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Morrissey Announces New US Tour Dates

Morrissey, who announced he would stop touring in the United Kingdom because he feels he cannot gain support from any British label, has announced a small series of US tour dates this winter, according to true-to-you.  The most recent support from any label Morrissey has received was from Atom Factory Records, who released “Kiss Me a Lot” as an online single on March 26th, 2015. Morrissey was dropped from Harvest Records shortly after the release of his newest album World Peace Is None of Your Business. The tour dates are featured below:

December 29th – San Francisco – The Masonic
December 31th – Los Angeles – Galen Center at USC
January 2nd- Las Vegas – The Joint

No further details, like ticket prices or availability, have been released at this time. These tour dates may foreshadow further US tour dates. Morrissey just finished a series of tour dates through eastern Europe with his band. Starting November 7th, he will start a small tour of South America. When we interviewed him this summer, I had the chance to ask several questions, one in which he recounted his last stay in Peru:

“With your motif of much loved cities throughout your songwriting career, like Los Angeles, Rome and now Istanbul, is there a new city on this lonely planet that you might just fall in love with? A new place to rouse a muse?

​I’m pulled towards Poland, but I don’t know enough to sing about it as yet. I’m also always excited to be in South America, even though the last visit to Peru gave me food poisoning and I officially died for nine minutes. That was fun.​”

Hopefully, Morrissey’s next stay in Peru, as Peru is his the last locale of his South American tour on December 19th, he will have a better and safer time.