Stone Temple Pilots Defend Keeping Name: ‘If This Was Scott’s Band, It’d Have Been Run Into The Ground By 1998’

Stone Temple Pilots’ Dean and Robert DeLeo were interviewed on 105.7 The Point yesterday about their singer search, and Alternative Nation transcribed quotes.

Dean said, “You know in 3 seconds whether this person is worth pursuing or not.”

They also responded to a fan who told them to change their name, since an iconic frontman like Scott Weiland is irreplaceable. Another told them they have the right to keep the name, since it’s 3/4 of the original members still performing Stone Temple Pilots songs.

Robert adamantly defended keeping the name without Weiland, “I kind of look at it this way. There were 3/4 of us that were responsible with Scott, making STP. For instance, you have a company like Coca Cola, and you have someone running Coca Cola. If they’re not there any more, do you change the name of Coca Cola?” Robert added that changing the name at this point in his life didn’t make sense, “It’s easy for someone to say that, and get on their computer, and write that in, but if you’re in that position in life, that’s the last thing I want to do right now.” He added that if he were in his 20’s, we would change his name, but that he now ‘can’t afford to do it.’

Dean said, “I see the point there on both comments, I do, I see the point. It’s interesting, because there’s people that say, ‘That was Scott’s band.’ Well I’m going to tell you something, if this was Scott’s band, it would have been run into the ground by 1998. It would have been over. That’s the way he lived his life. We’re talking about a guy that killed himself, unfortunately, the tragedy of that. Robert, Eric, and I were the guys who managed through thick and thin to keep him together, he relied upon us, we relied upon him. He got farther, and farther away from this world, and there was no coming back man.”

The DeLeos also revealed that Chester Bennington told them he was quitting STP 8 to 9 months ago, and that they planned to have a singer search before Scott Weiland died.

  • Boom

    Boom say this. Fuck the classless cunts Deleos. They talking the pure shit still of the Weiland. They be cunts like the snatch pussylip.

    Boom out!!

    Fuck all haters.

    Now go rock the fuck out to the Mott the Hoople.

  • Raj

    Even though Weiland stated publicly he started STP with Corey Hicock, he never owned the STP name nor did he ever make the other members sign the name away to him. The Deleos were strung out on drugs like Scott but cleaned up. While Scott was going through a clean phase Dean and Robert were still doing drugs.They won’t change the name, it will eat away at their profits!

    • Danny Russell

      robert never did drugs…

  • D’Rox

    deleos suck ass!! ill never see you or purchase your shit albums and without scott it will be just that and it will take less time to run that name into the ground you doit every time you dont honor scott you fools, i hope you choke on the karma..

    • Billy

      Scott pushed away anyone that tried to help him and ended up dead and alone on his tour bus….that is actually karma.
      Dean,Rob,Eric wasting decades on Scott and trying to actually live a life after his death is not karma.
      I hope they dedicate the next STP release to all the delusional Scott fans out there that refuse to admit that he stopped being a competent talent after the first VR record.

      Tracklisting for new STP EP
      1) Ding dong, the junkie’s dead
      2) Viagra nights and empty venues
      3) How did you get kicked out of 2 big bands?
      4) Now that it’s finally over…..
      5) I hope there’s no cocaine in heaven (even god isn’t afraid to kick you out)

      • Nikki

        I can’t decide if you’re a troll or just an ignorant dickhead.

        • Billy

          depending on point of view i could be both or neither.

          However one thing is for sure, i am a coherent adult who isn’t trying to put a mental block around the circumstances of his epic collapse. I am a fan of who he was, not what he ended up being. I am also a bigger fan of the guys that wrote the music that Scott was able to sing remarkably to and i think about how many more STP albums that we could have had if Scott had gotten his shit together.

          It’s like there was one single thing that prevented them from doing things, just can’t put my finger on it though… something that held them back and made it impossible to continue to make albums……oh yeah, one of them quit the band to go back to school……nope that was Hiro Yamamoto….hmmmm tip of my tongue……oh yeah the ONE specfic reason they couldn’t was because of Scott’s substance abuse problems during the 90’s,’00’s, ’10’s. My bad, they should totally be blamed for wanting to continue what one selfish drug addict ruined.

          Eric,Dean, and Rob should be ashamed of themselves for wanting to continue their career, what horrible ppl. *biggest eyeroll ever*

          • Nikki

            Hmm funny then that Scott was so much more prolific (with VR and solo) than the rest of the band when they were apart. Dean, Robert and Eric never exactly set the world on fire by themselves did they. They’ve always had the opportunity to do stuff without him, it’s just never gone anywhere.

            No-one’s saying they can’t “live a life after his death”, that’s really a silly thing to say. They’re just not exactly going about it in a particularly respectful manner. They’re also doing themselves a tremendous disservice, PR wise.

            I guess you were trying to be funny with your ‘track listing’ above, but…you really weren’t.

          • Billy

            that’s the beauty of humor, some ppl will find it comical, some ppl won’t. It’s up to you to interpret it.

            Talk Show and AoA were terrific albums, but while Scott was running around doing his own thing, these guys were waiting. They trapped magic in a bottle together, and why wouldn’t they hold out hope? To have one successful band is all u can ask for, and after spending so many years together, you always want to hold onto it. It’s like your first love, it was so fresh and amazing and you idealize that.

            I wish they did soldier on and make more music without Scott, but i understand why they didn’t…..they just wanted Scott back

          • Nikki

            Nope, if they’d managed to be successful without him, they would never have looked back. They just weren’t, simple as that. And ‘humour’ is not as subjective as you think. That’s just a weak, common justification for being a douchebag.

          • Billy

            You think it’s a coincidence that they kept going to vocalists like Patrick or Bennington, who already had comfortable jobs already? You do that so that you have an out if someone else u wanted became available and the other person would understand and have no problem going back to their own gigs.
            It was a noble fault of theirs, to leave a door open for Scott, i applaud them for it, although the end result was just a lot of wasted years

          • Nikki

            A noble fault of theirs…now THAT’S humour. Great satire, I applaud you.

            Err yes, I do think it’s a coincidence. It was also due to the fact that they just couldn’t find anyone else suitable (which doesn’t exactly bode well for their current endeavors). Dean has said time and again how much he wished Chester could have joined them permanently. And anyway, if what you’re saying was true, why then did Dean trash Scott so much in the media over the last few years? Is that what you call ‘leaving a door open’?

          • Billy

            He said that because Chester could pull off the songs and sounded close enough to Scott without being a knock off. Plus, Chester has written some amazing stuff with LP, so why wouldn’t they want to keep him around?

            What we have seen over the last few years is a man who is sick of putting his life on hold for someone that couldn’t figure things out. If i were Dean, i would’ve been done with that guy many many years ago. It shows how much they did love the guy, but everyone has a breaking point. You can only take advantage of someone’s feelings for so long before you have to stick up for yourself. Think about it, Scott has been a hot mess since the 90’s and now after decades have passed, Dean is projecting his anger and frustration towards the situation. To me, that shows an inhuman amount of restraint.

            For example, you spit insults in every response to me, yet we don’t know each other, nor have we dealt with each others problems for decades. So if you can debase yourself to insulting random strangers in a comment section on a whim, then Dean’s perseverance in not doing so for decades, shows a huge amount of character.

          • Nikki

            You’re contradicting yourself. You first said Dean and Co. didn’t necessarily want Chester to stick around, now you’re saying they did. Which is it?

            And Dean did not put his life on hold in hope that Scott would return or whatever, that’s a ridiculous characterisation. An “inhuman amount of restraint”? Have you actually read some of what Dean has said about Scott? You’re really twisting the truth here. And please, let us not forget that Scott was genuinely very ill. You’re painting it as though every one of his screw ups was intentional, when it clearly wasn’t.

            And as for your “spitting insults” nonsense, please go back to your first comment in this thread and re-read your ‘track listing’ and your karma comment. How’s that for debasing yourself?

          • Billy

            1) i said with Chester and Patrick that they gave themselves an out. pls read what i write before responding.
            2) what am i twisting? I said that they held out hope he would come back, if you watch interviews with Scott leading up to his death he said he would go back to them again at some point. The problem being that it was too late, After tossing his ass out for the final time, Scott was still under the illusion that he could just do whatever he felt like. Do u not remember how many times he would say he was back in VR? Scott was a very sick man, riddled with substance abuse issues and he was also a pathological liar.
            When ppl try to help you overcome your problems and u refuse the help, then yes, it was his fault. But i guess you are gonna spin it that someone else was putting needles in his arms while he was asleep back in the day or that Tommy held Scott down, while Nick forced a straw in his nose to snort a line of coke. But poor Scott was the innocent victim.
            3) i pointed out a proper use of the term karma that is correct. I did joke about a fictitious album, that is also correct. I do not run or hide from that.

          • Nikki

            Oh I read what you wrote alright. I just disagree. Strongly. Dean never wanted to give the band an ‘out’ with Chester. That’s just wrong. He wanted Chester to stay permanently (God knows why), he made that very clear.

            As I clearly said above, you’re twisting Dean’s actions and words over the course of the last several years. His (and the rest of the band’s) minimal output over the last 15 years (without Scott) was their own doing, it was not out of some altruistic decision to sit around like saints and do nothing whilst waiting for Scott to maybe come back at some point in the future.

            I never said that Scott wasn’t responsible for his decisions to some extent, however addiction is indeed a very serious, very real disease of which you seem to have very little understanding, especially when, like in Scott’s case, it’s combined with underlying mental illness. I worked as a therapist in addiction and mental health for ten years. When addicts refuse help etc, it’s a symptom of their illness, not a matter of fault, as you said. Please educate yourself before making statements implying addicts deserve to die alone because they’ve pushed help away. Statements like that are unhelpful, to say the least. And calling it karma? (which is a daft made up conceit anyway). Well, that’s just gross.

          • Billy

            we are all responsible for our decisions regardless of addiction. You don’t think i have an understanding of addiction simply because Scott was an adult and refused help and thus had to face the consequences of his choices?

            Lots of ppl have been in far worse scenarios than he was and somehow came out the other side of it alive and healthy. He couldn’t even understand that not doing heroin was being clean.

            To suggest i think he deserved to die alone shows just how over your head this convo is. I’m a little concerned for the ppl you supposedly helped with your counselling. If you can’t comprehend what i have said, then i’m done.
            Keep flapping your gums but you have been a very poor participant in this discussion and i’m bored with it

          • Nikki

            Oh my god you are an idiot.

          • Corndog

            Ok, that’s it. I know i am a little late to this particular conversation, but i have to agree with Billy. You have consistently called him names again and again throughout this conversation despite his restraint in not lowering himself and retaliating.

            It would appear this conversation is over, but please be aware that any other comments where you feel the need to call other folks around here names will be deleted in future.

          • Nikki

            Oh come on. Yet it’s okay for me to be told to stop ‘flapping my gums’ etc? Billy’s initial comment was absolutely disgusting. I took great offense to it. But that’s okay I suppose. How buddy buddy this is.

          • Corndog

            Which he said, in his final post after you had insulted him several times without any kind of retaliation. I read through the entire conversation, and you were being rude right from your very first post where you said you were trying to decide if he was a troll or an ignorant dickhead. The fact that you would try to claim it is ‘buddy buddy’ is just bizarre, when clearly it was you that started being rude, and you continued it. Not Billy.

            There really is no need to be so rude. It’s possible to disagree with someone without feeling the need to resort to calling them names. This isn’t primary school.

          • Nikki

            Err, Billy’s initial post went far, far beyond being just ‘rude’. You seem to have no understanding of how very damaging comments like his can be to drug addicts who may be reading the site.. I can’t ‘call him names’ but he can say that junkies deserve to die alone. Really? How can you possibly justify that differentiation? Billy claims that it’s ‘humour’. It’s not. It’s abuse.

          • Corndog

            No, Billy’s initial post was not rude (to you or anyone else) at all, and even if it was, my purpose here is NOT to police peoples opinions, but rather how they treat other members of the site. I just try to make sure this is a place where someone can express an opinion without getting shit from other posters for doing so – if you disagree with something someone says by all means tell them why but you don’t need to call them names.

            Billy also did not say that junkies deserve to die alone, as you insist. You’re just choosing to interpret it that way. I disagree. He did not say that at all.

            As far as ‘drug addicts reading the site’ well that is of no concern to me whatsoever. I moderate the site, i don’t moderate drug addicts or their drug usage, so it’s just silly to even mention that really.

          • Corndog

            Ok, now you’re just being rude. There is absolutely no need to be so disrespectful towards other users of the site. Please desist.

          • Nikki

            How can you not have a problem with Billy abusing and stigmatizing dead drug addicts, but draw the line at my comments, which were in direct response to his deeply offensive original statement. Come on.

          • Corndog

            Billy is entitled to have an opinion on any of the stories/people that are discussed on this site, and can post those opinions whenever he likes, as can you or anyone else. For example, i have a completely different opinion on addiction (as a disease) to you, but i don’t feel the need to call you names because of it.

            People’s opinions on the stories and celebrities mentioned on the site are not my concern. I am here for one reason only, and that is to make sure that the people visiting the site show one another some respect while expressing those aforementioned opinions. Calling folks names is obviously not showing them respect, which is why i replied to you. That’s all.

          • Nikki

            Problem is though, addiction as a disease is not a case of opinion. It’s science. Medical fact. Look it up. If he said the earth is flat, would I not be allowed to tell his he’s wrong in his ‘opinion’?

          • Corndog

            It’s not though. If you look it up you can find just as many doctors saying that addiction is not a disease as doctors saying it is.

            With regards to you being able to tell Billy he is ‘wrong’ if that’s what you think, well i don’t think you are listening to me, so i’ll say it again. Yes, express your opinion as much or as little as you like. Tell other people what you think of their opinions, just don’t call them names while doing so. That is, as i have said several times now, what i have issue with. Not with you challenging someone’s stance or opinion on any given subject.

            Saying addiction is a disease is just an excuse, in my personal opinion, but we’re getting away from the point here. I don’t want to discuss addiction as it is a particularly personal subject for me, i was talking about the fact that it is possible to discuss something on the site; even to have a difference of opinion with another user, without being rude about it. I really don’t think that is an unreasonably request, do you?

          • Nikki

            Addiction has long been classified as a disease by public institutions such as the AMA. Doctors who disagree have been discredited by research and their peers. As I told Billy, I work in the field. Many times, I have seen the effects on addicts of comments and attitudes like his. They do a lot of damage. Yes, I had a strong reaction to his comment, but I most certainly won’t be apologising for it. Even on a public site like this, do you not have a duty of care to your readers to at least discourage comments implying that junkies deserve to die alone? I’m not saying you should censor them, but it seems to me like you think his comments are fine, which I find very upsetting. I found his comments disgraceful and deeply offensive and I still do. Much more so than a little name-calling.

          • Corndog

            Billy did not say anyone deserved to die alone. Not once. Not at all. Not even a little.

            My ‘duty of care’ as you put it goes as far as trying to ensure everyone is civil to one another. It does not extend beyond that. I do not moderate peoples opinions. If someone is being blatantly racist or sexist or whatever, then yes that’s an exception and I’ll also step in there, but Billy has done nothing or the sort in this thread.

            I have simply asked you not to call your fellow posters names, because it is rude and uncalled for. I ask the same of all site users, including Billy. Is that too much to ask? Is that an unreasonable request?

          • Nikki

            That’s what ‘karma’ means!!!! That’s exactly what he said. Read his first comment carefully. Why do you refuse to acknowledge that?

          • Corndog

            I know what Karma means, and i STILL don’t think he said anyone deserved to die.

            A person’s actions and their intentions affecting or influencing their lives in the future. I.e. in this case, Scott refusing to accept help for his addiction from the people around him, and then when he needed those people he died alone. This is what i interpret from Billy’s statement. Not that anyone deserved to die, or anything else for that matter. It’s not really that difficult to work out.

          • Nikki

            That interpretation is a stretch at best, particularly when read in context with the rest of his post.

          • Corndog

            Nonsense. That is exactly what he meant. If you weren’t so determined to feel hard done by, you’d probably figure that out too.

          • Nikki

            Determined to feel hard done by, really. Is that how I’m feeling. Nope, that’s not it at all. You’re dead wrong.

          • Nikki

            Sorry but I think you’re letting your personal opinion on addiction influence what you deem to acceptable vs unacceptable comments.

          • Corndog

            Well that’s fine. It’s wrong and is not at all what i’m doing, but i’m totally fine with you having that opinion. I don’t feel the need to call you names because of it or anything!

            Are you starting to see how that works?

          • Nikki

            Is being patronising part of your responsibilities? I certainly haven’t called anyone any ‘names’ on this site before (god this is so childish) and I don’t do that as a habit. However, I do not at all agree that my response to Billy was uncalled for. His comments were so far over the line. Damaging, stigmatizing, and to an extent, potentially dangerous to certain readers. Again, I’m disappointed that you haven’t taken issue with them.

          • Corndog

            Agreed, this is getting daft. I don’t understand why you can’t just let it go.

            Name calling on this site will always be considered ‘uncalled for’. If that is the only way you have to get your point across in a debate then this is not the place for you. Again, i would suggest that is an attitude normally found in primary school, so yes childish is correct.

            “His comments were so far over the line. Damaging, stigmatizing, and to an extent, potentially dangerous to certain readers” Don’t be ridiculous. His comments were nothing of the sort. You just appear to be determined to be insulted and outraged are going out of your way to twist what he has said to allow you to feel that way.

            I see nothing to be gained by continuing this pointless conversation. I had one point to make, and i have done so. Good day to you Nikki.

          • Nikki

            Lol good day to you too Corndog. And sorry, but whether you like it or not, what I said above regarding the effects of comments like his is 100% true. I think you’re the one who’s twisting your interpretation to suit your argument. I’ve seen the effects of this sort of stigmatization firsthand, time and time again, and have read reams of research. It’s just indefensible. Obviously, we disagree, but I have the training, experience and qualifications to back up my opinion. Telling someone I think they’re an idiot for expressing sentiments like this pales in comparison.

          • Corndog

            Perhaps it is, if the comments are interpreted as you have done so, but i do not agree with your interpretation:)

            I have also seen first hand how an addict will use the ‘disease’ label as an excuse to continue to destroy their family and generally just be a total nightmare in every way to anyone that loves them, all the while feeling no responsibility and completely guilt free, because they have their convenient get out of jail free disease card. Why stop, it’s not my fault, right?

          • Nikki

            He also went far beyond expressing his opinion, he says addicts deserve to die alone. Disgusting. Yet you refuse to acknowledge the offensiveness of that. You disagree with what you call my ‘opinion’, and agree with his. Sorry but I think that’s colouring your reaction. Hence my ‘buddy buddy’ comment.

          • Corndog

            He did not say that at all. You’re choosing to believe that is what he said, but that’s not what he said. I can only moderate what people actually say on the site, not what other people think they said.

            Actually, i have no idea what Billy’s opinion on addiction as a disease is, so i really don’t see how i am agreeing with it. He may consider addiction an illness for all i know. He hasn’t said anything in this thread that prevents the possibility of him having that opinion.

          • Nikki

            No, that’s exactly what he implied. He said it was ‘karma’ that Scott died alone. That’s very clearly what he meant.

          • Corndog

            No, i don’t think it was, not at all. Nowhere did he claim that Scott deserved to die. That, as i said, is just your interpretation of what he said.

          • Nikki

            Really, so what do you think he meant when he said Scott dying alone was ‘karma’. That statement really is not open to interpretation.

          • Corndog

            Already answered that.

          • Nikki

            Billy also blatantly insulted my professional integrity in my field of work. That’s okay I guess?

          • Corndog

            You refer to this i presume? – ‘ I’m a little concerned for the ppl you supposedly helped with your counselling’, again, a comment coming in his LAST post after you had insulted him several times? Are you actually kidding me?

            I think Billy was quire restrained considering how rude you had been from your VERY FIRST post….

          • Nikki

            So essentially, what you’re saying is that Billy’s responses to me were justified as I’d ‘insulted him’, correct? And he was offended. Well guess what, that’s exactly how I felt after his first, deeply offensive post. Of which, somehow, you continue to refuse to acknowledge the inappropriateness and offensiveness.

          • Corndog

            No, that’s not what i’m saying as there was nothing to justify in the first place. Billy’s responses to you were absolutely fine, including what he said in his final post. He remained calm and controlled throughout, despite your insistence on calling him names such as troll, ignorant dickhead and douchebag. I think he actually showed great restraint.

            If you are ‘offended’ by what he wrote, then by all means tell him that. Just try to show some respect while doing so. I don’t know how i can make that any simpler. You’re just not getting this, are you?

          • Nikki

            Oh I get your attitude. I’m just disappointed by it.

          • Corndog

            Now i have an attitude? Seriously? Oh for god sake…..

            lets break it down to the lowest common denominator – It is as simple as this: Please do not refer to other users as douchebags or ignorant dickheads ETC while engaged in discussion with them. That won’t be tolerated. Feel free to express your opinion otherwise.

          • Nikki

            Err I didn’t say you ‘had’ an attitude, I said I ‘get’ your attitude, there’s a big difference? I have already stated I am not in the habit of calling people names, I will also repeat myself by saying I do not believe that my reaction to Billy was uncalled for. I really, really wish you’d just acknowledge how out of line he was. You just keep saying I’m not getting it, but I don’t think you understand how damaging these sorts of statements are. I really do know what I’m talking about.

          • Corndog

            I cannot acknowledge what i do not agree with. I have said several times now that i do not agree with your assessment of Billy’s post. Had i thought that Billy had said something that was out of line i would have pulled him for it, just as i would pull anyone for the same reason. There is no Bubby buddy as you suggest, i simply do not agree with you.

            Look, i do not wish to argue about this any further. I think we can both agree that it’s not cool to call people name for any reason, agreed? Let’s just move on with our lives with no harm done and no hard feelings at this point. The post is 5 days old as it is afterall. Fair enough?

          • Nikki

            Yeah fine, it’s not cool to ‘call people names’ (though let’s be real here, this is the Internet), but the same courtesy should extend to dead drug addicts. We clearly disagree on Billy’s initial post, but in my opinion, it was disgusting and got the reaction it warranted. That won’t change. Shrug.

          • Corndog

            That’s absolutely fair enough. I take your point that this is the internet, and i know it may be extremely naive of me but i do not think it is right when people use the anonymity of the internet as a excuse to be mean and nasty to one another, and i try my best to ensure that sort of thing does not go on in the comments section of AN. I don’t want it to descend into the realms of the Youtube comments section where folks are pretty despicable to one another. That’s all i’m trying to do in my capacity as mod.

            I respect your opinion on Billy’s post, although i disagree with it. I’m not going to try to make you change your mind about it as it’s fine for people to have differing opinions.

            Now, come over here and give me a hug Nikki. Lets hug it out:)

          • Nikki


            You know, I never intended to be ‘mean and nasty’, and I don’t think I really was beyond what was called for (imo lol), but this is a very touchy subject for me. I’ve had clients commit suicide believing they’re worthless, and that people think they deserve what they get (a lonely, miserable death). That attitude is what set me off. It’s heartbreaking and I take it personally.

            And yes, God no, not the YT comments section 🙂

          • Corndog

            It is kind of a touchy subject for me too. I lived with an addict, a family member, for many years and it nearly destroyed my life, and i do not think they have the right to claim that their addiction is a disease. That actually really angers me. Just gives them an excuse to continue to treat me and the rest of my family like crap. I’ve experienced them doing this first hand.

            Still going on to this day, although after a recent bout of rehab they’re currently off the stuff, but it never lasts for long.

          • Nikki

            Yeah, I understand and I’m sorry to hear that. It completely changes your perspective when you’ve directly suffered the fall out, I get that. And it’s sadly true that not all long-term drug and/or alcohol abusers are ‘addicts’ in the medical, diseased sense of the word, and do use the term as an excuse. Especially when there are personality disorder issues, which are a nightmare. It’s so hard to differentiate between those ones and the genuine, medical cases, without invasive testing, which rarely happens anyway. The ones that genuinely suffer from the disease also suffer from the stigma of those who have used it as an excuse, on top of the shame and the guilt and the sense of failure. It’s a vicious, horrible cycle. That’s part of what makes it such an incredibly complex issue. I’m sorry you’ve experienced the fall out. It just all really, really sucks, and the worst part is, we’re not even really close to a cure, for either the behavioural, or the medical side. What a mess, with so many victims (including the families and friends).

            God, that was a downer.

          • Corndog

            In my case it was alcohol, not drugs. My father is an alcoholic and far as i am concerned, knows exactly what he is doing. He started the whole disease = excuse line a few years back and has used it as a shield ever since. You get a lot of the whole ‘oh i’m an alcoholic and it’s a disease, i was drunk so i can’t remember what i did/said’. Yeah dad, but you were fucking sober when you walked in to the shop and purchased the alcohol in the first place, knowing full well what kind of a hateful person it makes you, and you still did it anyway so your excuse is void.

          • Nikki

            In terms of the effects on consequential thinking, there is some interesting research being done on the dopamine receptors of alcoholics and how the differences in their brain chemistry can interfere with their decision-making abilities, even when sober. I don’t want to make excuses for your dad and I’m not saying that’s the case with him, that would be totally inappropriate. You clearly know his condition, from a first-hand perspective, it’s just interesting science.

            I see the pain on the family’s faces in group sessions, it’s brutal to see. I feel
            for you, I really do. And truth be told, my dad has had similar issues. Not as severe as yours from the sounds of it, but still pretty bad. Few things are more painful than someone who’s supposed to love and protect you, treating you like shit.

          • valhalla

            Nikki, as I said in earlier reply, I appreciate your passion for trying to help others. Sometimes, we invest so much of ourselves in helping others that we forget to take care of ourselves. You sound like a deeply compassionate person who genuinely cares for others. Without going into too much detail, please believe me when I say that you simply have to take time and distance for yourself. If not, it is far too emotionally draining, which can then manifest itself into physical symptoms. Namaste 🙂

          • Nikki

            Thanks. All very true, and yes it is very draining work. I’m cool though, I figured out how to compartmentalise early on. Doesn’t mean I won’t get into fights on the internet about it though haha.

          • valhalla

            You’re welcome…just please don’t get into a fight with me..haha.
            Namaste 🙂

          • valhalla

            Nikki, I am glad that you and Corndog have worked things out. That is why I took my time (and then the server went down) before entering into the fray: this subject can invoke heated debates. I appreciate your passion for your job in trying to help addicts. I understand your feelings; however, we are guests here, and should honor proper etiquette rules as outlined by the moderator. No name calling. Period. Namaste 🙂

          • valhalla

            Thank you for being patient with Nikki. I understand that the disease model of addiction is not for everyone. I have seen other posts by that person, and, based upon his other posts here, I chose to believe that his gallows humor was not intended to be disrespectful. I can also see why Nikki was offended; however, the name calling was inappropriate, and I told her so. She appears to be a compassionate soul, so, I am glad that you worked it out and did not ban her. One of the reasons I chose this site to engage in discussion is because name calling and personal attacks are not tolerated. Namaste 🙂

            “With every mistake
            We must surely be learning
            Still my guitar gently weeps”

            –“While My Guitar Gently Weeps”–The Beatles–RIP Scott Weiland–

          • Corndog

            No worries:)

            I wouldn’t have banned her for that. Takes people to be really nasty before it gets to that point, and i always try to work off a three strike rule. I like to think that i am quite tolerant really, but i am pleased that you have noticed that i try to make sure it is a place where people can talk without getting hassled.

            Billy is a really nice fella. Actually, probably one of the most polite people i have ever met online!

          • Nikki

            His initial post deserved no respect. None whatsoever.

          • valhalla

            Whilst I was thinking of a measured response to this discussion, the server was being changed. It may not be my place to suggest that there may be bigger issues here, as last week there was a story about the heroin epidemic in New Hampshire, and today there is a story about a massive meth bust in Australia. Perhaps it is important, perhaps not, to at least acknowledge that people other than rock stars are consuming these deadly drugs.

            After seeing the “Vasoline” video re-posted above, I again felt great sorrow and distress that Scott was not shielded from public scrutiny and possibly even ridicule. I understand the argument that Scott chose to use drugs and drink alcohol. The question may be whether or not Scott was capable of making the right decisions for himself. If he was not capable, then the question becomes is he incapable; or rather, is he incapacitated? If someone is incapacitated, at what point do they pose a significant risk of harming themselves?

            Two months removed, there is something that was stated in the open letter that may resonate more profoundly regarding this situation: willingly or not, Scott belonged in a hospital.

          • Nikki

            Well, yeah. Drug and alcohol abuse is absolutely a pandemic, and people from all walks of life can and do fall victim. I live in Australia, ice is a devastating problem here. Heroin use is increasing at an alarming rate. Over this summer, several young people died from taking party drugs at different dance festivals. It’s a horrendous problem.

            In relation to his choices, for someone like Scott, who was clearly hardwired for addiction, from the moment he first tried heroin, choice sadly became irrelevant. Sure, he chose to try it that first time, but that doesn’t mean he deserved his fate, and it’s hard to imagine that people would argue otherwise. I agree with you, Scott absolutely belonged in a hospital. It just didn’t seem like he was capable of reasonable decision-making, he seemed so far in denial that it just wasn’t rational, which begs the question of his ability to even make healthy choices. As fans of course, we don’t know what happened behind the scenes, but he certainly reminded me of a lot of people I’ve worked with in the past who were past the point of reason and responsibility.

            Re the Vasoline video, Jamie disclosed that that was partly due to his psych meds being out of whack, which seems quite likely given his presentation at the time. It may have been wiser if he’d acknowledged that as the likely cause back then, rather than the in-ear excuses, but it’s easy to say that in retrospect. It was indeed very distressing to watch. That ridicule (to which he’d long been subjected) must have been brutal.

            I may be overly-sensitive regarding this issue, but when someone’s mocked for being a mentally ill drug addict, it really makes me sick.

          • Corndog

            You’re Australian? I’m Irish. We’re practically cousins:)

          • Nikki

            That’s funny, when you used the word ‘daft’ earlier, it struck me as such an unamerican word, I wondered if you were from elsewhere! Now I know haha. Yo cuz.

          • Corndog

            Yep, genuinely Irish, as in born, raised and live in Ireland. Not like one of those Americans you’ll often see who claim they are Irish because their mothers fathers uncles cousins next door neighbour cat came over on the boat from Ireland 150 years ago;)

            EDIT – I bet you have an awesome accent. You just can’t beat a woman with an Australian accent!

          • Nikki

            I know the type you mean, they sometimes cultivate a weird accent too. That they love to test on women in pubs by telling them they’re visiting from Ireland, when they’ve really lived 50kms away their whole lives. Bloody sneaks.

            I like to think I sound like Cate Blanchett, but I’m probably closer to Kylie Minogue in Neighbours. Don’t know how old you are, but if you don’t know how Charlene sounded, spare yourself and don’t look on YouTube, trust me that it was horrendous.

            Also I’m joking about sounding like that, if I did I’d never speak again. Poor Kylie.

            Real Irish accents on boys have been known to have their charms as well.

          • Corndog

            I’m pushing 40, I remember Charlene and Scott. Actually it’s quite sad, but I can remember when I was going on holiday with my parents as a kid and getting someone to video a week of neighbours for me so I wouldn’t miss it:)

            Far as accents go, I’m from the north of Ireland so probably don’t sound like the stereotypical Irish accent you get in movies. It would be closer to Liam Neeson. We’re both from the same part of Ireland.

          • Nikki

            I’m 40 in July! When do you reach the illustrious / horrifying number? Scott and Charlene’s wedding song (Suddenly by Angry Anderson, I’m sure you know it well) was our seventh grade graduation song. 1988 represent! Weird choice now that I think about it though.

            We don’t really have interesting regional accents here. Some people think that people from Victoria and South Australia have an accent but it’s pretty weak cause I sure af can’t hear it. I can’t really think of anyone I know that even sounds as interesting as Charlene. Boring.

            Liam Neeson hey. That’s cool.

          • Corndog

            Well I’m just a few weeks away from turning 38 so still have 2 years to go until 40, but i can feel it looming large in my mirrors. I think i am getting a little obsessed with it to be honest. I’m not exactly ageing gracefully. It actually freaks me out!

            Unfortunately yeah, i do remember that song, and now i have it going round and round my head, so thanks for that Nikki:) Just for that, i think it is only fair that i now remind you of the Jason and Kylie duet ‘Especially For You’, so that you can have that in your head all day long.

            I can’t tell you exactly where they come from, but i am sure that i have heard differing Australian accents. There is the Charlene type, which despite what you have said i actually think sounds really nice, and then another i have heard which is less pronounced than that, almost more like an English accent with just a tinge of Australian. I prefer the Charlene type personally. Accents are weird in Ireland. I could travel 30-40 miles from my home and find it difficult to understand what folks are saying; especially if you head out into the countryside.

            When i was younger i lived in England for a while, and the folks there looked at me like i was speaking Swahili…

          • Nikki

            37, oh please you’re just a baby then hah. As far as aging gracefully, sunscreen’s been my physical saviour, but on the inside I feel 17 one day and 80 the next, so I’m lost there. Speaking of sunscreen, I had a Welsh flatmate in the late ’90s who brought some from home to use here, but it was all SPF6. He may as well have used mayonnaise. So anyway, lathering up has helped stave off the wrinkles. So far. Gulp. That’s probably less applicable in Ireland though. I hear you have no snakes too. Lucky. Though I have to say, I’ve never seen one here outside of zoos etc and would drop dead if I did. I like spiders though. I digress.

            I think lots of Australians (myself included) are a bit self-conscious of their inner Charlene and try to distance themselves from it. It definitely slips out sometimes though, usually in traffic, to be sure to be sure (said in convincing Irish accent). The New Zealand accent to me sounds completely different, but I’ve met tourists who can’t tell the difference.

            Especially For You. Oh great, thanks for that. I may break out some of Jason Donovan’s solo work in retribution.

          • Corndog

            While we’re at it, have some Kylie – “I should be so lucky, lucky lucky lucky….’ Remember, you started it!

            Yes 37, but only barely. 38 in about 3 weeks or so, and those years just fly by these days so i’ll be 40 before you know it!

            Welsh! That’s another accent that sounds very good on a lady. Sunscreen is not a major issue in the UK. Here in Ireland, we tend to have liquid sunshine. I don’t think i have worn sunscreen since i was a child on holiday in Spain or somewhere like that. It’s not really needed here. Now, umbrellas on the other hand….:)

            We seem to be quite the opposite when it comes to snakes and spiders. Snakes do not bother me in the slightest, but if i see a spider i will literally scream like a little girl. I hate those damn things. They freak me right out! You have to remember too, we don’t even have poisonous spiders here so i really am being a bit of a pussy. They just look creepy as all hell and i can’t deal with it. You actually have spiders over there that can kill you, right? Nope. Sorry. I would be packing up and leaving the country. I watched a video recently of an Australian dude freaking out over some spiders in his home and i couldn’t help but laugh, even though i sympathised with the guy. He was trying to stop them with silly string, which, bizarrely he had several tins of on hand. Had a quick look and found the link:


          • Nikki

            I think early and frequent exposure to Charlotte’s Web as a kid gave me arachnophobia immunity. My sister is as afraid of them as you though. She freaks right out. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t particularly want one crawling over my face while I sleep. That would not be cool.

            I once saw a Canadian tourist knock his chair backwards and go screaming up the stairs after he saw a huntsman spider. I had to show off how brave I was, so I picked it up and carried it outside, his wife was horrified. They’re huge but harmless. Redbacks and funnel webs could technically kill babies and sick people, but no-one’s died in Oz from spiders in like 40 years or something. Eastern Brown snakes on the other hand… Oh my god. And the stonefish and the blue-ringed octopus and the sharks, the big scary sharks. Okay that’s it, I’m moving.

            It’s such a cliché, but time really does seem to go faster as you get older. I swear I was in docs and flannels circa 1994 only a year or two ago. Sigh.

            The sun here is blindingly hot at the moment, I can’t wait for our brief winter respite. I guess it’s all nice and snowy over there. Hmmph.

            Here is a photo of a cute, harmless huntsman spider.


          • Corndog

            That pic is one of the single most disturbing things i have ever seen. How can you live in a place with monsters like that lurking in every corner? That actually gave me a shiver up my spine when i looked at it. Pretty sure the wee bugger was looking back too. I am totally with that Canadian. It was clearly the only sensible thing to do. Pick yourself up, and run screaming like a girl. Standard operating procedure.

            DM’s and flannel:) Yeah, around that time i would have been dressed exactly the same way. I don’t wear so much flannel these days and the DM’s have been replaced with CAT’s, but truth be told, i don’t really dress that differently now than i did then. Just a few less layers! My hair is a little shorter now though. Back then it would have been right down my back. I actually went for a good 7 years without a haircut before i started getting it cut short. I haven’t bothered getting it cut for about a year and a half now so it’s sort of shoulder length at the minute.

            I know exactly what you mean about life going past faster as you get older. I have noticed that myself, and i guess it is part of what freaks me out about getting older. My son turned 10 last month, but it just seems like yesterday that he was wearing nappies.

          • Nikki

            Funny thing is, I’ve gone back to uni recently and have noticed a lot of the girls dressing exactly like my friends and I did back then. Makes me feel so nostalgic. Then they pull out their phones to take Instagram selfies and the image totally falls apart haha.

            I had the Mia Wallace haircut for much of the ’90s, apart from a brief and disastrous ‘Rachel’. Colour’s been everything from blonde to black to purple. Now it’s blonde mostly to camouflage the greys hah *weeps*.

            Kids are great markers of time aren’t they. I’ve just gotten back on Facebook after a six year absence, and that new thing they do where all of a sudden they show you random photos on your timeline from like eight years ago really freaks me out.

            I looove cobwebs. Love them. Except when I walk through them of course. Is this friendly little guy better?


          • Corndog

            The ‘alternative’ kids here don’t seem to dress much like my friends and i would have when we were young. They all tend to dress in black, usually long and flowing, with white makeup and dark red or black lipstick. They kind of look like what we would have referred to as goths when i was a teenager. They seem to take themselves very seriously. Not real big on the smiling.

            My hair has been all kinds of weird colours too. Went through a phase when i was young where i kept dying it any colour i could get my hands on, although i never tried blonde. I have to admit though, i have no idea what a Rachel is?

            I don’t use Facebook. I don’t have any social media accounts at all.

            Yeah, see, that pic, he’s all smiling and trying to be friendly like, but he’s just trying to lure you into a false sense of security then bam! Sinks the teeth in and crawls down your undercrackers. Don’t fall for it!

          • Nikki

            Haha the ‘Rachel’ is the haircut Jennifer Aniston had on Friends at the height of its popularity. So very very ’90s.

            I love goths (I kinda was one briefly). I remember going to a Big Day Out (summer music festival) in about ’99 with NIN and Marilyn Manson both playing, they were out in force that day. The makeup, hair, coats, the whole thing. Much respect cause it must have been at least 32 degrees. I guess they call themselves emo though nowadays. My 19 year old hairdresser told me last week that her favourite genre of music is ‘screamo’. I couldn’t stop myself from bursting out laughing. I think she was slightly offended.

            My favourite band has always been Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (who aren’t nearly as ‘goth’ these days as their reputation suggests), every time I see a picture of Nick (I have one of him and PJ Harvey snogging stuck to my fridge), I want to dye my hair black again, until I remember the greys. Pisses me right off.

            I only got back onto Facebook so I join local ‘sell your old crap’ groups to get rid of lots of old clothes. It’s really very dull otherwise.

            So is it safe to assume your favourite band is Pearl Jam?

          • Corndog

            It sure is. Favourite band for more than 20 years now:)

          • Nikki

            Well I won’t hold that against you hahahahahahaaa

          • Corndog


            Your uncle Eddie forgives you.

          • Nikki

            And you saying someone dying from their addiction is ‘karma’ is repulsive and so very ignorant. Hence why I’d hoped you were a troll.

        • Corndog

          Please refrain from calling other posters on the site names.

        • This Chic Over Here

          Thats a troll or a Richard Cranium here in Discusland 🙂

  • Go Hiomlán Mandelbrotmenge Imi

    I see that SW made a lot of mistakes and he might have been an asshole from time to time (because he was an addict) but isn’t it time to let him rest in peace? He is dead, he paid the biggest price one can ever pay for addiction and still they are talking shit about him?

    • JoelS

      i wouldn’t say they’re “talking shit” the interview asked them a question. They’ll be getting question about Scott for as long as they’re alive.


      I understand their point of view and it must suck to be in their position with such a problematic frontman for so many years, but I think they should have waited a little longer for the announcement of the search of a new singer and for these kind of interviews talking about Weiland and his death.

      AIC were back with a new singer after many years, and they were trying to replace Layne Staley, one of the greatest singers/frontmen of the last decades (like Weiland), if they had announced that they were looking for a new singer after just a couple of months, the fans would have been mad about it.

      I know they are technically replacing Chester, but come one, Weiland was STP’s iconic singer/frontman, the new singer will be really replacing him, and he died just a couple of months ago.

      I’m not saying that they should have waited for years, and I know that STP is in the headlines again now because of Scott’s death, but they could have kept the search for the new singer under wraps for a few months and announce the new singer after, I don’t know, at least a year, just as a sign of respect to Scott, who probably was an asshole to them for years and ruined what could have been a much greater career for the last 15 years, but anyway, just imagine AIC announcing that they were looking for a new singer after just a couple of months of Layne’s passing… The AIC’s guys didn’t have the career they could have had if Layne had quit his addictions and had been more in touch with the rest of his band, but if Cantrell had announced that he was going to have a new singer for AIC after just a couple of months of Layne’s death, the fans would have never allowed it, it would have been just too soon.

      I know that these are different bands with different backstories, but come on, I doubt the DeLeo brothers and Kretz need the money that much, they could have waited at least a year, auditioning for a new singer and rehearsing in secret for some time, then do the big announcement about the new singer and a new tour and a new album, but I think it’s just too soon, and a lot of people will think it’s disrespectful , no matter that the one to blame for all of this is actually Scott.

    • dakotablue

      Makes them seem like heartless money-grubbers, don’t it? RIP Weiland, you were a special singer and performer, no matter what your problems were.

      • — J —

        Heartless moneygrubbers? Yeah, almost as much as the guy who went out on a “Purple at the Core” tour by himself instead of involving his bandmates in their very own album anniversaries.

        • dakotablue

          Well, Scott told Spin magazine in Feb. of 2013 that it was his idea to do the 20th anniversary Core tour in 2012 but the other STP guys didn’t want to. However, there was still public interest, so he decided to do it as a solo tour. Right after he announced that, STP officially kicked him out. So sounds to me like they didn’t wanna do it.

  • Chris Warren

    I hope STP rocks on forever. STP! STP! STP!

  • Nancy M. Turnage

    It was Scott’s band and it will always be Scott’s band and Scott’s songs.

    • — J —

      Yeah, Scott did amazing things with those songs by himself:

      • valhalla

        “The summer sun, it blows my mind
        Is falling down on all that I’ve ever known
        Time will kiss the world goodbye
        Falling down on all that I’ve ever known
        Is all that I’ve ever known

        A dying scream makes no sound
        Calling out to all that I’ve ever known
        Here am I, lost and found
        Calling out to all

        We live a dying dream
        If you know what I mean
        All that I’ve ever known
        It’s all that I’ve ever known

        Catch the wheel that breaks the butterfly
        I cried the rain that fills the ocean wide
        I tried to talk with God to no avail
        Calling Him in and out of nowhere
        Said if you won’t save me, please don’t waste my time”

        –“Falling Down” by Oasis–RIP Scott Weiland–

  • Pingback: Stone Temple Pilots Are Keeping Their Name Because ‘If This Was Scott’s Band, It’d Have Been Run Into the Ground By 1998′ | SPIN

  • Anthony C

    Coca-Cola is a product. The person running it is, to the general public, a nameless figure whose sole goal is to maximize profit. I get the whole STP brand thing, but it’s sort of insulting to Scott to compare him to someone whose absence literally no one outside the company would notice. I mean, by that logic, Stone Temple Pilots might as well be a corporation, and once Eric and the DeLeos retire or die, you could enlist replacements as long as they’re performing the same songs.

    • Nikki

      Well said.

    • long_dong_donkey_kong

      The Coke analogy fails miserably because we’re talking ingredients. If you change the ingredients of Coke where if you removed the carbonation, caffeine, color, and altered the taste, you couldn’t still call it Coke.

      • astrocreep7

        Beat me to it.

      • Anonymous501

        You call it New Coke! Nobody likes it, then you backtrack and bring back old coke and call it coke classic! 🙂

    • — J —

      When they replaced the cane sugar with corn syrup, did you demand they change the name and stop calling it Coke?

      Probably not, huh? Because even the thing that makes it the sweetest isn’t the sole reason for the name.

      *drops mic*

      • Anonymous501

        There’s a whole market for Mexican Coke now which still uses cane sugar.

        • — J —

          The same way there was still a market for STP with Scott when he returned, and the same way there was still a market for STP when Chester was singing.

          Point proven. You can change 1 ingredient, still call it the same thing, and there is a market for both.

  • Gina Baker Carlock

    Scott was bipolar and self medicating. I have been living 25 years with a bipolar husband. It is not easy for anyone working or living with someone with bipolar. It is no ones fault. Scott didn’t choose to be bipolar and there isn’t any cure. The medications only put band aids on the problem. His disease probably was the dark horse that inspired his music. Quit blaming him or the other band members. Scott lived a short life some only dream about and left a legacy. We have his music forever. STP died with him. The guys need to move on or just sound like a tribute band. I hope they find someone to fill his place. Look at Jack White he reinvents himself successfully and does not hold onto the White Stripes name.

    • — J —

      Are you suggesting they tour as “Dean Deleo, Robert Deleo, and Eric Kretz”? Because that’s kind of a mouthful.

    • FoxyHound

      He was also a junkie that was in total denial. A lot bipolar sufferers aren’t.

  • jim materbah

    don’t listen to idiots. Its the band now of 3 people. As long as you keep putting out good music, who cares about the politics of this that and the other. Scott is gone. Carry on STP.

  • facepollutioin

    An emotive subject for sure, and I can definitely understand people being a bit taken aback by their candour, but there’s no denying that these guys had the patience of saints, and Scott did really put them through the wringer. I think they are perfectly entitled to carry on with the STP band name, as huge a part as Scott was, without the DeLeo brothers and Kretz’s music there’s no guarantee Scott would have made it.

    In terms of a new singer, I’m open to the idea. I didn’t really enjoy Chester’s work with the band, he kind of lacks that enigmatic edge that Scott brought. Plus Scott was the full package, he had a great voice, wrote incredible vocal melodies and lyrics, and was as captivating a performer as they come. Finding a replacement for that will be no mean feat. However, people said the same about the Doors members playing with other singers, but Scott did a pretty impressive job singing for them 🙂

  • Anonymous501

    I think Coke is a bad analogy. Changing the CEO is akin to a band changing it’s manager. Most people aren’t going to notice or care. Change the recipe and people will freak out. Remember New Coke in the 80s, and then having to bring old coke back as coke classic.

    I agree that that the remaining members of a band have the right to keep using the name. Lighting rarely strikes once, let alone twice. The odds of them ever having comparable success under a different moniker are slim. The absence of a lead singer can absolutely cost them their livlihood.

    That being said STP has been on a downward trajectory. The last few years with Weiland were pretty mediocre. The kept playing smaller and smaller venues. Bennington’s new songs weren’t very good, so he was covering the STP classics. Even less people are interested, and even smaller venues.

    Do they want to keep dragging the STP name into mud until the get to the point Weiland was at, where he was stuck on a perpetual tour of low paying bar shows?

    I think STP has the right to keep going, but they should be asking themselves how low they’re willing to go. Maybe it’s time hang it up and live off the royalties.

  • MRH

    They all have taken drugs according to the Rolling Stone interview. Regardless I want to hear new music from STP with a new lead singer.

    To honor Scott just like AiC has with Duvall. Laynes voice is still the memory of Alice just as Scotts is with the Stone Temple Pilots.

    STP just needs someone who can breathe some life back into the band.
    There is so much talent in the surviving members that it will work out. Long live STP!

  • Tyler Durden

    The DeLeos are correct. Scott self-destructed and they want to keep on playing. Jerry Cantrel didn’t catch a bunch of flack when Layne Staley dies because fans knew it was his own doing. I love STP, and it won’t be the same without Scott, but you can’t expect these guys to just hang it up. Many bands keep their names after members move on.


    I don’t remember anyone talking trash to Alice In Chains introducing Duvall. Frankly I don’t see the problem. Weiland died. Period. They weren’t Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews Band or Ben Folds Five.

    Personally I think the more the DeLeo talks about the subject the more difficult will be for them to turn the page and continue the STP legacy.

    Like Alice In Chains, if there is talent, there will be success.

    • dakotablue

      I do remember a whole lotta trash-talking when AIC came back with Duvall. There was a huge “no Layne, no Chains” movement, actually.
      Agree with other posters that STP members should have waited a respectable amount of time after Scott’s death. No matter what the DeLeos and Kretz contributed, STP is still thought of as Weiland’s band. I wish them success but please act like decent humans.

      • ITURBIDE

        Indeed, but i disagree beat se

        A) it takes to AIC 10 freaking years to came with a new album after Staley died. 10 more years and you can bet the trash talk will surface no mater what. That’s eh y i don’t see the point of wait.

        And B) the fact is that the moment Weiland died he was not in STP for a while, so the search for a new singer came from long time ago.

  • Colby Miller

    I understand the shit you went through due to the addictions Scott had, but at the end of the day he was your friend. Had it not been for Scott Weiland you would not be in the position your in now, as far as I’m concerned you might as well call yourselves the Deleo band, because your not STP without Scott Weiland.