Stone Temple Pilots performed “Pretty Penny” and “Big Empty” at the opening of a musical therapy room for kids at Primary Children’s Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday. The room was created in honor of 17 year old Sophie Barton who would often perform music for the children at the hospital.

Stone Temple Pilots frontman Chester Benningtold told Fox 13, “To see it happen today and the opening of the first Sophie’s Place is really an honor and a privilege to be a part of,” Bennington said. “So thanks for having us and we’re going to play some music.”

STP are also scheduled to perform at the Cardon Children’s Medical Center’s Stars Of The Season fundraising show in Mesa, Arizona on October 26th.

  • Doug McCausland

    How could they? Sellouts.

  • ShaneC


    How could they sell out and play their own songs for a charity?

  • IntJug


  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    Playing for charity is being a sellout? Good God…

    • ShaneC

      Exactly. They’ll be called sellouts no matter what they do at this point.

      I can’t wait for the new tunes!

  • The grinch

    Good for them! This never would have happened if Scott was still
    In the band, he would show up late or intoxicated not giving a shit.


    The Big Empty ?? These conversations kill???

    I don’t the new Stone Temple Pilots should be playing that song at a childrens hospital , its just not in the right environment, they should of only played softer lighter songs like interstate lovesong, plush and others 🙂


      sorry i meant they should of only played lighter songs, i don’t think the big empty is the right song for such an event

  • Raj

    While I am totally against this incarnation of STP, it is nice to see them playing for the kids. It is really cool to see music and playing guitar as part of their therapy. I wish more kids and youth would put away their smartphones or video game consoles and pick up an instrument. It should read STP members with Chester not STP.

  • Greg

    Irrespective of the name or the song, at least they were doing something decent

  • Doug McCausland

    I was being sarcastic, if anyone couldn’t tell. It just seems like no matter what they do there’s always that one person who has to be negative on the article

  • chris

    i hate linkin park but i gotta say Chester really suits STP, i much prefere Scott of course, but its better then nothing.

  • artlnabg

    we know