Stone Temple Pilots On Lady Gaga Possibly Fronting Band: ‘She’s Pretty Bad Ass’

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Stone Temple Pilots’ Robert and Dean DeLeo were interviewed on Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx last week to discuss their new singer search. Nikki’s co-host Jenn Marino asked the DeLeo brothers about possibly hiring a female singer, throwing out some names, while Dean DeLeo himself brought up Lady Gaga. Nikki Sixx initially didn’t like the idea of a female singer, but seemed to open up to it as more names came up.

Joan Jett

Robert: “Joan Jett’s pretty bad ass. Joan’s great.”

Lady Gaga

Dean: “Gaga. She’s pretty bad ass man.”

Nikki Sixx: “I like that. I’m moving towards the girls now.”

Taylor Momsen

Robert: “Don’t know her.”

Lizzy Hale

Robert: “Lizzy’s great.”

Dean: “Lizzy’s pretty bad ass man.”


  • Corndog

    I was just saying here last week that they could consider a female vocalist:)

    Another crazy idea. I don’t know if he’s available, but what about Phil Anselmo? When he’s not screaming that guy is actually a pretty decent singer. I’m sure that he could handle the Weiland songs just fine, and could also add a little bit of ‘bite’ for any new material?

    Sorry, i’ll just shut up now.

    EDIT – I’ve just discovered via the magical medium of YouTube that he is in fact a racist douchebag, so scratch that idea.

    • whisky

      Phil’s voice is shot, man. He can still pull of a decent performance every now and then, but his pipes definitely aren’t reliable. Furthermore, I really don’t think he’d suit their style, even if he was in good vocal shape.

      • Corndog

        I haven’t heard anything live recently, but i suppose it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. Guy has to be pushing 50-ish by now, right? All that growling and screaming is bound to have an effect on your voice.


    Way too early for April fools jokes!

  • Jimmy Intense

    No. Just stop.

  • Dave Id

    She may be the best current incarnation of Madonna type of music, yawn here, but she does not rock.

    • Corndog

      She scares me a little. She’s got the crazy eye.

    • Julio Hernandez

      She definitely rocks, she did heavy metal and glam rock before pop. But she had to change to get attention and then she released Born This Way and ARTPOP which have many electronic/glam rock tunes. Check out MANiCURE or Heavy Metal Lover

      • larry cornwater

        Just because she did heavy metal and glam rock does not mean she rocks. She is terrible, regardless of what music she’s ruining

  • Dana Pellerin

    Whoever they pick, I’m sure they will be “pretty bad ass, man”. 😉

  • — J —

    I still say they should give JD Fortune a call.

  • Billy

    the only thing i care about is that they end up with a singer that is 100% their own. No bringing in Gaga when she has time,etc

    edit- There is one singer who is technically with another band and that is Brian Byrne (lead singer of canadian band I Mother Earth). IME is a band that still does play live shows but they do not plan to do albums anymore (they’ve released 3 individual songs over the last 4 years). He has submitted a cover of Vasoline and i think it would be awesome if he got the gig

    youtube the IME songs Summertime in the Void and Rise like the Sun if you want a taste of his vocal chops.

    • Jimmy Intense

      Holy shit that would be interesting and potentially a very good fit

      • Billy

        yeah at first i thought it was just ime fans pushing for it but he did submit a song. fingers crossed

    • valhalla
      • Billy

        The nice part is that Brian already has been able to successfully replace a lead singer before so hopefully that gives him an edge

        edit: thanks for the link, i’ve heard his submission before but that was a great little interview as well.

        • valhalla

          No prob…decided to look them up last night…only thing is IME has upcoming tour dates on their official site. ?? Guess Byrne is looking to the future…

          And the guy he replaced, Edwin, is also a pretty awesome singer.

          • Billy

            if you’ve never heard of them before then dig in and enjoy my friend. Their current status is very part time-ish. They have less than 20 shows planned for the entire year. In my original comment i made mention that they are still active but don’t do too much nowadays so there wouldn’t be much competition or time sharing as to when Brian could be available

            The 2 albums with Edwin have all the catchy hits, Brian took them in a very different musical direction. Edwin was tossed out because he didn’t contribute anything to the music. The drummer Christian is the lyricist and his brother Jag is the guitarist who writes most of the music.

            Edwin went solo and fell on his face lol

          • Jimmy Intense

            Well said and I agree 100%. IME are like 2 different bands when comparing singers and it’s unfortunate they’ve become sort of…part-time as you said. Crash Karma are pretty boring too. I did like a couple songs on Edwin’s first solo album “Another Spin Around the Sun” though.

          • Billy

            i’m happy i got to see them again and we got to have a few more new tracks. I wanted one more full album just so that Quicksilver wasn’t their final stamp as the music and lyrics were so far removed from anything they had ever done. Clearly Christian went thru some savage break up or something lol
            If you ever check out Jag’s facebook page or the site, he seems to mention that he’s always working on music, but where is it all? It baffles me that those brothers haven’t released a single album since Quicksilver, solo or otherwise.

            And you was a good track from Edwin, and i think we agreed before that Crash was a dud. Did u ever get the contractually obligated compilation album Earth, Sky, and Everything in Between? There is a fucking amazing acoustic version of So gently we go.

            My excitement with Brian potentially being the new STP singer is two-fold. 1) You and I know he’s more than capable
            2) a lot of ppl will prob check out ime if he gets the gig. It excites me to think about someone hearing Good for Sule or Soft bomb Salad for the first time.

  • Bilbo

    The horror, the horror…

  • Nikdik

    Maybe they will have her dress like Scott Weiland and completely sodomize his legacy just like what happened to Bowie!

  • fuck them

    I think they should retire



    • Corndog

      Mission accomplished:)

      • valhalla


  • Anonymous501

    They probably need to choose a singer who doesn’t have another career? Velvet Revolver got Weiland after he was gone from STP. That’s smart. Trying to get singers who have careers (especially better careers) than what STP currently has seems like a bad idea.

  • Ishmael

    C’mon guys… there is only one: Courtney Love.

    • astrocreep7

      She was the vocalist for FNM.. So why not, right?

    • valhalla