UPDATE: Scott Weiland has released a statement on being fired

Stone Temple Pilots have released the following statement:

“Stone Temple Pilots have announced they have officially terminated Scott Weiland – no further information is available at this time.”

Just yesterday Weiland denied to Rolling Stone that he had been fired, “I haven’t quit. I haven’t been fired.” He added, “Slash doesn’t know anything about STP. We’re talking right now about when we want to tour next.” So this news definitely must have caught Weiland off guard. He even said he never expected anybody to be fired from STP, “There were some hurt egos,” he says. “But that’s the way it is. No one has ever fired anybody in STP. We’re like a family. It’s also a partnership. I started the band. We’ve always kept things going. We’ve taken time off before. They’ve done their own projects and I fully support that. No one has been fired and I haven’t quit. That’s all hearsay.”

As I write this, Scott Weiland and STP are trending on Twitter. Slash said in December that STP had fired Weiland and that’s why he was desperately seeking to reunite with Velvet Revolver. Weiland’s final show with Stone Temple Pilots was on September 23, 2012 in Sacramento, California. Weiland co-found STP with Robert DeLeo in 1986, with Eric Kretz and Dean DeLeo joining them in subsequent years. STP broke up in 2003, but reunited in 2008 for a massive reunion tour. The band released a self-titled comeback album in May 2010 with Weiland, which featured the radio hit “Between The Lines.”

Disappointing news that after all of these years the STP guys can’t be thankful that they’re all alive and just take a break instead of breaking up/firing Weiland. I guess we’ll see another reunion tour in a few years ago. The real question is, in the mean time, who will replace Weiland in STP?

  • cosmicatomic

    What does this even mean? If they intend to do anything without him as Stone Temple Pilots, it’s beyond absurd. I don’t understand the purpose of firing him. Such a mess. Why not just say the band is done?

    If anyone replaces Weiland….RIDICULOUS!

  • Joe

    Ed Kowalczyk is available. They should call him.

  • Errol

    Talk Show reunion!

  • Deviate

    “Disappointing news that after all of these years the STP guys can’t be thankful that they’re all alive and just take a break instead of breaking up/firing Weiland.”

    Seriously? It’s not about being thankful for being alive or taking a break. They’ve already taken breaks. It’s about Weiland being unreliable and irresponsible, and poorly representing the band. And pissing off fans who pay hard earned money by showing up to shows ridiculously late, if at all. If he wants to act like Axl Rose, then fine. But don’t expect the rest of the band to tolerate it.

    I know you’re a huge STP fan and all, but you can’t seriously defend Weiland’s antics.

  • matyellott

    Well i am in for Weiland’s NY show in March. I will let y0ou know how it goes!

  • Shaun Jam

    They should just carry on without the STP name or call it quits. They can’t be arsed in playing a variety of back catalogue songs and a new singer won’t do the job. This isn’t AIC, where they’re working good together, there’s no drive in STP anymore. It’s done and over. It’s Scott Weiland being the definition of a fucked up rockstar that came down to this.

  • cosmicatomic

    ^ if that’s the case (they’re just sick of Weiland’s antics), fine, but they better not continue as STP. Fire him and be done, but they better not continue on. Who the F is interested in Weiland-less Stone Temple Pilots? Unless they want to play casinos and bar/grills…

    Glad I saw one of STP’s final shows. Scott was ON FIRE and dancing like crazy!

  • Deviate


  • Christian

    I’m confused as to why people are so quick to accuse Weiland. Yes, he’s screwed up plenty of times, but isn’t it a little odd that this wasn’t released until after Weiland starts doing press for the tour and saying STP is fine? This sounds like the DeLeo’s and Kretz just wanted to make Weiland look like a complete asshole. If you’re just going to one-sidedly bash Weiland because of what he’s done in the past, just go away. You’re an eyesore.

  • Jay

    Not a fan of Scott’s but there is no STP without him. So, they’re just playing games. Scott should forget about STP, forget about VR and just start a band full of enthusiastic and hungry musicians that he can work with. His name alone will give them the attention that they need and he can get away from all this negativity.

  • kingchaz

    This is such a load of crap. They’ll be back.

  • paulonious

    Talk Show. Talk Show. Talk Show. Please, for the love of god, anything but Army of Anyone. Richard Patrick sucks balls.

  • Is he one?

    Army of anyone is very meh indeed.

    I don’t see any STP future without Scott.

  • MJ

    “Who the F is interested in Weiland-less Stone Temple Pilots?”

    Who the F is interested in Stone Temple Pilots, period?

  • versus

    I don’t think they’re looking to replace him; I just think they’re fed up with Scott’s crap just like everyone else. Also, ^what Deviate said^.

  • Ben

    Hey, maybe Axl is available, they should give him a ring :p

  • NiceNcleaN

    They have someone already mentioned on this site. So get ready to…

  • Allura Music

    This was bound to happen. Weiland’s and STP’s relationship have been very volatile for a very long time. Scott is already recording and touring solo anyway, and doing STP songs at his shows!

    Scott is so unpredictable. He just does whatever he wants to do. Damn the consequences.

    But I LOVE Scott and think he is an amazing singer and performer.

    Though he does some wacky things from time to time, quite often actually, I am sticking with Team Scott on this issue.

    STP is NOT STP without Scott. He is simply irreplaceable.

    And as for Slash talking shit about Scott all of the time. He needs to lay off. Stop being such a hater. Slash has no class and just needs to shut up.

  • Triz

    that douche from creed is surely available, yeaaaaahhhh!

  • Troll Gallagher

    This is like the mail room clerks firing the CEO. Sue for the name Weiland, carry on.

  • ShaneC

    I believe the Deleo’s and Ed Kowalczyk would be a very cool match up.

    I hope they do something very soon. We need new tunes.

  • paulonious

    Eddie K is all religious and preachy. Don’t think that would mesh well with the STP boys.

    If the Headstones were still broken up I’d suggest Hugh Dillon, but he’s busy now.

  • JG566

    Pointless to announce “Scott is fired.” They clearly took a shot at him instead of just breaking up or going on another hiatus. I hear so many stories but when I saw them in New York back in August they were right on time and rocked the whole set from top to bottom!

  • morcegohoman

    The Deleos are smart enough to realize that just being the Deleos doesn’t get enough attention (See Talk Show and Army of Anyone…good bands….no attention).

    The name “Stone Temple Pilots” is worth something, and if that what it takes for these guys to produce some new material then I love it. I’d be happy enough with Talk Show or AOA or a new band….but if it isn’t enough for the D Bros then there WON’T BE a D Bros band.


    Sure it will be different, but then so has every single one of their albums.

  • JG566

    When did everyone in music start being a bitch and forget that Scott is a fuckin’ rockstar! SO he acts like one..

  • GwynnKatie

    kingchaz — :::laughs:::: I agree.

  • Stosh

    What crap you can’t replace Weiland

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    just replace Weiland, bring someone new

  • CagedTiger

    I’m not a fan of the idea of STP with a replacement singer, I think that would just fuck up their legacy, their disappointing comeback album already dented it slightly which is a shame because I feel they had a flawless back catalogue until that point, it just seems a shame for that to be their swan song, they should go out on a high point not with the most disappointing album of their career (not terrible, just very average).

    I would welcome the return of AOA, I’m a big fan of Richard Patrick and the album they released was amazing, it was much better than the last one from STP. I do hope the Deleo’s continue to make music, they are far too talented to just give up on it.

    As for Scott, I wouldn’t mind hearing another VR album in the future, I never liked them as much as STP who are my favourite band but they did have some great songs. Hoping for big things from his upcoming solo album too, a mixture of STP/VR type songs sounds good to me, he needs to save the artsy experimental stuff for later as it could turn people off and at this point he needs to build a strong fan base for his solo work now that is how he’s making his living.

  • Christine

    When I saw them in SF during the 1st Giant’s world series game (winner) the band looked and sounded perfect. I don’t see why anyone would fire anyone, especially the founding member.

    When they say “Slash” do they mean the G&R guy with the Hat or the Record Label?

    No Scott, no STP. That’s my view, for what it’s worth. I hope it’s not true.

  • Alternadude

    It feels like a cheap shot towards Scott. Call It a break up.

  • bmeade

    @Alternadude totally agree. The last album keeps getting meh reviews, but it was the Deleos who wrote the music. And yeah, I think the Deleos have evolved into something different than what STP was founded on. I think if the substance of a band is altered to where the musicians aren’t on the same page musically then they shouldn’t exist. I also think Scott’s bouts of bitchiness are noticed because he’s the one in the limelight, whereas no one really pays attention to the Deleo bros so their immaturity hasn’t become apparent until now.

  • matyellott

    This is really a crappy day for the band and it’s fans. I am the biggest STP nerd in the world, I even have the giant STP 6 foot wall banner in my office. I don’t really know what the underlying issues are. from my understaing Weiland has been somewhat sober for a while now. I saw him a few years ago at the Belliy up bar in Aspen. Really small venue and one of the coolest concerts I have been to. This seems to be a real break if legal action is invoulved. end of an era i suppose. I guess i will just have to see him solo this year.

  • Boom

    What has to happen is Axl should replace Weiland. Weiland go back to Velvet Revolver and they should all tour together.

    New talk show record maybe?

    There is no STP without Scott Weiland, no matter what any of you fuckers think, like him or hate him he is a motherfucking rock star and you are not. Scott Weiland draws fans, Robert and Dean De Leo do not. I can’t figure it out, don’t be surprised if they regroup in 5 years

    Eat a dick bitches

  • bmeade says it best, “Pretend it’s 1994 and scream at the news that Stone Temple Pilot kicked Scott Weiland out of the band”.

  • Animaan

    Wow…well we at least knew that this was gonna happen at some point. Still insane though, can’t wait for the extended Rolling Stone interview with Weiland tomorrow. STP cannot continue under the same name without him though, that’s the catch. Neither can VR – they’ve tried for 5 years!

  • Butthead

    Scott Weiland has been nothing money hog. Just listen to his last Christmas album. Yuck.

  • lilrockable

    Fuck… And I really loved thier music too. Both the Deleos, and Scott are nowhere near their full potential without each other though so hopefully this wont last

  • Brett Buchanan

    If Weiland were smart he’d drop everything and go to rehab right now and then beg STP for forgiveness. Otherwise he’s going to have to wait 3-5 years for the reunion.

  • Brett Buchanan

    BTW I loved STP’s self-titled album, I’m thankful that we got a new album out of the reunion. Maver is an all time STP classic.

  • lilrockable

    ^^^ Well he can’t just “drop everything”. He is getting married soon, which means hell be needing at least some money. Being fired from two really successful bands puts him in a shit spot. I’m willing to bet Mary is fucking him without vasoline in terms of child support. I actually feel bad for him right now. Oh we’ll, at the very least he is now obligated to get his shit straight, and maybe it’ll make for some good music. Scott is versatile, i know he can take this ugly situation and make it legendary

  • Brett Buchanan

    I meant his upcoming tour.

  • Raj

    I am a huge STP fan, I own every single album and have seen them live three times. I am very disappointed by this decision, clearly the DeLeo brothers want to go a different direction. If they hire another singer they should not call the band STP.

    If he started the band copyright the name so no one else can use it. Seems to have worked out Axl using Guns N’ Roses and Billy Corgan using Smashing Pumpkins.

  • plowhorse

    “Disappointing news that after all of these years the STP guys can’t be thankful that they’re all alive and just take a break instead of breaking up/firing Weiland.”

    This statement is misplaced and unfounded. No one says they’re “not thankful for being alive.” That has little to do with it. They went through this once already in 1997 when Weiland was jailed and they took time off from one another (no, of course there was more to it than ‘jail’ that caused the hiatus that ended in 1999. Other contributing factors were Weiland’s progressive unreliability, lack of professionalism, being high, fucked up, strung out) and then it happened again in 2003. That 2nd time it seemed permanent and not merely a break. What lead to this 3rd, fresh split in 2013 were undeniably more of the very same factors as before. Weiland was clean for a time after 2008 when they got back together, and though the smack may have been absent, he was definitely drunk more and more, leading to the lateness to gigs, slurring through sets, etc, etc.

    Look, I’ve been on this band’s side for 21 years. I endured the friends’ and media’s jokes and slights in the early 90’s that Stone Temple Pilots were Pearl Jam rip-offs, grunge-lite, all that shit people used to dish. I’ve loved their work, every album, and never gave a fuck what anyone else thought of them. And though I’ve never been a Talk Show fan, I saw what they could do with the ‘right’ alternate frontman in Army of Anyone. That project with Richard Patrick was great, thought it was terrific album. So matching up the DeLeo songwriting force with the right non-Weiland vocalist IS possible…

    Yeah, I’m bummed its come to this. I don’t want them to fucking fail. But I’m not surprised in the least. Anyone really paying attention could sense something like this coming. If the DeLeos and Kretz continue on with someone else, which I hope they do, I’m sure they’ll take a new name…

  • Grungecaster 1




  • Andrew


  • Grungecaster 1

    Whats the big deal?? Its not like this is the FIRST TIME EVER , the band broke apart, went on a long overdue break or just simply decided to try other bands instead. Scott Weiland will always be the founder of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, you have to remember something, it was Scott and Robert De Leo who started this great 90s alternative rock band 🙂 Dean De Leo and Eric Kretz came into the band later , but it was Scott Weiland who decided on the name of the band. How can the founder be fired?? This is starting to sound like Guns N Roses all over again 🙂 and with Scott’s history in Velvet Revolver with the likes of Slash, Matt and Duff, it should come as no surprise that any rock band that is playing with Weiland will experience some personal issues like drug abuse or whatever is going on. I really do wish Scott Weiland the best in whatever rock n roll endeavor he chooses to continue in. Maybe like I suggested before, start a new rock band with Nirvana’s / Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, Krist Novoselic, Mike Mccready, and Jimmy Chamberlain. BUT THIS NEW SUPERGROUP CANNOT ALLOW DRUGS OR PERSONAL DIFFERENCES TO GET IN THE WAY OF A GREAT HISTORY OF ALTERNATIVE ROCK MUSIC FOR THE WORLD TO SEE AND HEAR 🙂

  • Curmudgeon

    Yeah Scott can front nirvana and they can go on tour!!!!

  • Monster Robert

    They got tired of Weiland bullshit and said enough. Who could blame them and the same time if they could somebody else to front them they should called something else.


    Plot Twist: scott keeps the name stp and fires them….Babe!

  • Glen

    Somehow when Queensryche fired Geoff Tate it seemed ballsy; whereas this just seems gutless and petty. Weiland is arguably the major talent in STP, STP would be nowhere without him and I doubt that they will reach any significant heights without him. Albeit that he is responsible for the mess he’s in I feel genuinely sad for him and hope he can keep on fighting that battle he’s been fighting for so long.

  • Grungecaster 1

    Why dont Dean Deo Leo be a singer for one day. Then he will realize what a mistake it was to fire Scott Weiland 🙁 Hes a great singer, hes a great song writer. Lets not forget that ! I seriously doubt STONE TEMPLE PILOTS will continue on without him, maybe 2013 is the year STP break out for good?? Well if thats the case, we still have SOUNDGARDEN, PEARL JAM, ALICE IN CHAINS and hmmmmm?? BAD RELIGION, GREEN DAY , SOCIAL DISTORTION AND NINE INCH NAILS AND RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS TO KEEP SUPPORTING , DOWNLOADING AND LISTENING TO 🙂

  • Grungecaster 1


    I am, smelling like a disgrunted rock n roll man
    i ammm, gonna shoot down my old rock band 🙂
    i amm….feeling like i was fired n bloated

    jk 🙂

  • Animaan

    And Brett – who’s to say if he’s sober or not? He’s been looking pretty healthy lately, no booze weight/slurring words at solo shows…

  • Edward R. Murrow

    Talk Show. LET’S DO THIS!

  • Grungecaster 1



  • Grungecaster 1

    Scott Weiland ( vocals )
    Lenny Kravitz ( vocals, guitar )
    Paul McCartney ( vocals, bass )
    Keith Richards ( guitar )
    Jimmy Page ( guitar )
    Ringo Starr ( drums )

  • BillyL

    No big surprise there. I guess Slash knew a thing or two about STP after all…

    The STP legacy was being ruined by Weiland’s inability to perform with any kind of consistency. Now only two things can happen, they stay dormant forever and STP’s legacy stays intact, or they get back together when/if Scott decides to clean up and yet again become the brilliant artist everybody fucking knows he can be. But, if that doesn’t happen, R.I.P. STP. Thank you for the music.

  • Grungecaster 1


    Scott Weiland ( Vocals )
    Wes Scantlin ( Vocals, Guitar )
    Mike Mccready ( Lead Guitar )
    Mark Tremonti ( Rhythm Guitar )
    James Iha ( Rhythm Guitar
    Krist Novoselic ( Bass )
    Brad Wilks ( Drums )

    how about that? 🙂 a new spin on the 90s
    a brand new alternative SUPER ROCK BAND

  • Philip

    “Weiland is arguably the major talent in STP, STP would be nowhere without him”

    No. Just no. The DeLeo brothers songwriting is as important, or more. I say more.

  • Pingfah

    Hilarious that people are seriously suggesting Ed Kowalwhateverthefuckhisname is to replace Scott.

    He does have a very good voice, but that guy already wrecked Live with his whiny mumbo-jumbo nonsense. He’s a deluded has-been.

  • lilrockable

    “Weiland is arguably the major talent in STP, STP would be nowhere without him”
    That is partially true, STP was his and Rob’s idea. Talk Show, and Army of Anyone are examples of where STP would be without Weiland, hence why they are keeping the STP name. In all honesty though both sides will always only be HALF as good as pure STP without each other

  • Boom


    we get it. Shut the fuck up. And your new band names all suck.

    I’m going to start a blog called grungecaster1 is a dumb fuck.