Stone Temple Pilots Rip Singer For Revealing He Turned Them Down: ‘It Shows You What Kind Of Man He Is’

When Scott Weiland revealed to Alternative Nation in November prior to his death that Chester Bennington had quit Stone Temple Pilots, Highly Suspect singer Johnny Stevens revealed at the time that Dean DeLeo had called him and asked him to join STP. Just a day after Weiland’s announcement and Stevens’ revelation, STP confirmed that Bennington had left the band.

During an interview with WRIF earlier this week, Dean DeLeo had some harsh words for Johnny Stevens for breaking the ‘confidentiality’ of their ‘man to man’ conversation.

“I did reach out to John, when was that? Last August, I reached out to John, and ummm…yeah, the way John tells it is not actually what went down. I did reach out to John. We spoke, and I think John is an immense talent. Great, great singer. But I did not offer him a gig. I merely asked if he was interested in possibly getting in a room, and God bless him, he stuck to his guns, and he had the courage and the confidence to stick with his band, and you know, those guys are up for a couple of Grammys.”

He added, “One thing that really saddened me about that is it was very early on. It was all the way back in August, when I spoke to John, man to man. You know, I don’t use that term loosely. Man to man I asked for his confidentiality in this, and well, it shows you what kind of man he is.”

The DJ then said Highly Suspect is a great band. There was an awkward silence, and Dean annoyingly said, “Yeah.”

  • Bilbo

    Well, you deserved that for simply entertaining the idea of having that hack as a frontman for STP. You demeaned yourself and you got your reward!

  • Corndog

    I have never heard of Highly Suspect. Worth a quick Youtube search?

    • Oscar Hjelmstedt

      They are. I found out about them recently and their debut is a really solid album.

      • Corndog

        Cheers. I’ll give them a look.

    • larry cornwater

      Not really. They’re basically Kings of Leon.

      • Corndog

        I listened to one track, wasn’t for me.

      • vibe4

        First two albums KoL? Or sucky KoL?

  • Pink Taco

    I totally agree with Dean. But in this age people have to run to social media. It’s a tough paradigm. Cause I will read it if someone posts it.

  • Raven Rocks

    Welllll, as a fan of this band for a while, I can tell you that Johnny is an asshole. Everybody knows this. Extremely talented and extremely problematic. This really isn’t that surprising.

  • SWFan

    “You know, I don’t use that term loosely” You shoudn’t Dean…… because you are proving daily that you are a bitch

  • Raj

    Maybe Deleo is old school and there’s an unspoken code amongst musicians like athletes that what is said behind closed doors stays behind closed doors but we all know it comes out one way or another.

  • Billy

    well i am super glad he decided not to come down and try out because his voice is very similar to the first few Kings of Leon albums which is decent enough but his voice would not suit STP at all.

  • Joe Costigan

    I recently came across Highly Suspect on one of my pandora stations – I actually really like their debut album – really solid and I think along with Royal Blood and Cage the Elephant can help the state of rock music. The only problem is Rock radio doesn’t want to play new songs – they would rather go to a classic rock format.

  • dakotablue

    Now they’re holding open lead singer auditions for any Tom, Dick or Harriet and Dean’s mad that Johnny Stevens said something? Pretty schizo to call for publicity on one hand and condemn a singer who says he was asked on the other.