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Soundgarden, Alice In Chains & GNR Members To Honor Jimmy Page

According to Barrett Martin’s Facebook page, Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains, Kim Thayil from Soundgarden, Duff McKagan from Guns N’ Roses and himself will be performing at Seattle’s Experience Music Project to pay tribute to Led Zeppelin guitarist and rock n roll innovator Jimmy Page. Martin’s post reads:

The Seattle contingent is ready for the Jimmy Page Tribute on November 19th at EMP in Seattle. From left to right, Duff McKagan (Guns & Roses) on bass, Barrett Martin (Mad Season) on drums, Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains) on guitar, and Kim Thayil (Soundgarden) on guitar. I just gotta say, that was a whole lotta heavy in one room. 8 Led Zeppelin tunes from this particular group, and Barrett and Duff are the house rhythm section for the whole show. Zeppelin is the great church of rock & roll and Mr. Page is our high priest. We are honored to serve.

Martin and McKagan have particularly been involved a lot lately, doing multiple shows together as a rhythm section, including Mad Season reunions including one with Mike McCready and Chris Cornell earlier this year.

In our exclusive interview with Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready, he discussed the existence of certain unreleased Mad Season material:

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with the songs, they’re out there right now. We listen to them sometimes, but they may morph into something different that isn’t Mad Season, but we’re not sure yet. It depends on when we have the time, and the interest. We’ve been trying to do stuff with them, but hit a roadblock here and there, except for the Mark Lanegan stuff.


Barrett Martin Discusses Recording New Mad Season Material

Veteran musician Barrett Martin recently gave an extensive interview to Classic Rock’s Paul Brannigan, discussing his long career in music and work with bands such as Tuatara, Screaming Trees, and Walking Papers.

In the interview, Martin discussed his recent work with Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready, noting that the longtime friends had recently collaborated: “Well, Mike and I had been collaborating again, as we finished up the Mad Season box set. We had recorded some new Mad Season songs with Duff McKagan playing bass and 2 of the new songs have Jaz Coleman (of Killing Joke) writing the lyrics and singing.”

This summer, Martin revealed in an interview with Alternative Nation contributor Greg Prato that “[he and McCready] recorded another album of Mad Season songs last year.” Mad Season released an extensive reissue of their album Above in 2013 which included unreleased songs from the band’s unfinished second album with vocals from Mark Lanegan as well as unreleased live recordings.

The drummer also discussed the recording of Tuatara’s recent double album Underworld, stating that work was done on the album in New York, Santa Fe, Seattle, Portland, and Auckland. Martin: “Tuatara is definitely not a jam band, it is a composer’s band, with an experimental twist. I tend to think of us as a band that tells musical stories, without necessarily needing lyrics.”

AlternativeNation.net Review Of Tuatara’s ‘Underworld’ Featuring Pearl Jam & R.E.M. Members

Seattle instrumental group Tuatara has returned with their new double album Underworld, the group’ first record in six years. The ensemble is led by veteran drummer Barrett Martin, whose resume includes Screaming Trees and Mad Season, and is packed with talent. Joining past Tuatara contributors Justin Harwood, R.E.M guitarist Peter Buck, and saxophonist Skerik are Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready and Gnarls Barkley bassist Cedric LeMoyne.

Underworld is hard to categorize or label. The record is a true fusion, bringing in elements of jazz, rock, lounge, and world music. The band’s new album utilizes the talents of its versatile music veterans to combine innovative jazz sounds and a rumbling rhythm section. Tuatara’s songs are led by the undercurrent of the talented drumming of Martin, who uses several different percussion instruments on the album, and accented by saxophone virtuoso Skerik, who often gives the album a mysterious noir vibe.

The band’s talents are highlighted by songs like “The Skeleton Getdown,” which begins with a great drum intro from Martin. On the fittingly-named “Enchantment,” the vibraphone, guitars and strings draw you in for a seductive, yet slightly melancholic, track. Meanwhile, “Descension” is showcased by a cool, rumbling bass line. Underworld‘s tracks all feature clean, crisp production: the album was mixed by Seattle legend Jack Endino.

Tuatara’s latest output Underworld is a first-hand look at the immense instrumental talents of the experienced Seattle musicians that contributed to its creation. Bringing together outstanding musicians and a variety of influences from around the world, Tuatara has created a unique and meaningful blend of sounds and textures. While the album is a twenty-song double album, it only scratches the surface of the talent, range, and depth it presents.

Purchase Tuatara’s Underworld via iTunes here and stream the album via Los Angeles Times here. Meanwhile, read Alternative Nation contributor Greg Prato’s interview with Tuatara’s Barrett Martin here.

Listen: Tuatara Reveals New Song “Snakecharmer” Featuring Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready

Seattle-based instrumental group Tuatara, led by Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees, Mad Season) with contributions from Peter Buck (R.E.M.) and saxophonist Skerik (Mad Season), is releasing a new double album Underworld on August 5. In preparation for the group’s first album in six years, Martin has revealed a new track featuring guitar contributions from friend and former Mad Season bandmate Mike McCready (Pearl Jam).

Martin revealed the new single via Walking Papers’ Facebook page, stating that the new track “Snakecharmer” features Peter Buck and Mike McCready on guitars, Justin Harwood on bass, and Skerik on saxophone. The veteran drummer also revealed that Walking Papers are currently working on their sophomore album.

Read Barrett Martin’s interview with Alternative Nation contributor Greg Prato here and stream Tuatara’s “Snakecharmer” below:

Barrett Martin Talks Mad Season, New Mark Lanegan Album, And More

Barrett Martin has revealed news in a recent Facebook post regarding new Mad Season, new Mark Lanegan, and more. Martin first revealed that he recently recorded a Jimi Hendrix song with Mike McCready, recorded by Jimi Hendrix/Led Zeppelin producer Eddie Kramer. Secondly, he revealed that he “got to play on the new Mark Lanegan album” but did not specify whether this new album was Mark Lanegan’s upcoming collaboration with Duke Garwood or a rumored new solo album by Lanegan.

Next, Martin mentioned that he is currently working on an instrumental soundscape album with Mike McCready, and that McCready also played on the new Walking Papers album, which was recorded last September.

Lastly, Martin mentioned that he and McCready are preparing the release of the Mad Season box set for April 2nd, 2013. Martin revealed that the first single “Locomotive,” featuring Mark Lanegan, will be released to the radio soon. A link will be posted by Martin when the song goes streaming live.

Barrett Martin And Jack Endino Join New Band, To Release New Album And Documentary Soon

Barrett Martin and Jack Endino have formed a group called “7 Kinds of Monkeys” with two Brazilian musicians, Amaro Lima and Ricardo Mendes. The Facebook page for the group says that the two Americans and two Brazilians took “one week to form a band, compose and record an album” while “living together in a small apartament in Seattle.” The band also says that a new album and documentary are coming soon.
You can watch a teaser of the band’s upcoming documentary: