Courtney Love is reportedly single once again after Henry Allsopp, a British art dealer, broke off their seven-month relationship. Incidentally, Allsopp is the godson of Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. Does the irony of Love being so close to royalty strike anyone else as kind of funny?

According to Popeater, Love moved in with Allsopp last November, and sources say she “made herself right at home.”

“Most of the family were rather alarmed by how besotted he was and feared she had delusions of landing herself a title—she used to joke about becoming Lady Love,” the source says.

Courtney Love and British royalty—the two simply don’t go hand in hand. She is about as far from the staunch and proper aristocratic types that the royals tend to associate with as a king is to a pauper.

Alas the world won’t be hearing of a royal wedding involving Courtney Love—and that’s quite a shame, isn’t it? Do you think she could have rivaled the class and good graces of Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa?

  • David

    You’ve gotta stop posting these stories Brett, just sooooo many reasons to rage!!!!1!

  • greatjupiter

    Her new title is “former lady love”. It’s hard to believe anyone dates this woman.

  • Ashley

    If Lady Loon because royalty before I did – I’d blow my head off.

    Nuff said.

    She’s whack.

  • Ashley


    damn it.

  • Lovelove

    Courtney and Henry haven’t been together for the last two months since May. She dating Jack from Salem so her and Henry is not together! Why we are talking about her relationship woes? I want to read about her music!

  • Andrei

    Fuck royalty!

  • Chrissyb

    Ashley called it right “Lady Loon”

  • Guy

    Andrei, I was thinking the same thing, and have for a long time. Fuck royalty! Courtney Love and British royalty are pretty similar in the fact of all the immorality involved.

  • Andrei

    Anyways, what the fuck is she doing around royalty anyways?

    I thought she was punk.

  • Andrei

    Too many ‘anyways’.

  • Ashley

    @Andrei: Maybe she found it appropriate considering she’s a “royal” f*ck up?

  • Andrei

    @Ashley I like what you did there.

    Are you hot?

  • Ashley

    @Andrei: I’m going to say, “No, I’m not,” just to be on the safe side. Haha! I like to pretend I’m really attractive and better than everyone though.

    I’m really cool. [10+ points?]

  • Andrei

    Sure thing. 10, 100.

    How old are ya?

  • Andrei

    Facebook me:

    I mean, a really cool person like you does have FB, right?

  • Ashley

    Ha! I don’t friend people on Facebook I don’t know. Sorry.

    My boyfriend wouldn’t appreciate it.

    I’m 26.

  • Andrei

    Lucky bastard.

    Grunge chicks don’t come your way very often.

    Really cool ones, I mean.

  • Ashley

    Hehe. Well thanks.

    You can always find me trolling around these parts!

    Gotta get my news! 🙂

  • Dom

    Courtney’s been cavorting with royalty! 🙂