Stone Temple Pilots Discuss Last Time They Saw Scott Weiland Alive

Last week on Celebration Rock, Robert and Dean DeLeo discussed late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland. When asked if he ever had closure with Scott Weiland before his death in December 2015, Dean DeLeo shared the sad story of the final time he saw Weiland alive: in court. Alternative Nation has transcribed the quote.

“No. The last time Scott and I were nose to nose, we actually were in the judges chambers, we were sitting across one another when we were in this court thing. It goes well beyond what you probably read, our relationship was strained for many years man. I spent half my life just full of false hope, with every intention to try to help him, and try to get him together. It led to what we’re talking about right now, the guy died. No matter how you look at it or how you slice it, it’s just so tragic that that is where he went.”

Dean later discussed how he has grown to be repulsed by the term rock star.

“I’ll tell you something man, when I was a kid, the term rock star was intriguing to me, it kind of meant something. As I got older, and I was in business with someone who abused that term, I found it more and more repulsive. Because I don’t know any other line of work where I could simply just show up late, not show up at all, show up really out of it, and it’s kind of glorified, and I think it sucks. It sucked for me, it sucked for Robert and Eric. That kind of behavior, it was a drag man.

Scott was an immense part of our success, and when Robert and I would give him a song to sing, believe me, when we heard playback after he got through with it, it was extraordinary. It was so fulfilling, so fulfilling. He was great, he was great. He just couldn’t stop doing what he was doing.”

  • This Chic Over Here

    I wonder if Dean will get the same slack as Mary for confirming her assertions of people glorifying a deadly lifestyle. RIP Scott! You left a huge void for all who loved you!

    • — J —

      Of course he will. “Dean is an asshole for wanting Scott to get help. And Mary is an asshole for wanting Scott to get help. And Richard Patrick is an asshole for wanting Scott to get help. It’s none of their business. How dare they try and how dare they do it in the press!”

      I’m so glad all Scott’s fans stood up for his right to not get help.

      Now he’s dead.

      Thanks a lot, enablers. You made everyone else the asshole except yourselves, who excused his behaviors till he was in the ground. Great job.

      • This Chic Over Here

        Thank you, Voice of Reason. Ive been getting slammed since my very first comment about Mary’s letter being a poignant reminder of the cost of fame and fortune.

        • — J —

          Anyone who took the time to read Scott’s book, then read Mary’s book, would know she was the one that finally got her life together.

          Scott’s book was full of excuses. Mary’s book was full of “here’s what I did wrong”

          I doubt casual Scott Weiland fans would take the time to read both though. That would require being objective, and they would never allow reason to get in the way of their encouragement of their hero’s drug use.

          • Ann Anderson

            I read both of their books after Scott’s death. Also both of Duff’s. It wasn’t as cut and dried as you put it. You are right that Mary’s book was not full of excuses for her excess behavior but there was a great deal of validation of her actual bipolar illness (not the nonsense about being “misdiagnosed” as a result of being immersed in Scott’s multiple illnesses. I can certainly see how it would magnify and intensify hers but not misdiagnose. Read her book. And her psychotic meltdowns were during a period of relative sobriety and being clean for Scott. I didn’t find Scott’s book being full of excuses for his behavior and his denial of his (primarily) alcoholism. But certainly some. He didn’t delve into the detail and insight which would have helped the reader understand him better. I have heard several times that Mary has made comments about finally being able “to have some fun” after her kids are grown and leave home. And I don’t blame her for being frustrated for having to be the responsible parent while Scott lingered in denial.

  • Cam Geary

    would greatly appreciate you guys checking out my audition for STP thanks!

  • Raj

    Dean’s right, Scott was great he just could not beat his demons. Everyone tried to help him, when his own wife bailed him of jail he jumped out of a moving car to score drugs again. He went to rehab but could never get clean permanently. Tragic.

  • Martha Bartha

    No STP without Scott.

  • dakotablue

    Scott’s singing “was extraordinary…he was great” but he couldn’t stop doing what he was doing, i.e., getting high. Well, maybe some of his greatness in music came from his altered state. Not a popular opinion, I know, but I look at Layne and also see this strange phenomenon.