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Top 10 Rock Songs Of 2015

Alternative Nation released its top 10 rock albums of the year just a couple of weeks ago, but that list was voted by readers. Below is a list of the top 10 rock songs of 2015, as selected by Alternative Nation owner Brett Buchanan and reporters Jeff Gorra, Mike Mazzarone, and Elias Fulmer.

10. Failure – “Hot Traveler” (The Heart is a Monster)

Brett Buchanan: Loyal readers Felonious Punk and J mentioned this album in the comments section when we recently did our Album of the Year poll, and it made me go back and revisit it. “Hot Traveler” is definitely the standout with its plodding grungy riff.

9. Dead Sara – “Something Good” (Pleasure To Meet You)

Brett Buchanan: Dead Sara returned with their second album earlier this year, and the standout track by far is definitely “Something Good.” The track has that classic California summertime feel, with a standout performance from lead singer Emily Armstrong.

8. Cage The Elephant – “Cold Cold Cold” (Tell Me I’m Pretty)

Mike Mazzarone: I could list ANY track from Tell Me I’m Pretty, they are all simply amazing songs. From the “Eleanor Rigby” inspired “Sweetie Little Jean”, the “Something” inspired “Trouble,” to the infamous “Mess Around”. When I first heard the album I had a sinking feeling it would be all Black Keys soundalike tracks. However, that wasn’t the case at all. “Cold, Cold, Cold” has pure 60’s flair.

I could imagine Bob Dylan belting out the “Oh no ain’t it a drag” part, and there are huge David Bowie influences as well. It’s just a fantastic album. I’m not sure if it’s their best effort, especially in comparison to Melophobia, but like Doug McCausland said in our review of Tell Me I’m Pretty – I don’t care! This is a band that everyone should get into, and hear their albums all the way though. They are one of the best acts in modern rock, and they are here to stay.

7. Foo Fighters – “The Never Ending Sigh” (Saint Cecilia EP)

Jeff Gorra: This song just rocks. It’s simple and catchy. It feels like this song in particular captures the vibe of exactly what the Foos did with this surprising EP. I just imagine sitting on the porch of that hotel with beer bottles, hearing this song being jammed.

6. The Arcs – “Stay In My Corner” (Yours, Dreamily)

Brett Buchanan: Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach released a new album this year with his new side project band The Arcs, and “Stay In My Corner” is just as great as any recent Black Keys hit. The soulful blues ballad is definitely the highlight of the album, with the lyrics telling a love story with the backdrop of boxing.

5. Chris Cornell – “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart” (Higher Truth)

Jeff Gorra: It’s signature Cornell, exploratory and courageous all at the same time. It also has the flexibility to plug into multiple genres.

4. Marilyn Manson – “Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge” (The Pale Emperor)

Mike Mazzarone: After a string of meh to forgettable albums it was Manson who in early 2015 decided to reinvent himself as this gritty, Mark Lanegan sounding rocker. The result? Pale Emperor and it’s hit single “Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge”. I knew this album was going to make or break the recording future for Manson as he, up to that point hasn’t put anything really up to scratch since 2000’s Holy Wood. After a string of “meh” albums, it was time for a release like this and Manson defied any expectations.

3. Eagles of Death Metal – “I Love You All the Time” (Zipper Down)

Elias Fulmer: Now the most well known track from the Eagles of Death Metal’s 2015 Zipper Down, the song’s jangly glam rock stands in defiance of the face of terrorism, with ISIL assaulting the Bataclan where Eagles of Death Metal played on November 13th. It has spun a campaign for other artists to cover it, with the proceeds going to the Sweet Stuff Charity.

2. Faith No More – “Superhero” (Sol Invictus)

Brett Buchanan: While “Motherfucker” was Faith No More’s official comeback single, “Superhero” is really the fitting reintroduction to the band after a 18 year hiatus from recording. The infectious piano chords throughout the song really drive the song, and Mike Patton somehow manages to conjure of the dark spirit of the 90’s without sounding like he’s trying to, unlike some of his contemporaries.

1. Scott Weiland – “Circles” (Blaster)

Brett Buchanan: “Circles” unfortunately ended up being the bookend to legendary Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland’s 23-year studio discography. Guitarist Jeremy Brown kept it simple with with the musical arrangement, playing a memorable riff throughout the song. When it came to vocals, Scott Weiland went back to the country music he grew up listening, with one of his most memorable melodies in recent memory. Weiland’s lyrics are beautifully haunting, but with a sense of hope, like many of his greatest songs.

Cage The Elephant Go Unplugged At Fingerprints

Cage The Elephant performed an acoustic set and signed records for fans last night at Fingerprints in Long Beach, CA, showcasing new material from their new album Tell Me I’m Pretty, including the Pixiesque “Trouble” and radio ready “Too Late To Say Goodbye.” They also showcased material from past albums including “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” and “Cigarette Daydreams,” a song that was tailor made for an unplugged performance like this. “Shake Me Down” worked beautifully even without the same intricate instrumentation.

Frontman Matt Shultz got quite animated during “Take It Or Leave It” off of 2013’s Melophobia. That album’s lead single, “Come a Little Closer,” was also performed. At one point, Matt joked about the performance becoming his brother Brad’s standup comedy hour. Watch video clips below of the performance!

A video posted by Ray (@zeraytallica) on


A video posted by Ray (@zeraytallica) on

Review: Cage The Elephant Recall Beatles, James Bond & Jim Morrison On Tell Me I’m Pretty

Kentucky’s Cage the Elephant are one of the more remarkable young rock groups to emerge over the past decade, constantly reinventing their sound and image with a Bowie-sque flair. On their fourth studio album, Tell Me I’m Pretty, Cage are down a guitarist, Lincoln Parish, and have eschewed longtime producer Jay Joyce in favor of Dan Auerbach of Black Keys fame. Under Auerbach’s wing, Cage have created their most rock and roll oriented record since their self-titled 2009 debut while still pushing themselves into new sonic territory.

“Cry Baby” kicks off the record with a mid-tempo rocker. “Mess Around” is the most overtly Auerbach-influenced song on the record, being a straightforward garage rocker about a woman out for blood. Auerbach’s raw production style is quite evident on these two songs which set the tone for the rest of the record.

The next few songs vary in style: “Sweetie Little Jean” possesses a beach pop flair, “Too Late To Say Goodbye” could be the theme for the next James Bond flick, “Cold Cold Cold” is a sixties love letter that could’ve come straight out of a Vietnam war flick, and the psychedelic “Trouble” features a lyrical callback to the band’s first hit, “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked”.

“How Are You True” is the centerpiece of Tell Me I’m Pretty with its Floydian music and Beatle-esque melody and Cage’s best recorded song so far, a psychedelic ballad about depression, the passing of time, and regret. “Trying to find a way to carry on… one day you’ll find that life has passed you by.”

The rest of the record is a three time punch of retro-rock grooves, with Auerbach’s psychedelic imprint audible on “That’s Right” and “Punching Bag”. Rather than going out on a whisper like Thank You Happy Birthday and Melophobia, Tell Me I’m Pretty closes with the raucous “Portugese Knife Fight” with frontman Matt Shultz channeling the no-fucks-given attitude of late legends Jim Morrison and Scott Weiland: “I wanna waste my life with you.”

Songs like “Cry Baby”, “Cold Cold Cold”, and “How Are You True” hold up to the best of Melophobia and Thank You, Happy Birthday, but is Tell Me I’m Pretty Cage’s best album? I don’t know, and I don’t care,  and I doubt the band really cares what anyone thinks, despite the tongue-in-cheek title: all that matters is Cage have yet again put out a solid release and defied listener expectations to make another debut record, continuing to be one of rock’s best young bands.

To others with synesthesia: I think this album is incredibly purple.

Score: ****

Interview: Cage The Elephant Singer Responds To Black Keys Comparisons On ‘Mess Around’

Bowling Green, Kentucky’s Cage the Elephant are one of mainstream rock’s greatest success stories of the past decade. Unlike many contemporaries in the genre, Cage have consistently redefined themselves sonically while moving past “one hit wonder” status, building up a pantheon of classic radio singles from “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” off of their self-titled debut to “Cigarette Daydreams” off of their third record, Melophobia.

The recording and touring process for Melophobia was exceptionally grueling for the band, who lost lead guitarist Lincoln Parish in the process, now building his name as a Nashville-area producer. Still strident, the band reassessed their career path and recruited Dan Auberch of The Black Keys as producer for their upcoming fourth studio album, Tell Me I’m Pretty, due for release on December 18th.

I had the chance to briefly speak with frontman Matt Shultz over the phone. Matt really is one of the hardest working rock singers in the business nowadays, literally defying death on a nightly basis with his insane stage antics. We discussed the eclectic style of the upcoming record, fan accusations of “ripping off” Dan Auerbach’s main project on the first single, Cage’s “legacy”, and the album’s drop date coinciding with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

You guys just released the song “Mess Around” to great success. However, there is a vocal part of the fanbase that dismissed it as “sounding like the Black Keys.” Were you guys expecting this working with Auerbach?

Yeah. You know what, I think when you go into a situation like this, especially making a record with one of your peers, people will hear and try to point out similarities. I’m not familiar making music with him, then you really start making a record together and both of your hearts are invested. I’d hope they are! Things are going to bleed over. We originally chose Dan as the producer because we were leaning towards more of an organic and genuine sounding record as far as production was concerned.

A lot of hidden magic in the fact that he is a very “reactive” producer who will try to keep you second guessing yourself. A lot of songs on that record are first take, and there’s a lot of scratch vocals. I think that that accompanied with a classic sound with the Black Keys… they’re one of the biggest bands in recent times that have broken through with a classic sound. I can definitely see where the correlation comes from.

On the other hand, “Trouble” was just released, and the tune is a total one eighty from the first song aesthetically. Is “Trouble” the second single, or just a taste of what’s on the record?

I don’t know yet… but we put it out. People are really getting into “Mess Around”, but it makes sense to have a couple of other songs out there as well. For us, this record is honesty, and the songs have so much diversity in them that I don’t feel like any song is representative of the entire album, kind of like each sound has its own personality. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when we release the entire album.

“Trouble” contains the line “You know what they say, yeah, the wicked get no rest.” It kind of reminded me of how David Bowie referenced his first hit “Space Oddity” in “Ashes to Ashes”. Do you look to him as sort of an inspiration for the aforementioned diversity of your music?

Definitely! I’ve always looked up to and been inspired by him. I don’t necessarily look to Bowie for his style or his sound, the sound that has become so iconic… it’s one of those things that you really can’t touch, you know!? But as an artist, as far as diversity is concerned and being able to re-imagine and approach each record, I don’t think there’s anyone better. He’s lived a creative life by constantly and consistently taking risks. I love that.

I was watching Live at the Vic last night and it got me thinking: this point in your career you’ve already had the full nine yards of the rock band output: four LPs under your belt, each with massive risks taken, a whole albums worth of b-sides, a really memorable live show along with the live CD/DVD release. You’ve already set a legacy for Cage the Elephant, which not many bands can say nowadays. Where do you see yourself going from here? 

I just want to continue to make records that feel inspired as we write them. I once said a number… like, seven albums. [laughs] With each record, it became a little more. I just know that I want to continue to make and insightful expressions, at least to myself, that I’ve gotten a carthatic experience out of, until it’s time to do something else. I think the whole idea of “legacy” is what kills the creative process. When you get down to it, it’s all scaleable. At the end of the day, it’s like filling a birdhouse, building a birdhouse, no matter how big the birdhouse is… that probably sounds pretty ridiculous! [laughs]

Thank You, Happy Birthday is approaching its fifth… birthday. That record came out as I was graduating high school and entering freshman year of college, so it will always held a special place for me. What are your thoughts on the record in retrospect? Would you have done anything differently?

I think there’s always a sense of “something you would have done differently” when you look back. I don’t consider it to be regret or anything like that, but I’d like to think that you are learning about the creative process. You reincorporate and elaborate on every album you make. There are definitely some times where I look back and wish I had let more of myself into the album. Earlier in my life, I had so much stock in the persona, and believed too much in “the character” in the realm of pop and rock music, whatever pedal you want to put on it. The modern… whatever. It’s part of the story, and it is what it was.

On my own end, I think back when I was in senior year of high school/freshman year of college and was so disillusioned with music at the time, I became enamored with the idea of you guys being the “modern Nirvana”. I just kept thinking, “I need my generation’s grunge revolution, dammit!” 

[laughs] Thank you, that does mean a lot to me.

Matt Shultz with Cage the Elephant, live from the Vic in Chicago, 2011.

Ending a lighter and sillier note, but I still feel it’s relevant to the topic of your upcoming record: Tell Me I’m Pretty releases the same day as Star Wars: The Force Awakens. [Doug and Matt laugh] Will the band be taking some time off that day to see the movie?

[laughs] Yes, absolutely. I’m probably catching it the day that we are releasing the record!

Are you buying into rumors that Luke Skywalker has turned to the dark side? 

You know, I have heard that that is what happened. The corruption… it’s everywhere. Anyone who comes into power is susceptible to it. I think it will be a great next chapter for him. [laughs]

L-R: Dan Tichenor, Matt Shultz, Jared Champion, Brad Shultz

Chris Cornell, Weezer, Cage the Elephant & Fall Out Boy To Perform At KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas

Just announced, KROQ has revealed its lineup for Almost Acoustic Christmas. Ticket go on sale this Friday at 12pm. Proceeds will benefit local Los Angeles charities, including Para Los Niños and the Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Foundation. The lineup is below:

Night 1: AWOLNATION, Bastille, Cage The Elephant, Disclosure, Foals, Halsey, Silversun Pickups,The Struts, Twenty One Pilots, Weezer, and X Ambassadors.

Night 2: Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, Chris Cornell, Cold War Kids, Elle King, Fall Out Boy,George Ezra, James Bay, Of Monsters And Men, Panic! At The Disco, The 1975, and The Neighbourhood.

Tickets, available here at Ticketmaster, are subject to the prices listed below. Tickets limited to 4 a household:

GA Floor: $135.00
Floor Risers: $150.00
Sec 100 Lower Bowl: $150.00
Sec 100 Center Lower Bowl: $135.00
Sec 100 Upper Bowl: $95.00
Sec 200 Upper Bowl: $75.00

Last year, several prominent bands we cover here at AlternativeNation played at Almost Acoustic Christmas 2014, like Queens of the Stone Age, the Smashing Pumpkins and System of a Down. Let’s see if this lineup can top last year’s performance!

Featured here in our article on the new Temple of the Dog performance footage that surfaced, Chris Cornell recently talked to AV Club about their song “Hunger Strike”:

Chris Cornell discussed Temple of the Dog’s “Hunger Strike” in a new AV Club article.

“I don’t really remember it. [Laughs.] I kind of remember the basics but singing on that album happened so quickly. The song itself, it really wasn’t much of a song. It was a verse with just a kind of repeating chorus. It was just where we needed one more song for the album, and I had that down, but I hadn’t played it for anybody yet because I didn’t feel it was a complete song. But I knew we had nine songs, and I thought 10 would be a nice, even round number. I just figured that this would be the 10th song that would wrap up the album, and it would just be what it was, verse for verse and then repeating chorus sort of like a coda for the album listening experience. In rehearsing it, and I think we only rehearsed for two days for that album, but I was singing both parts of the song. I sang the high verse part and then the low chorus part and then the high chorus part and so on.

Eddie and the rest of them were waiting for us to finish because they were about to have one of their first rehearsals as Pearl Jam, and he saw me sort of struggling with it, so he just walked up to the mic and started singing the low part, and I started singing the high part. I immediately got this idea that his voice sounded so rich in that low register that it would become more of a song if I sang the first verse, then the whole band kicks in, and then he sings that verse again, but in effect it becomes a different verse. It’s a different person. It’s a different voice and a different everything. And I think I had that idea right there on the spot; we did it that way, and suddenly it was a real song. I hate to use that term “real song” but to me it was like: Okay, in just a moment this has become an arrangement that changes everything.

I never thought about it as being singular or anything because there were a lot of really well written songs that lent themselves to the notion of a single, but once we played it for other people, that was the choice that was made. But my memory of us singing it together is I just went in and sang my part, he went in and sang his part, and it took probably 40 minutes, and that was it. That was back in the day where you had no record budget, and that album in particular was recorded and mixed in a total of 14 days, not in a row.”


Listen To Clip Of New Cage The Elephant Song

Cage The Elephant have premiered via the group’s official Facebook page, a 15 second teaser of an unknown song. The track will be released off of the band’s fourth studio album Tell Me I’m Pretty and is to be released on December 18th. You can view it below:

Produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, the album was recorded this past Spring at Easy Eye Sound in Nashville, TN.

From Matt: “With this record, we wanted to be more transparent. We wanted to capture the sentiment of each song, and whatever emotional response it provoked, to be really honest to that.”

Pre-order Tell Me I’m Pretty now. Exclusive items, including postcards from the band, signed posters and instruments, and handwritten lyric sheets, among others, are available here.

Make sure to follow the band on Instagram for the album artwork reveal later this month!

Tell Me I’m Pretty
01. Cry Baby
02. Mess Around
03. Sweetie Little Jean
04. Too Late To Say Goodbye
05. Cold Cold Cold
06. Trouble
07. How Are You True
08. That’s Right
09. Punchin’ Bag
10. Portuguese Knife Fight

Cage the Elephant Reveal Tracklisting For New Dan Auerbach Produced Album

Photo credit: Pooneh Ghana

Cage The Elephant are pleased to announce that the band’s fourth studio album Tell Me I’m Pretty will be released on December 18th!

Produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, the album was recorded this past Spring at Easy Eye Sound in Nashville, TN.

From Matt: “With this record, we wanted to be more transparent. We wanted to capture the sentiment of each song, and whatever emotional response it provoked, to be really honest to that.”

Pre-order Tell Me I’m Pretty now. Exclusive items, including postcards from the band, signed posters and instruments, and handwritten lyric sheets, among others, are available here.

Make sure to follow the band on Instagram for the album artwork reveal later this month!

Tell Me I’m Pretty
01. Cry Baby
02. Mess Around
03. Sweetie Little Jean
04. Too Late To Say Goodbye
05. Cold Cold Cold
06. Trouble
07. How Are You True
08. That’s Right
09. Punchin’ Bag
10. Portuguese Knife Fight

AlternativeNation.net Fall Preview: Eight Albums to Watch

With 2013 already winding down, AlternativeNation.net takes a look ahead at the upcoming releases you should look out for in the fall. From the quiet beauty of Mark Lanegan’s covers album Imitations to the electrifying sound of Pearl Jam’s Lightning Boltthe fall season of 2013 promises to deliver a variety of strong releases from alternative rock acts. The following set of albums, which varies from punk rock to crooner ballads, indie rock to sludge metal, signifies the continuous efforts of these musicians, both old and young, to deliver unique and quality music to their fans. Take a look at this fall’s releases below.

Mark LaneganImitations, September 17

Imitations is the eighth solo studio album by singer Mark Lanegan, and his second consisting of cover songs. Inspired by the records collection of his parents, Lanegan has created a collection of songs, both new and old, that he says “gave [him] the same feeling those old records did.” The album’s tracklist includes covers of Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin, as well as newer artists The Twilight Singers and Chelsea Wolfe. Lanegan has made two Imitations songs available to the public so far: his cover of John Cale’s “I’m Not The Loving Kind,” and his cover of The Twilight Singers’ “Deepest Shade.” Both songs employ the quiet, dark beauty of Lanegan’s typical work but also masterfully add the element of a string orchestra. Listen to Mark Lanegan’s cover of The Twilight Singers’ “Deepest Shade” below:


SebadohDefend Yourself, September 17

Indie rock band Sebadoh, founded by Dinosaur Jr.’s Lou Barlow, is set to release its first LP in fourteen years with Defend Yourself. This new album follows the band’s 2012 comeback release of Secret EP. Sebadoh’s label, Joyful Noise Recordings, states that Defend Yourself  “marks a return to the self-recorded DIY ethos of early Sebadoh albums.” Lou Barlow has stated the band didn’t have any “outside intervention” during the LP’s recording and says that element “makes it a true Sebadoh record & aligns the style of Defend Yourself with our early releases.” Listen to “I Will” from Sebadoh’s upcoming album below:


NirvanaIn Utero 20th Anniversary Reissue, September 24

The surviving members of Nirvana have prepared a 20th anniversary reissue of their classic 1993 album In Utero, the third and final studio album recorded by the band before the death of Kurt Cobain. The reissue will be available in a number of versions, including a vinyl set, a 2-CD set, as well as a ‘Super-Deluxe’ edition featuring 3 CDs and 1 DVD. The reissue’s DVD will feature rarities as well as remastered footage of Nirvana’s famous Seattle Live and Loud concert, which will also be sold separately. Notable features of the tracklist include a previously unreleased “Forgotten Tune,” 2013 mixes of the original album, and rare demos. The set will be pricey, but worthwile for the band’s hardcore fans. Watch a trailer for Nirvana’s In Utero reissue below:

[youtube id=”s4tcsQJ4bQ0″ width=”620″ height=”360″]


Kings of LeonMechanical Bull, September 24

Nashville’s Kings of Leon will release their sixth studio album Mechanical Bull this month, the band’s first album in three years. Kings of Leon guitarist Matthew Followill has stated the album will have a ‘lighter’ sound, as showcased by the lead single “Supersoaker.” The band’s new sound is likely influenced by the fact that the members are now husbands and fathers. “We’re still the same people, we just have kids,” the guitarist said, “we just had a little more fun with things.” The band has also released the new track “Wait For Me” in addition to the lead single. Listen to Kings of Leon’s “Supersoaker” below:


Stone Temple Pilots with Chester BenningtonHigh Rise, October 5

Following the highly publicized firing of lead singer and founding member Scott Weiland, the Stone Temple Pilots return with a new EP, entitled High Rise. The new release will feature the vocal talents of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, as well as a slightly altered moniker that includes the new singer. High Rise is highlighted by the band’s latest single, “Out Of Time,” an energetic rock song which is the first to feature Bennington and the first STP single in three years. Meanwhile, as legal drama between Scott Weiland and his former bandmates continues, Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington will tour the United States, Japan, and Australia. This release is notable because it will be interesting to see the development and evolution in the band’s sound and lyrical content following Weiland’s firing. Listen to Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington’s latest single, “Out of Time,” below:


Cage the ElephantMelophobia, October 8

The third studio effort from Cage the Elephant, Melophobia, is set for release in October. Lead singer Matt Schultz recently referred to David Bowie and EDM as Melophobia‘s influences in terms of the band’s attitudes. Schultz said that the band wanted to “take that playfulness and swagger [of David Bowie] but have it open-ended like EDM.” The album’s title, Melophobia, means ‘a fear of music,’ and refers to the struggles of the recording process, which Schultz calls “riddled with adversity and growing pains.” The band recently revealed the new album’s lead single, the catchy “Come A Little Closer,” which you can listen to below:


Pearl JamLightning Bolt, October 15

The most anticipated fall release for many alternative rock fans is Pearl Jam’s upcoming LP Lightning Bolt, the Seattle band’s tenth studio album and its latest since 2009’s Backspacer. Lightning Bolt will feature twelve tracks including the fiery lead single “Mind Your Manners” as well as “Sleeping By Myself,” a track that originally appeared on singer Eddie Vedder’s 2011 solo album Ukulele Songs. Guitarist Mike McCready has stated that the upcoming album has “a Pink Floyd vibe to some of it” and “there’s a punk rock edge to other stuff.” The punk rock edge was showcased in the fast-paced “Mind Your Manners,” the lead single released in July which McCready has called his “attempt to try to make a really hard edge-type Dead Kennedys-sounding song.” You can read an exclusive AlternativeNation track-by-track review of Lightning Bolt here. Watch the music video for Pearl Jam’s “Mind Your Manners” below:

[youtube id=”jWQYYavheUA” width=”620″ height=”360″]


MelvinsTres Cabrones, November 5

Legendary sludge metal band the Melvins will release Tres Cabrones on Ipecac Recordings in November, the nineteenth studio album from the prolific band. Original drummer Mike Dillard is featured on drums, with longtime drummer Dale Crover recording on bass. Melvins founder Buzz Osbourne states that the upcoming album “is as close as [they’re] willing to get to the Melvins 1983 line-up, which featured now-retired bassist Matt Lukin. King Buzzo also said that he “specifically wrote tunes that would be good for [Dillard and Crover] to play and it worked out great,” and that the band “had no interest in rehashing tunes [they] wrote 30 years ago.” The Melvins recently released the Gaylord single to serve as a teaser for Tres Cabrones, so listen to “City Dump” from the teaser below:

[youtube id=”KPX0w9MxmUU” width=”620″ height=”360″]