Stone Temple Pilots Kick Out Fan From Show For Chanting For Scott Weiland

The Stone Temple Soap Opera continues. During Stone Temple Pilots’ recent show in New York City, a fan chanted ‘You’re not Scott’ at Chester Bennington during “Big Empty.” Dean DeLeo looked furious and stopped the song mid performance, “Hold on, hold on. Turn on the fucking house lights.” He added, “I want this motherfucker out of here! I want this motherfucker out of here! Right here! Get him the fuck out of here! Right there! Get him the fuck out of here! Get out of my show you dickhead! Get out of my fucking show you douchebag!”

Robert DeLeo added, “Talk about blowing a fucking vibe. Jesus Christ.” Dean said, “If you’re really his friend, you’ll go with him, whoever was there. You fucking knuckleheads.” Robert added, “Did anybody tell you you’re not fucking JFK? You fucking knucklehead.”

Chester Bennington said, “You fucking paid to be here. I think that’s fucking hilarious.” Bennington also asked if the fans wanted to hear them pick up “Big Empty” which was met by a positive response. He also said, “May be the best compliment I think I’ve ever heard.”

Stone Temple Pilots fired Weiland in 2013, replacing him with Chester Bennington and going by the name ‘Stone Temple Pilots With Chester Bennington’ until dropping ‘With Chester Bennington’ this year.

Watch video below of the incident. 1:05 in is the chant, and at 2:10 Dean kicks out the fan and goes on a tirade.

  • Shane99

    Good. Hope the moron got punched a couple times on the way out. Why pay for a ticket, dumb ass?

    • JoelS

      I was about 10 feet behind the jerk, everybody was glad to see him go.

      • Shane99

        He pays money to go and ruin the show for everyone else. Glad they booted him.

  • Corndog

    I’ve seen a bunch of videos like this on Youtube, where the artist will stop and insist that someone be thrown out. I’m not asking about whether or not the member of the public should be thrown out, but rather, does the performer have the power to do this? It’s not their premises, they don’t own the venue they are just playing there. Can they actually ask for someone to be chucked out, and do the organisers/owners have to comply with their wishes? Or is it a case of them being afraid of the band throwing their toys out of their prams and walking off stage?

    • Chris

      I’m sure the venue wants trouble makers out as much as the performers do, there’s no logical reason why they would argue with the band if the band is saying somebody needs to go.

    • Glenn Thomas

      It is not their venue but it IS their live performance. Performers are not robots and the performance is linked to their rapport with the audience. If someone is ruining the show by damaging that rapport, it is the responsibility of the performer to rectify the problem. What kind of idiot yells at a performer because he doesn’t like the performance. He is free to just leave or keep his trap shut for the benefit of his surrounding neighbors who appear to like the performance. Just manners learned as a child. People that act like that in public are just low class idiots that deserve to be plucked and removed.

  • geezum

    That happens when you fire iconic frontman and replace him with nu metal clown.

    • — J —

      No, that’s what happens when your “iconic” frontman is a bumbling drunk who can’t sing or physically make it onto the stage, and you have to ask one of your friends to sing instead.

  • Bill Austeh

    How about freedom of speech? Guess most are butt hurt these days over any comments that might make ones panties moist.

    • JoelS

      Freedom of speech? Are you kidding me? Dude was flipping off the band and disrupting the show for the entire crowd. You can’t go to a play or any type of performance and act like a jackass and defend it with freedom of speech. It doesn’t work that way.

    • Glenn Thomas

      Freedom of speech? Who? The knucklehead screaming during a performance and ruining a show for everyone else. Dean and band handled it perfectly. I saw them in Denver and there were no buzz kills in the crowd.

    • — J —

      You don’t know what Freedom of Speech even means, Bill.

      The guy thrown out faced no legal consequences for what he said. None. Zero.

      But he was at a private performance in a private facility where those in charge are within their legal right to remove him if they feel he is causing a public disturbance, which he did.

      I think it’s time to read a book and learn about what your rights mean before you make an ass of yourself again in the future.

  • — J —

    I watched that show, it was really good. Chester is a good fit. Much more than drunken Scott Weiland who needs help getting dressed these days.

  • CraigPW1984

    I’m not a fan of STP with Chester on vocals but I’m glad they kicked the tool out. Why would you pay money and attend a show to heckle? It’s obvious the constant yells of “You’re not Scott!” was going to piss them off. That’s just ignorant. Good for them!

  • iLeonD

    The Stone Temple Soap Opera is over. Scott Weiland & the Wildabouts in Texas killed the reunion thought.

  • Joe Makeup


    Who cares about Chester Temple Pilots or Scott Weiland?

    • — J —

      The sold out venue that STP just played in. It was broadcast live. The place was packed.

      • Joe Makeup

        Please. It’s New York City. Everything sells out there.

  • GiV ty

    Saw Nikki Six kick out a security guard once. This guy isn’t the first, and won’t be the last to get kicked by a band member. It sounds to me like he was asking for it. I wonder if he got pounded by a thousand beer cups on his way out.

  • Bill Austeh

    To all who think going to a concert is suppose to be sterile, have fun. Because from what I heard it was very tame. Now if the person is cursing and giving the finger, causing a scene, then yeah he can be removed.

    Just yelling about SW not being there is nothing new I am sure for the NEW STP with CB. In life you have to have a thick skin.

    Freedom of speech is important in this situation because all of us have said things like this in jest and in times of intoxication or because we believe in what we are saying, wrong or right.

    So what if the whole crowd shouted where is Scott?


      That’s not what freedom of speech means. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can say anything you want wherever you want to whoever you want without consequences. It doesn’t mean you can come to my house, party show, etc. and say whatever you want and my having to listen to you. I still have the right to kick you out of my house, party, show etc.

  • Jim Kirk

    Glad Dean called him out….defend your band…. thanks to rob for the last second comment

  • Chris J.

    Wow, Chester is still ripping off Scott. Nice hair dude, where’s the scarf? Have fun getting paid to sing karaoke imposter. Chester should think it’s funny that someone paid to see this watered down shite.

  • Raj

    Yeah those guys are knuckleheads but Dean will be very protective of Chester. That’s his meal ticket since he said that Weiland cost him millions of dollars. The boys know if CB walks they can’t tour or record a new album.