Tracks and releasing his Time EP in 2013. Calder’s sense for pop songwriting comes together with his aim for warbled guitars and experimental musicianship, as well as his dry humor and a tense, understated melancholy.

Yesterday, January 20, Calder released his debut solo LP Strange Dreams. Strange Dreams continues Calder’s effort for smart psych-pop melodies that undergo his self-produced lo-fi treatment. Underneath the songs’ hazy indie vibe is an emotional resonance that enhances their psychedelic experimentation and pop sensibility. Ahead of the release of Strange Dreams, Alex Calder talked to Alternative Nation about his new album, playing live, the progress on his next album, and more:

Alternative Nation: What was the writing and recording process like for Strange Dreams?
Alex Calder: It was a weird process. About half the songs I finished even before the Time EP,  which was released in a very short period of time. So, some of them are real oldies, but about the other half I recorded real slowly over the next year or so. I recorded half of them at my old apartment and then I moved 2 doors down to my new apartment and recorded the rest. In my new apartment I can’t play drums because my neighbors have flipped, so some of the drums were sampled on the album, Even samples of older drum tracks I played on other songs.

How does Strange Dreams compare to the Time EP or Mold Boy stuff?
I’m not really sure. I feel like with the Time EP it had more of a warbly out of tune sound on the whole thing because I was playing around with shitty effect pedals. With this [album], I guess, I wanted to avoid that slightly more and just have really simple pop songs that weren’t too over thought or layered with effects too much. I kinda just wanted to make a song that sounds like Pavement for the entire record. Also, the Mold Boy stuff is kinda where I wanted to put more “experimental” stuff up without thinking about it, and I do all of that during the Alex Calder stuff.

How did the “Lola” music video come about?
My friend Cole came to stay with me for a few weeks and we always try to be pretty productive and work on comedy stuff while he’s in town, or when I’m back home where he lives in Edmonton. Anyways, we had no real ideas for a music video, but knew we wanted to make one. The only idea that came about was Cole phoning me on the drive to Montreal telling me how he just picked up some roller blades for the video. So Cole got to town and we had no big ideas for a video, but the idea of me just rolling blading down the street looking as happy and giddy as possible for the entire thing over top of this mellow, downer song was so funny to us. Behind the camera the whole time Cole was going “huge smile!” “enthusiasm!” “Take your shirt off!” Anyways,  I think it turned out great and I like how unsettling or off putting it seems to be to some people. They expect to see this like hazy indie rock VHS style melancholic bullshit, but just get an honest guy rollerblading down the street shirtless.

“They expect to see this like hazy indie rock VHS style melancholic bullshit”

You recently had a string of tour dates in Vancouver and New York. What’s it like to play your material live?
Yeah! I did!  Playing live is a tricky thing for me, I go very back and forth with liking it. I would avoid playing live if I could, I think. But there’s also points where I really enjoy it. I get pretty bad anxiety on stage, and if, for a moment I think that people aren’t into it, it kinda all goes downhill for me. But it’s kinda cool, if I’m in a good mood and we’re playing poorly, it’s a nice challenge to try to win over the crowd. We used to fool around a lot more on the stage too, but I feel like that can be kind of alienating to the audience when you do it too much. Especially if you’re sense of humor is pretty specific to you and your bandmates and friends. I’m not sure if people are that into paying to see you talk about Jar Jar Binks or cover the King of the Hill theme 15 times during your set.

Peter Sagar told me about Canada that “it’s really fucking cold half the time, which is a great reason to stay inside and record.” How has Canada affected your music? I sense a DIY ethic in the Montreal music scene. 
Peter has such a foul mouth! But yeah, that’s the point, Canada is super cold and you can’t go outside or do anything so you sit inside and record all winter. There’s also a lack of fun going on here, so it’s not like you’re going out to a show or something every night of the week instead of recording. I feel like if I lived in New York or somewhere I would find it hard to record so much. But I also feel like I would find much more inspiration in a place like that, so they both work I guess. I would definitely love to get the hell out of Canada.

Is Mold Boy a separate project or an extension of your solo work?
At first I wanted to make like a “secret music project” with Mold Boy where I could do whatever I wanted and have instrumental tracks or whatever instead of doing the Alex Calder stuff that way. But I quickly just associated the two and so now they kind of just coexist. There’s also some exciting news for Mold Boy and some changes in the near future though!

Besides showcasing your cooking, acting, and bathing exploits on Instagram, what’s ahead for Alex Calder in 2015? 
I guess a bunch of touring now. But not too much touring, I love being at home. That and finishing up my next album. I’m about half done, so hopefully I’ll have some time to finish it before we have to tour a lot. Also, hopefully more funny stuff this year, I feel like focusing on that more.

Alex Calder’s debut LP Strange Dreams is out now via Captured Tracks, order it here. Check out his bandcamp here.

Nic Hessler Announces Debut Album ‘Soft Connections’

above: Image by Ellen Wildhagen, courtesy of Captured Tracks.

Nic Hessler has announced his debut solo LP, entitled Soft Connections, set for release via Captured Tracks on March 17, 2015. The artist formerly known as Catwalk re-emerges healthy and optimistic with his new album and lead single “Hearts, Repeating,” which you can listen to below.

Hessler, under his pseudonym Catwalk, was signed by Captured Tracks at age 18 and released two 7″ in 2010 and 2011. Headed for acclaim, he was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder known as Guillain–Barré Syndrome that left him partially paralyzed for a period over the last four years. Reinvigorated and healthy in 2015, Hessler drops his old moniker for his long-awaited album, with a sound that’s developed over the past four years.

Within the catchy, Kinks-inspired power-pop and summery single-oriented songwriting sensibility lies a thoughtful, mature songwriter poised for success in the indie community. The album’s long process contributed to Hessler’s music growth and the album’s introspective character.

Soft Connections Tracklist
Feel Again
Hearts, Repeating
Expel Me
Do You Ever?
All In the Night
All Around You
(Please) Don’t Break
Moonlight Girl
Into the Twilight
Soon You’ll See, Kristine
Soft Connections

Guide to Upcoming Captured Tracks Releases: Winter 2015

Each year, Brooklyn-based record label Captured Tracks unveils a new group of albums that reflect, inspire, and provoke the innovative work of the indie community. The artists releasing projects via Captured Tracks this winter continue this trend. Alternative Nation takes a look at the label’s winter releases spanning a variety of genres and influences.

Canadian musician Alex Calder is releasing his debut album Strange Dreams and follow-up to his 2013 Time EP on January 20. Calder’s music utilizes addicting melodies and simple songwriting and lyricism behind his reverb-filled veil of experimental psych-pop landscapes. His hazy, ethereal sound is thoughtful yet resists a downbeat vibe, often through understated humor. You can pre-order the album here and read Alternative Nation’s ‘Band Spotlight’ on Calder here.

Queens-based singer-songwriter Juan Wauters released his critically-acclaimed debut album N.A.P. North American Poetry last year and has been on tour ever since. To kick off his 2015 North American tour, Wauters and collaborator/girlfriend Carmelle Safdie are releasing a limited release EP entitled Wearing Leather, Wearing Fur. The album is a 13-minute, single track suite consisting of song, poetry, and instrumental alike. Pre-order the EP here.

Catalan band MOURN has been generating rising interest since the foursome signed to Captured Tracks last year. Their self-titled debut album is out February 3. Seemingly reviving riot grrrl, lead singles “Silver Gold” and “Otitis” capture the PJ Harvey-inspired band’s irreverence and punkish indie attitude. Pre-order MOURN here and check out “Otitis” below.

Oakland’s The Soft Moon will release his third album Deeper on March 31. A press release from Captured Tracks is forthcoming, but lead single “Black” is a promising taste of intense, Reznor-esque industrial and moody post-punk. Pre-order Deeper here.

On April 14, Pale Blue, the collaboration of Mike Simonetti and Silver Hand’s Elizabeth Wight, will release their debut album The Past We Leave Behind via 2MR/Captured Tracks. The album incorporates Simonetti’s experience with noise, drone, and experimental dream pop. Pre-order the album here.

Captured Tracks is reissuing Australian band The Apartments’ 1985 debut album The Evening Visits… And Stays For Years. The album is a notable collection of jangle-pop filled with catchy melodies and pop sensibilities and a look into the genius of Peter Walsh.

Alex Calder, Donovan Blanc Announce East Coast Tour Dates

Ahead of the release of his upcoming LP Strange Dreams, singer-songwriter Alex Calder has announced a string of East Coast tour dates. Calder will be joined by fellow Captured Tracks artists Donovan Blanc (read Alternative Nation’s interview with Donovan Blanc here) and Laced, a new project from Beach Fossils’ Dustin Payseur, as well as Kurt Vile associate Steve Gunn.

Meanwhile, Calder is set to release Strange Dreams on January 20, 2015. While the album was originally released via his bandcamp earlier this year, Calder has reworked some of its songs, exemplified by lead single and title track “Strange Dreams,” which you can listen to below. A press release from Captured Tracks advertises the album’s “infectious melodies” and “acid-induced pop sequences.”

Calder’s work crafts a delicate, thoughtful sound behind simple, addicting melodies and his experimental psych-pop sound. Strange Dreams carries an interesting pensiveness yet resists a downbeat, gloomy vibe through its dreamy, ethereal sound.

East Coast Dates
1/09 – Cameo w/Donovan Blanc & Laced (Record Release Party)
1/10 – New Brunswick w/Donovan Blanc & Forever Lesbians
1/11 – Rough Trade w/Steve Gunn

Live Review: Mac DeMarco At Seattle’s Chop Suey

above: Image courtesy of Around the 6.

Canada-born, Brooklyn-based indie rock journeyman Mac DeMarco has taken the indie world by storm over the past few years, releasing albums via Captured Tracks like this year’s critically-lauded Salad Days and earning a reputation for energetic live performances. Last Thursday night in Seattle, following an opening set for Julian Casablancas downtown at The Showbox, the singer-songwriter traveled up Capitol Hill to Chop Suey, shredding a nearly hour and a half set after midnight to a sold-out crowd. Mac’s on-stage antics and an upbeat audience resulted in an entertaining show. Needless to say, he lived up to his reputation.

Flanked by his talented live band, featuring Tonstartssbandht’s Andy White and Walter TV’s Pierce McGarry and Joe McMurray, Mac DeMarco took the stage at midnight during a cover of Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” sung by drummer Joe. The band launched their set with songs like “Salad Days” and “Blue Boy,” reworked to be more rockish from their quieter studio versions, to get the crowd moving. Before “Rock and Roll Night Club,” DeMarco restrung his broken guitar string while White and McGarry jammed and performed a cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You.”

When Mac recovered from his broken string, the show really started to flourish. Beginning with “Rock and Roll,” and continuing through searing versions of “Viceroy” and “I’m A Man,” DeMarco and his cronies displayed their mastery over the crowd, who responded with crowd surfing and moshing. Things temporarily cooled off with the more delicate “Brother,” during which Mac showed off his crooning skills, as well as with a cover of Bob Marley’s “Jammin.”

Following the solo-filled glory of “Freaking Out the Neighborhood,” the band announced their final song, “Still Together.” What ensued was a nearly 20 minute jam session during which all of the band members crowd surfed and the band performed a lively rendition of Jane’s Addiction’s “Jane Says.” At some point in the chaos, after his feet collided rather violently with my forehead, DeMarco climbed the ducts that lined Chop Suey’s ceiling and enjoyed the view before eventually signing off.

The high flying, microphone-to-ass cheek live antics of DeMarco and his band provided an extremely entertaining experience for the audience, and in turn they seemed to feed off the crowd’s rambunctious spirit.  In addition, the band reworked the richer, more delicate tracks off Salad Days to be more rockish and animated. While Mac’s fan base grows, his attention to fun, genuine shows filled with jams, audience participation, and a liberal use of covers has not faltered. I eagerly await the next time the DeMarco troupe comes into town.

Click on the thumbnails below to view the images.

Setlist [incomplete]
01. Video Games (Lana Del Rey cover)
02. Salad Days
03. The Stars Keep On Calling My Name
04. Blue Boy
05. Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple cover)
06. Let Her Go
07. Someone Like You (Adele cover)/Jam
08. Rock and Roll Night Club
09. Annie
10. Ode to Viceroy
11. I’m a Man
12. Reelin’ in the Years (Steely Dan cover)
13. Brother
14. Jammin’ (Bob Marley cover)
15. Freaking Out the Neighborhood
16. Still Together/Jam/Jane Says (Jane’s Addiction cover)

Album Review: Alex Calder’s Mold Boy EP ‘Copy Me’

above: Image by Matt Atkinstall.

Next January, Montreal-based Alex Calder will release his sophomore album Strange Dreams via Captured Tracks, his follow-up to last year’s Time EP. Calder recently told Hero Magazine that “being on a record label is a hard thing to settle into,” adding that there’s difficulty in “making all these songs and really wanting to put them out.” The prolific singer-songwriter has now released a new EP entitled Copy Me under his pseudonym MOLD BOY.

Copy Me‘s six songs employ Calder’s smart and simple melodies behind guitar-driven distortion and whispered vocals. The EP’s lingering sense of melancholy drives its pensiveness and emotional and songwriting maturity without being brooding or gloomy. Songs like “History High” and “Filled Up” represent Calder’s garage psych-pop sound and experimental attitude, while his dreamlike vocals add a deeper level of emotional resonance.

With another EP under his belt, Calder is now set to release his sophomore effort, Strange Dreams, on January 20, 2015. While Strange Dreams was originally released via bandcamp, Calder has reworked and remastered the album and has added a few previously-unreleased songs. A press release from Captured Tracks advertises the album’s “infectious melodies” and “acid-induced pop sequences.”

You can purchase MOLD BOY’s Copy Me via bandcamp, and you can pre-order Strange Dreams via iTunes here.

Interview: Naomi Punk’s Nicolas Luempert Talks Seattle Music Scene, New Album

Washington-based band Naomi Punk, consisting of Travis Benjamin Coster, Neil Gregorson, and Nicolas Luempert, is an emerging group raised in the garage rock spirit. Originally hailing from the Seattle area and now based in indie rock mecca Olympia, the trio’s sludgy guitars, driving beat, and visceral sound is inherently Washington-esque. With their punkish drive and unorthodox rhythms, the band released their debut LP The Feeling in 2012 which Pitchfork praised for its “machine-grade heaviness” and “meticulously controlled chaos.”

Two years later and Naomi Punk have released their new album Television Man on August 5 via Captured Tracks. With songs like “Firehose Face” and the album’s title track “Television Man,” the album continues with dissonant aggression in the same vein as its predecessor but with more experience and refreshed focus. I had the pleasure of interviewing Naomi Punk drummer Nicolas Luempert this summer; here’s what he had to say:

Alternative Nation: How does Television Man differ from your last album?
Luempert: Television Man is quite a bit rougher than the last one. The songs on The Feeling felt like they were produced in a way that made them seem more anthemic, where as the roughness of Television Man better represents what we sound like live.

Your home state of Washington is known for producing great musical talent, most notably in the alternative rock scene of the 1990s. How has Washington influenced your band and your sound?
The 90s actually created a weird infrastructure for music around Seattle that I think we experience the tail end of. Starting around that time there was the creation of a lot of all-ages spaces in and around Seattle. We grew up with these spaces, but they weren’t actually that fun to play. What they did was create a space where you could meet people that you wanted to collaborate with, and then all of the sudden there were a ton of people in their 20s who had been playing music together since high school and a bunch of cool bands as a result. So it seemed like everyone was just friends but then someone would get access to a house or gallery where they could host shows, and the shows would actually turn out to be pretty amazing.

What are your favorite bands at the moment?
For bands, I’ve been pretty into Coil, Earth, Magik Markers, Gun Outfit, Throbbing Gristle, pretty classic stuff. But for music in general I have been listening to Inga Copeland, Scott Walker, Dean Blunt, and Laurie Spiegel a lot lately. We are also playing the band PC Worship’s LP release in New York which I am excited about.

What should fans expect from your live performances?
We are heavy and the performance will pretty much be a continuous set.

What’s life on the road like for Naomi Punk?
It is pretty chilled out, there is a lot of reading, deep listening, and elaborate inside jokes.

What’s your plan for the rest of the year?
We are going to have a “transformative band experience.”

Naomi Punk’s sophomore LP Television Man is out now via Captured Tracks.

Interview: Donovan Blanc’s Joseph Black

The latest signing from Brooklyn-based independent label Captured Tracks is New Jersey duo Donovan Blanc, which consists of self-proclaimed “pop junkies” Joseph Black and Raymond Schwab. Black and Schwab previously recorded music as Honeydrum and the pair’s prolific output yielded nine lo-fi EPs in two years, crafting quick, experimental tracks featuring hazy pop melodies washed with distortion.

The pair regrouped in 2013 as Donovan Blanc, whose self-titled debut LP was released June 24. With refreshed focus and clearer production, the band’s colorful new songs feature addicting hooks, jangly guitar vibes, and poetic vocals. With a singer-songwriter pop sensibility, Donovan Blanc recalls 60s acoustic folk and 80s R.E.M.-inspired guitars. Their inventive sound builds a unique tension in the contrast between its driving bass line and mellow vocals. The New Jersey pair have created warm, summery pop tunes that fit nicely in Captured Tracks’ growing lineup. I had the pleasure of interviewing Donovan Blanc’s Joseph Black this summer. Here’s what he had to say:

Alternative Nation: How would you describe Donovan Blanc’s music to someone who’s never heard your work?

Joseph Black: Like a good custard; delicate yet firm.

Congratulations on signing with your new label, Captured Tracks. Are there any plans to collaborate with your new label-mates?

Not yet, but we’re still holding out hope for Blanc Dogs.

What musical influences have inspired your work? What do you guys listen to?

Currently I’ve been listening to João Donato, who Ray turned me onto, and I’ve just begun a bit of an Andy Gibb kick.

Donovan Blanc.

How does Honeydrum compare to Donovan Blanc? Do you see Honeydrum as a step in your musical evolution or its own, distinct project?

Honeydrum was more scatterbrained. That isn’t to say that we are interested in doing the same thing over and over again as Donovan Blanc, but we’re definitely trying to treat each release as a cohesive project, rather than a stream of consciousness idea pad.

You guys have recently been playing some festivals, including the Northside Fest, with some of your Captured Tracks brethren. How is it to play your new material live?

We’ve played a bunch of shows as Donovan Blanc and they’ve all been fun. Since many of these songs evolved as we were recording, it’s been a real treat to hear them performed by a full band.

What are your plans for the future?

We like to keep busy so we are already messing around with ideas for the next thing.

I’m excited to hear what Donovan Blanc has in store for us in the future, but in the meantime you can find Donovan Blanc’s self-titled debut, out via Captured Tracks, here.

Band Spotlight: Walter TV

above: Image by Claire Milbrath, courtesy of The Editorial Magazine.

Founded in Vancouver by Pierce McGarry, Joe McMurray, and Simon Ankenman in the early 2010s, the fledgling trio soon went on hiatus and while Ankenman went his separate way to “pursue an outdoors-inspired lifestyle,” McGarry and McMurray moved to Montreal and released the band’s first full-length album Appetite in 2012.

In Montreal, McGarry and McMurray joined the live band for friend Mac DeMarco along with HOMESHAKE’s Peter Sagar and have been touring as DeMarco’s rhythm section ever since. Now, Captured Tracks sister label Sinderlyn Records is reissuing a fully remastered edition of their cult breakthrough Appetite on August 26, 2014.

Walter TV’s Appetite showcases their knack for writing quick, catchy pop tunes with rocking, jumping bass lines and a decidedly lo-fi experimental vibe. Although their music is by no means ‘normal,’  Walter TV’s creations are rich with content and pop melodies. Their talent is exhibited by songs like “Master Ludi,” with its caroling, warped chorus, and “Lo Noise,” a punkish track ended by vocalist Pierce McGarry’s impassioned lyrics “I’m not listening!”

Band Spotlight: Alex Calder

above: Photo by Matt Atkinstall.

24-year old musician Alex Calder is an emerging artist originally from Edmonton and now living in Montreal. Although Calder is often categorized with other indie rockers under terms such as “slacker rock,” his work is something more unique. Calder’s work is instead a modern twist on psychedelia that is washed with reverb and drenched in melancholy.

Calder began his career with pal Mac DeMarco in their band Makeout Videotape and released his solo debut EP Time last year via Captured Tracks. Pitchfork hailed the release for its “warped pop moves” and “ragged DIY appeal.” He revealed a new full-length effort entitled Strange Dreams this summer.

Strange Dreams creates a hazy, dreamy world of pop melodies with its eleven psych-pop tunes. Using rich soundscapes, Calder delivers his songs about life and love. Beneath the songs’ distortion lies catchy melodies and smart, simple lyricism. With these creative and unorthodox tracks, Calder proves he is not afraid to experiment while maintaining his pop sensibility. I am excited to hear what music he’ll produce in the future.

Below, check out selections from Calder’s Strange Dreams, Time EP, and his old band Makeout Videotape:

AlternativeNation.Net Summer & Fall 2014 Albums Preview: Foo Fighters, Mark Lanegan & More

With 2014 more than halfway in the books, AlternativeNation.net takes a look at many of the most anticipated rock releases of the rest of the year. From punk rock to acoustic rock, noise rock to indie rock, and more, the alternative rock scene has a varied group of promising upcoming releases.

Antemasque Antemasque July 15
Fans of The Mars Volta were pleasantly surprised when Antemasque, consisting of ex-Mars Volta vocalist, guitarist, and drummer, released their punkish single “4AM” earlier this year and announced a new LP. Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea played on a few tracks of their self-titled debut, which will be backed by tour dates in California, Texas, and Arizona this August. Listen to Antemasque’s lead single “4AM” below:

Morrissey World Peace Is None Of Your Business July 15
Influential artist and former The Smiths vocalist Morrissey is set to release his Joe Chiccarelli-produced (Beck, The Strokes) tenth studio album this July via Harvest/Capitol. Ahead of its release, Morrissey has revealed several spoken word performances of his new tracks with music videos featuring cameos from Nancy Sinatra and Pamela Anderson. Below, listen to a non-spoken word version of “Earth Is The Loneliest Planet”:
[youtube id=”VaXKGu3ecnQ” width=”620″ height=”360″]
Tuatara Underworld August 5
Seattle instrumental group Tuatara, led by Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees, Mad Season) and includes Mike McCready (Pearl Jam, Mad Season), Peter Buck (R.E.M.), and saxophonist Skerik (Mad Season), are releasing a new double album this August. The new LP was mixed by Jack Endino and is the group’s first record in six years. Stream Billboard’s exclusive premiere of Tuatara’s “The Skeleton Getdown” here, and read Barrett Martin’s interview with AlternativeNation.net contributor Greg Prato here.

Naomi Punk Television Man August 5
Olympia, Wash. rock group Naomi Punk is set to release their sophomore album on independent Brooklyn label Captured Tracks next month. The punk trio’s “visceral” debut LP was hailed by Pitchfork in 2012 for its “emotional resolve.” Naomi Punk blends a driving beat with heavy, sludgy guitars inspired by its Washington predecessors. Their work is aggressive, abrasive, and deceivingly catchy. Listen to their lead single “Television Man”:

The Gaslight Anthem Get Hurt August 19
New Brunswick, NJ group The Gaslight Anthem will release their fifth studio album via Island Records. The group recorded their follow-up to 2012’s Handwritten in Nashville and will tour the United States and Europe this fall. Listen to the album’s lead single “Rollin’ and Tumblin'” below:
[youtube id=”1-l4Z23ELd8″ width=”620″ height=”360″]
J Mascis Tied to a Star August 26
Dinosaur Jr. frontman and accomplished solo artist J Mascis will reveal his follow up to 2011’s Several Shades of Why this August on Sub Pop Records. The new album, which Mascis calls “acoustic, mellow stuff,” will be backed up by an extensive United States tour this fall. Listen to J Mascis’ “Every Morning”:

Earth Primitive and Deadly September 2
Dylan Carlson’s drone band Earth returns this summer with its tenth album, distributed by Southern Lord. Although the band will maintain its heavy sound, Earth’s new album will feature more vocals and will include guest appearances from Mark Lanegan and Built to Spill’s Brett Nelson. Earth will tour Europe and the United Kingdom in October. Below, listen to Earth’s “From the Zodiacal Light”:

Robert Plant lullaby and … The Ceaseless Roar September 9
Legendary artist and former Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant recently released a poignant trailer on YouTube introducing his new album, which will be released later this year via Warner Bros. “These songs are an ode to life and love, and the fragile adventure that you set out upon unknowingly and unwittingly,” Plant says. The vocalist will tour Europe, the UK, and Japan with his Space Shifters band for the rest of the year. Below, listen to his new song “Rainbow”:
[youtube id=”F3L0EUbRJGk” width=”620″ height=”360″]
Shellac Dude Incredible September 16
Shellac, the noise rock group fronted by Steve Albini (Big Black, Rapeman), will release their long-awaited fifth LP this September via Touch and Go Records. The nine-track album is Shellac’s first output since 2007. The band notes in a press release that there is “no correlation between shows and record releases.” Read Steve Albini’s interview with AlternativeNation.net’s Doug McCausland’s here.

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz Tyanny September 23
The Strokes lead vocalist Julian Casablancas is set to release his new album with The Voidz this fall on his indie label Cult Records. While The Strokes will headline festivals in Los Angeles and Las Vegas this August, Casablancas and The Voidz will tour the United States in October. View an album preview for Tyranny below:
[youtube id=”2aX4ohIN4UA” width=”620″ height=”360″]
The Vaselines V For Vaselines September 29
Influential Scottish pop rockers The Vaselines are back with their first release since 2010. V For Vaselines takes on a more energetic, punk-inspired sound than the duo’s previous work, and will feature appearances from Belle & Sebastian’s Stevie Jackson, Teenage Fanclub’s Frank Macdonald, and more. Nirvana famously covered The Vaselines on their albums Incesticide and MTV Unplugged in New York. Below, listen to their lead single “One Lost Year,” which is also available as a free MP3 download:

Philip Selway Weatherhouse October 7
Radiohead is currently on a brief hiatus, so drummer Phil Selway will release his second solo album on Bella Union Records. In addition, Selway is currently performing new compositions this summer with London’s Rambert Dance Company. Listen to Phil Selway’s Radiohead-esque “Coming Up For Air”:

The Flaming Lips With a Little Help From My Fwends October 28
The Flaming Lips have announced a track-by-track cover album of The Beatles’ legendary 1967 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which will be released this October on Warner Bros. Fans that pre-order the album can download the band’s cover of “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” featuring Moby and Miley Cyrus, which you can listen to below:
[youtube id=”h_apJCGd2Po” width=”620″ height=”360″]
To Be Announced
Foo Fighters TBA Fall 2014
The Foo Fighters are returning with their eighth studio album this fall via Roswell/RCA Records. The album’s release will coincide with the band’s 20th anniversary and Dave Grohl’s new HBO series, which will document the album’s recording process. Each song on the album was recorded in a different city with “local legends.” Cities visited by the band include New York and Seattle, while studios visited include Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio and Rancho De La Luna in California. Below, watch the teaser trailer for Dave Grohl’s upcoming HBO series “Sonic Highways”:
[youtube id=”f-z8A9P5ziA” width=”620″ height=”360″]
Mark Lanegan TBA Summer/Fall 2014
Singer-songwriter Mark Lanegan is set to release a new album later this year. It is rumored to be called No Bells on Sunday and is said to be an EP with a release date in August. Lanegan premiered two songs at London’s Meltdown Festival, “Judgement Time” and “I Am The Wolf.” It’s possible that the album will feature Duke Garwood, who collaborated with Lanegan on 2013’s Black Pudding. A press release from Vagrant Records and Heavenly Recordings is expected soon, and we’ll update you when it arrives.

Weezer Everything Will Be Alright in the End 2014
Weezer’s new album and follow-up to 2010’s Hurley was produced by the Cars’ Ric Ocasek and is due by the end of the year. The band has been teasing the album with snippets released every Wednesday, which you can find on their official Tumblr page.

The Smashing Pumpkins Monuments to an Elegy, Day For Night, additional releases 2014-2015
Billy Corgan and The Smashing Pumpkins are currently busy at work on their ninth album Monuments to an Elegy, which will enlist the drumming talents of Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee. The album’s lead single is expected by the end of 2014, with album releases coming in 2015 via BMG. The band is also expected to release reissues for 1998’s Adore and 2000’s Machina/The Machines of God by the end of the year.

Did we leave any album releases out? Let us know in the comments below.

Mac DeMarco Reveals New Song & World Tour Dates

Mac DeMarco has revealed a new song, entitled “Brother,” from his upcoming LP Salad Days which is set for release on April 1, 2014. The Canadian indie hero, who has pioneered an alternative rock sound dubbed ‘slacker rock,’ will release the follow-up to his critically acclaimed album on Brooklyn record label Captured Tracks this spring.

In addition to revealing the new song, Mac DeMarco has also revealed an expanded list of tour dates set through this spring and summer. The singer’s tour is extensive, covering South America, Europe, Canada, and the United States with more than 50 dates. Listen to Mac DeMarco’s new song “Brother” and see his tour dates below:

03-14 Santiago, Chile – Ex OZ
03-15 Buenos Aires, Argentina – Vorterix
03-19-20 São Paulo, Brazil – Sesc Belenzinho
03-21 Porto Alegre, Brazil – Beco 203
03-23 Santa Ana, CA – Burgerama Festival at The Observatory
03-31 Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom
04-01 Oberlin, OH – Dionysus Club at Oberlin
04-02 Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle
04-03 Detroit, MI – Magic Stick
04-04 Wakefield, Quebec – Blacksheep
04-05 Sherbrooke, Quebec – Boquébierè
04-06 Montreal, Quebec – Societe des Arts Technologiques
04-07 Cambridge, MA – Middle East Downstairs
04-09 New York, NY – Webster Hall
04-10 Durham, NC – Duke University Coffeehouse
04-11 Atlanta, GA – Goat Farm Arts Center
04-12 Bloomington, IN – Culture Shock Festival
04-13 Austin, TX – Mohawk Outside
04-14 Fort Worth, TX – Lola’s Saloon
04-15 Oxford, MS – Proud Larry’s
04-16 Nashville, TN – Exit/In
04-17 Asheville, NC – Grey Eagle Tavern
04-18 Philadelphia, PA – Underground Arts
04-25 New Orleans, LA – Tulane University
04-26 Bronxville, NY – Sarah Lawrence College
05-15 Amsterdam, Netherlands – Melkweg
05-16 Paris, France – Trabendo
05-17 Nantes, France – Stereolux
05-18 Brussels, Belgium – Nuits Botanique at Botanical Cultural Center
05-19 Brighton, England – The Old Market
05-20 Glasgow, Scotland – Mono
05-21 Manchester, England – Sound Control
05-22 London, England – Koko
05-23 Cologne, Germany – Electronic Beats at E Werks
05-24 Berlin, Germany – Bi Nuu
06-18 Saint-Thérèse, Quebec – Bar Le Cha Cha
06-20-21 Toronto, Ontario – NXNE
06-23 Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue and 7th Street Entry
06-24 Winnipeg, Manitoba – The Park Theatre
06-27 Edmonton, Alberta – Starlite Room
06-28 Calgary, Alberta – Republik
07-01 Vancouver, British Columbia – Rickshaw Theatre
07-02 Victoria, British Columbia – Upstairs Cabaret
07-04 Quincy, WA – Sasquatch Festival
07-09 San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall
07-11 Los Angeles, CA – The Fonda
07-13 Salt Lake City, UT – Urban Lounge
07-19 Washington, DC – 9:30 Club
08-02-03 Happy Valley, OR – Pickathon
08-10 Helsinki, Finland – Flow Festival
08-15 Glanusk, Wales – Green Man Festival
08-17 Hamburg, Germany – Dockville
08-21 Paredes de Coura, Portugal – Paredes de Coura

Mac DeMarco Reveals New LP ‘Salad Days’ Release Date And Lead Single

Indie rocker Mac DeMarco has officially revealed the details of his upcoming LP project, Salad Days. DeMarco has revealed that Salad Days will be available on April 1, 2014 via Captured Tracks. This announcement comes more than a week after DeMarco unofficially announced the album’s release date on Edmonton’s CKUA radio station and previewed three songs from the upcoming album via an acoustic set.

The singer also revealed the lead single of his new LP, a psychedelic Beatles-esque song called “Passing Out The Pieces,” which you can listen to below. You can read more about Mac DeMarco’s Salad Days, pre-order the album, and view DeMarco’s upcoming tour dates on Captured Tracks’ site.
[youtube id=”6Lk3NFWw9Fg” width=”620″ height=”360″]
Salad Days tracklist:
01. Salad Days
02. Blue Boy
03. Brother
04. Let Her Go
05. Goodbye Weekend
06. Let My Baby Stay
07. Passing Out Pieces
08. Treat Her Better
09. Chamber of Reflection
10. Go Easy
11. Johnny’s Odyssey

Band Spotlight: Mac DeMarco

Canadian indie rocker Mac DeMarco has captured listeners from an international audience following the 2012 release of his LP entitled “2.” The 23-year old DeMarco self-released several albums under the moniker Makeout Videotape before releasing his debut EP Rock and Roll Night Club as Mac DeMarco in 2012. This EP impressed his label, Captured Tracks, and the musician released his album, 2, later that year to appraise from critics and fans alike.

The album features an indie rock style critics call “slacker rock,” and in its lyrics, the album deals with themes of love and heartbreak, family issues, and introspection. One notable track, “Ode to Viceroy,” is an homage to DeMarco’s favorite cigarette brand. With a pop songwriting sensibility and a smooth, lazy voice, Mac DeMarco is a valuable addition to the young alternative rock scene. DeMarco’s smooth guitar playing sinks deeply into the psyche, and listeners can utilize DeMarco’s intricate psychedelic soundscapes for introspection and relaxation.

After capturing attention from critics and fans alike, Mac DeMarco is set to release the highly anticipated follow-up to 2, a new solo album entitled Salad Days in April of 2014.

[youtube id=”6bfTTeZOrs4″ width=”620″ height=”360″]
[youtube id=”rGh97zsBfWk” width=”620″ height=”360″]