Stone Temple Pilots members Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo, and Eric Kretz have released the following statement:

You may have read we recently filed suit against our former singer, Scott Weiland.  We wanted to clarify a few things:

Our purpose in taking this action is not to hurt Scott.   We want to move forward productively, and Scott’s choices and actions have prevented us from doing that.  We were in the process of putting our 20th anniversary tour together to celebrate the release of our first album, Core.  The plan was for a big tour where we’d perform the album in its entirety, along with some other favorite STP songs.  So, you might imagine our shock and disappointment when, without any notice, we learned that Scott had seized this tour for himself as his solo tour, and decided to do exactly what we as a group had planned. We found out about it the same way you did—we saw an ad for it.

Without getting into legal details, the band has a binding agreement that clearly states what each of us can and cannot do outside of STP.  Unfortunately many of the decisions Scott made violate this agreement, have been harmful to the band, and prevented us from moving forward.  When our requests to Scott and his representatives that they abide by the agreement were ignored, we finally had enough.  So now, we’ve made our choice.  It was beyond time we made some new music, which was impossible in the dysfunctional environment we were in.  We’ve lived in it long enough and have decided to move forward with STP. We wish Scott well. We’re really excited about the new music we’ve been making with Chester, including the song we just released, “Out of Time.”

We love this band and respect everything it means to you. We want to always give you our best and the choice we made is completely in that spirit.

Dean, Eric & Robert

  • Andrei

    The fact that the lead singer of Linkin Park is now the lead-singer of the band that brought so much joy in my life is just pure insult to me.

    Some of you might disagree and will see the upside in this, but there’s no STP for me without Scott Weiland.

  • Stool

    Andrei said:
    The fact that the lead singer of Linkin Park is now the lead-singer of the band that brought so much joy in my life is just pure insult to me.

    Some of you might disagree and will see the upside in this, but there’s no STP for me without Scott Weiland.

    # 30 May 2013 at 6:17 pm
    This is how I feel.

  • Sticky

    It’s not STP without Scott, rather it’s not the STP we have all known and loved without Scott … but having heard “Out of Time” enough times and being that I was familiar with Chester’s work in LP I think the new material has some real potential. Is it STP? Not in the way that we have known it to be, but I have no problem with Eric, Dean and Robert making new music and if they want to call it STP, then so be it.

    They are going to play the old material and it’s going to sound far closer to STP than anything Scott has done recently. I have no problem with this. Let’s not take away from these guys as they are talented musicians and can still create some great work. I’m looking froward to the new album and would rather see them live than Scott at this point.

    That being said I hope Scott gets the help it appears he needs and who knows what might happen down the road. But as things stand now Scott is a train wreck.

  • J. Chris

    Deleo’s, Kretz, and Chester should be planning to cover the “Money, money, money, money. Moneeeeeeeeey” song by the band the O’jays on this “STP” tour their going on

  • Joe

    They need to just change the name of the band…

  • Andrew

    As far back as a year ago in interviews Scott was saying he was tired of playing the same set list and he wanted to play Core in its entirely

    and yet STP continued to play the greatest hits the whole rest of the year.

    hmm… funny how it was only after Scott decided a year later to do the tour with his own band and it sold well that the other members decided they wanted to do it after all. Seems like it was only after public opinion turned against them that they decided they had to put out a press release saying they aren’t trying to hurt Scott…just take his money.

  • Jeff

    All I just read is the following:

    Dear fans,

    Our singer is messed up. That hasn’t been news for over 15 years.

    In other 15-year-old news, we cannot make a dime unless we call ourselves “Stone Temple Pilots”, so that’s what we will continue to do, because at the end of the day money is what this is all about.

    Screw you all.


    Dean, Robert, and Eric.

  • LOUD

    Something doesn’t add up.

  • Raj

    It ain’t STP without Scott Weiland. You can’t fool a new generation of younger fans by using a nu-metal singer to replace a 90’s legend. Lots of bands are dysfunctional and have problems but they seem to work through them. Firing and suing one member seems like the easy way out.

  • Joey

    The Deleos are tryin to create a Stp cover band, they should call it Steel Dragon and have Mark Waldburg be the lead singer!!

  • NiceNcleaN

    It’s STP with and without him! Amen,,, preach on fellow Grungesters.

  • Jimmy Eat Mars

    Weird to put out a statement. Scott has been pretty consistent that he wanted to do Core and they didn’t want to. Hell Dean said as much in a radio interview this past winter.

    …..We want to move on, but we’ll keep the name you put on the map. Don’t want to hurt you buddy, but bend over so we can give you once last one. We wish you the best, but we’re suing you. BTW, have you heard our new song w/ Chester. WTF is this?


    Its clear whats going on now in the world of grunge rock n roll music 🙁
    The 1990s taught us that great musicians can come and great musicians can go , but we must not forget that the spirit, the drive, the very independant revolution that gave us bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, R.E.M, Janes Addiction and yes Stone Temple Pilots WILL NEVER AND SHOULD NEVER BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED!!!! Scott Weiland as a singer, a songwriter is one of the best up there today with the likes of Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell and Dave Grohl, so its really unfair to blame everyone on Scott alone, in some ways , yes it was his fault for sabotaging the band and their 20th anniversary tour, but it was also STONE TEMPLE PILOT’S fault for not seeing what vision Weiland had for the bands comeback and future legacy. I say either STP reunite 1 more time and get it right or just totally quit and everyone go their seperate ways . That choice is still up to them

  • Seattle1994

    Best Move they could have made. Not a L. Park fan, but I do love Chester’s voice.
    I always as a fan have found it exciting when bands change singers. Dosn’t always work but sometimes it can be fantastic….( Sabbath w/ Dio & Ian Gillan, Motley Crue w/ John Corabi, Anthrax w/ John Bush) All metal bands that don’t get coverage here, but just a few examples of fantasic results live & in studio.
    I can’t wait for STP’s fist proper tour w/ new lineup…

  • morcegohoman

    It’s this version of STP or nothing, take your pick.
    Since the only rock and roll left is Foo Fighters, let em take a shot.
    Mommy and Daddy are divorcing. Stop crying and go to your room and play your old Scott Weiland records if you want to. Or just sit back and enjoy Bruno Mars.

  • Big M

    It isn’t STP wihtout Scott I agree. I don’t have a problem with Bennington, but I flipping hated Linkin Park and that entire horrible period of music. I came of age in the late 90s instead of the early 90s unfortunately so I have a special hatred for rap/metal perhaps. It was early 90s grunge that saved me. But I digress, we will never know the full story here. All I know is that Scott Weiland pissed off a ton of musicians and it looks like he’s burned all his bridges. Maybe STP can squeeze a few more songs out? Maybe not.

  • the keeper

    Scott may be a total fuckup but it isn’t STP without him

    They should either change the name or add “STP featuring Chester” like how Sublime did it with Rome

  • Forkman

    STP IS NOT STP WITHOUT SCOTT!!!! JUST LIKE ALICE IN CHAINS AINT ALICE IN CHAINS WITH LAYNE, NO MATTER WHAT YOU LOSERS SAY WILLIAM DUVALL AND CHESTER WHATEVER SUCKS!!!! LAYNE WROTE THE BEST LYRICS AND HAD THE MOST SPINE CHILLING VOICE AND SCOTT BECAME SUCH AN ORIGNAL SINGER AFTER CORE SO HE WAS GREAT!!!!! the deleo brothers are no better than jerry cantrell, actually the delo brothers are better because scott isnt dead, out of respect you should lay your band to rest after your biggest asset passes away. Layne was a better singer and had a larger role in AIC than Scott did in STP, sure Jerry was the brains of the operations all things considering, but Layne was the heart for sure, same thing with Scott, although Scott was more of a douche. Classic AIC and STP all day!!

  • lauren

    they need to take this to court

    whining about and airing it out in public is annoying

    they are no different than weiland going out there and crying to everyone

    and these d-bags think they are better than him.

  • Soctheo

    I wonder if the Deleo’s know about this website’s existence or if they went to the below empty website and saw it closed. Something motivated them to release this statement. Maybe its this concert with Slash and Duff participating which could be perceived as a “let’s dump on Scott” concert even though it really isn’t.

    This collaboration is going to go down the same route as the Queen/Paul Rogers pairing. They got a lot of publicity at first but after 1 album that did so so and a couple tours, Rogers bailed as he got bored playing Queen’s greatest hits. I’m a fan of Queen and to me this tarnished their image as Queen was always the 4 original guys. Chester is going to last 1 album and tour.

    The boys in STP should watch the Clash Documentary Westway to the World. Joe Strummer says at the end that you shouldn’t mess with the chemistry of a band. This was his biggest regret as Mick Jones firing ended the Clash permanently. Unfortunately many bands are not learning this lesson these days. You can’t recreate the magic.

  • Bradley

    Scott Weiland has been and will continue to be my favorite singer. At the same time, I’m still surprised the band put up with him for this long. He is a fuckup of the highest order. An addict that can’t stay clean. Worse yet, the years of damage are going to have long-term effects upon our favorite singer (I’d argue they already have).

  • Meat Puppet

    Couldnt be happier with all the posts here…this statement is bullshit. Scott complained for years about the set lists and I always felt Robert wanted a cash grab and was too chicken shit to play the deeper cuts. They always felt like they had to “rebuild” the audience and it didnt work for a decade and Scott got fed up.

    In ’98 they got pissed and formed Talk Show then got pissed again and formed Army of Anyone. Now that they feel they have permanently split with Scott its time to grab that last bit of $$ left in the name.

    Incredibly lame. Can’t wait til this scam is over, Chester goes back to LP and the Deleo’s get a TV show on Fox to find a singer.

  • the grinch

    the scott-less STP will draw more fans and do better numbers than Scott on his solo gig. If you had the chance to see STP with a new singer or Scotts solo shows. A good majority of you would elect to see STP. Then again a good portion of you might just stay home and cry on the grungereport about this issue. I personally hope Eric fires the DeLeo’s and hires the rest of Likin Bizkit and keeps the name Stone Temple Pilots.

  • Forkman

    I meant they aren’t alice in chains without Layne

  • J. Chris

    Andrew – EXACTLY DUDE.

  • Sgtool

    “They are going to play the old material and it’s going to sound far closer to STP than anything Scott has done recently.”

    Chester wouldn’t sound better than a fart out of my ass. Change the name of the band.. I still won’t listen but it at least wont ruin the name stp for me. Lp sucks and Chester sucks. Yes Scott is an ass, and pissed me off showing up two hours late in Chicago, but I won’t go see an stp show without him.

  • cosmicatomic

    I’m really sick of this “20th Anniversary of Core” crap. From both sides. Makes me so fucking happy that Soundgarden and Alice write new albums from scratch. Thank goodness they aren’t infatuated with anniversaries of their old albums, tours, greatest hits, blah blah blah.

  • cosmicatomic

    Although….everything outside of that seems pretty reasonable. For me it puts an end to WHO wanted to actually create new music or WHO was blocking that as a possibility. The DeLeos/Kretz seem refreshed and ready to make new music while Scott is touring “Purple to the Core” with the Wildebeests.

  • Andrew

    You know its funny, I wonder how people would react if Nirvana decided to tour with a different singer. What about if the Stones kicked out Keith Richards and carried on with someone else. Both were junkies, both derailed momentum of the band but in the end neither are were replaceable. it is with Scott.

  • Andrew

    Cosmicatomic, Scott has also put out two solo albums and is working on another one as soon as this tour is over. If you listen to the Howard Stern interview from a couple of years ago,Scott has talked about how he’d rather record more and tour less but since no one buys albums any more, he has to continuously tour. If you follow the band closely, its been obvious Scott’s wanted to record for a long time and its sad how stupid the rest of the band thinks their fans are that we can’t do a simple google search and figure out the real truth.

  • Tony

    Chester Bennington sucks. Awful stage presence…the guy reminds me a pencil-necked geek straight from the halls of a high school. Weak, wimpy, pussy ass voice.

  • Monster Robert

    Hey I am glad they clarify that. STP is with or without Scott.

  • J. Chris

    Andrew dude, almost same word for word shit I’ve been saying since this happened… For the first week or so everybody seemed to have jumped in the imposter “STP”/Chester bandwagon, all I heard was “o, this is a great career move, and financial move for STP, Scott’s voice just isn’t what it used to be, Chester’s is much fresher”… O MY GOD THAT SHIT AND LOGIC MAKES ME F’ING SICK!!! …Said the same thing. Under that logic, Krist & Dave should have just fired Kurt, and got a new singer for Nirvana because he was so unreliable, his voice didn’t do great live all, the time, and was on drugs… WOW. What a difference some years make from 1994 to 2013… Save rock n roll. MUSIC IS ART, NOT FUCKING ANSRICAN IDOL.

  • the keeper

    Well of course they would say STP is with or without Scott. However comon sense would say otherwise

  • J. Chris

    Money money money Deleo’s/Kretz, money money money. Chester as a fan of STP should be as ashamed as Deleo’s/Kretz… Haha, read it earlier on some other comment – “we didn’t want to hurt Scott, just take his money”, f’ing ridiculous…

  • Scott McLean

    I like Chester’s voice with LP but I like Scott’s voice singing the STP songs.

  • b.v.

    These guys have worked HARD to make a name for themselves. They´re damn right to not let that be fucked up by a dysfunctional leadsinger.

    Linkin Park is not a very good band, but as a vocalist Chester is a good fit for STP.

    Looking forward to a new album.

  • Dreux

    Some real chapped assholes here. If the music’s good, who gives a shit?

  • lumisol

    The new music isn’t good though

  • LSUSaintsfan

    I agree with the majority that STP w/o Scott is not STP, and, as such, both sides should put the nail in the coffin and officially retire STP.

    However, I do find this all ironic to say the least. Many of the band’s supporters (not just on grungereport) argue that STP should continue w/o Scott b/c of the purpose, vision, and idea of what STP stood for.

    I’m sorry, but the only exception that deserves that sort of treatment, but ironically has not from those fans, should be Billy and the Pumpkins. SP is ideally more like NIN, QOTSA, pre-fame Foo Fighters, or The Cure, whereas, STP w/o Scott or even AIC w/o Layne are ideally more like G’n’R, Journey, Steel Dragon or The Office w/o Michael Scott.

  • danny

    from a legal point of view, probably the DeLeos+Kretz are right. But why they don’t just change name to the new band? Chester is famous too. With a new name you can be popular the same as if using STP which means something else to million of fans. That something includes Weiland. I dislike Linkin Park but I think Chester is a good singer. You can make a good record with him as a new band and that would be the best answer to Scott Weiland.

    Anyway all of this is less ridiculous than Alice in Chains without Layne and imitating Layne in their last 2 records.

  • JG566

    How the fuck does Chester find any comfort in going against his “mentor/idol” I don’t get it..
    What a pussy!
    DO ME A FAVOR EVERYONE: Read Scott Weiland lyrics then go read Linkin Park lyrics. I’m not even going to mention the melodies. I rather listen to “Purple” then the Transformers soundtrack! haha





  • Pingfah

    What i’m getting from this thread is mainly that Alt Rock fans these days are a depressingly illiterate bunch of whiny douchebags.

    Look forward to some new music from the Deleos, glad to hear them clarify their position. Sounds pretty reasonable.

  • J. Chris

    LSUSaintsfan – well said

  • Is he one?

    I totally agree with LSUSaintsfan. Smashing Pumpkins with only Billy Corgan is way more legitimate than STP without Scott IMO.

    That said, I’ll be listening but it still makes me very umcomfortable.

    Linkin Park is one of the shittiest bands ever. I remember almost vomiting when “Crawling” would be playing on radio. Shitty, shitty band.

  • Sticky


    I get what you are saying, but long story short you are saying that any other member of a band can leave and you can still call it what it was before because the bass, drums and guitar are replaceable, but if the lead singer goes than you have to call the band something else. I don’t buy this logic and it all kind of reminds me of Van Halen with Roth/Hagar.

    At the end of the day it is always going to be about money and yes STP isn’t the same without Scott, but it’s still 3/4 of STP, still will play STP’s back catalog (and sound like them) and will make new music.

    I’m sure we don’t know everything there is to know about this situation, but I have no problem with STP continuing on with Chester. Also Alice in Chains is a whole different argument … while I love the work they did with Layne, I don’t think they are hurting their legacy by continuing on with William. Listen to the two albums with William at the helm (especially The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here) with an open mind and you will truly appreciate the music they are creating. I think you are seriously undervaluing how much Jerry brings to the table and contributed both with Layne and now without.

  • Hoohah Hreh

    STP isn’t STP without Scott.
    AIC isn’t AIC without Layne.
    Van Halen isn’t Van Halen without Michael Anthony.
    Priest isn’t Priest without KK Downing.
    AC/DC isn’t AC/DC without Bon Scott.
    Sabbath isn’t Sabbath without Bill Ward.

    Issues letting go of the past people? Goddamn whiners get over it and vote with your $$$ and don’t tune in!

  • cosmicatomic

    I don’t see why people choose to bitch about what is or isn’t STP, what is or isn’t AIC. Nobody is forcing you to listen to the band’s entire catalog. Why don’t you just….only listen to Weiland STP or only listen to Layne AIC? I don’t understand why people get so hung up on the band name and what it is or what it means.

    There’s a line of ridiculousness and I don’t think STP or AIC crossed it. On the other hand, Axl Rose’s incarnation of GNR is/was a little ridiculous. But not even Slash & Duff really cared – they cared more about the music so they moved on.

    Fans need to be more like Slash and not care about this political crap. Makes you sound like a bunch of petty housewives. Fans need to be more like SLASH….tis about the music!

  • The Gooch

    Really unfortunate to read some of the responses on this board. People claiming “money grab”, etc. I assume are doing it out of their love for Scott, but when a singer is messed up to the point where the band can’t function properly, it’s time to go. If they want to find a new singer and make new music, good for them. Personally I don’t care whether they use the STP name or not. Their last album was horrible, so if this is the move they need to make to increase the quality of their music, so be it. It’s pretty clear to me based on the videos of Weiland’s solo shows that he is not the singer he once was, but probably could be if he cleaned up. It’s unfortunate, but there will always be the old albums to listen to and no one can take that away.

    And to the people who trash William DuVall: You’re sentimentality is clouding you from appreciating a rare gem. That cat can wail. Be appreciative we are getting new music from Alice in Chains, because it is infinitely better than 99% of new music these days.

  • mandingo

    Look Scott is a total dick and no longer deserves any link to STP anymore , he has had a million chances and that piece of shit blew every single one ! I have always been a fan but lets be completely honest here scott is not even that great of a singer , not compared to the greats and scotts lyrics in my opinion have always been pretty shit ! Im glad that the band are keeping the name with a new singer and i have no doubt they will make better music blowing the old shit away ! ! !

  • Brent

    I’m sorry to those who don’t agree, but Scott was hurting STP. As much as I love the band, I would rather have a different singer and have the band happy and playing music together as opposed to having them unhappy and not making new music!!!

  • Smells Like Infinite Sadness

    Could you imaging having to tour and deal with Weiland on a regular basis? Even by rock star egomaniac standards he’s a breed apart and a selfish jackass.

    I hate Linkin Park and have no interest in the new incarnation of STP. But I have no sympathy for Scott and feel these guys just couldn’t take it anymore. And Scott’s solo stunt for “purple at the core” was a complete douchebag move.

    But the last album was lame and looks like their time is over. But then a lot of people said the same thing when Alice got a new singer. Who knows…