Stone Temple Pilots Continue To Mourn Scott Weiland: ‘I Can’t Believe He’s Gone’

Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo recently discussed Scott Weiland’s death with Loudwire.

“He brought a lot of this band. He was the frontman of this band and he’s partly responsible for why I’m sitting here talking to you today. That’s the honest truth. I’ll always cherish what we did together musically. That comes but once in a lifetime for people, or not at all for people. To share art together and have it go to the places where it went to for us. I’ll always be in deep, deep gratitude for having him in my life and I think it’s really sad and as time goes by I can’t believe the guy is gone. I really can’t believe he’s gone.

It’s really sad and I guess that’s the beauty of music, though. I simply have to go on YouTube and there he is. There he is and there we are, and there we are sharing something really amazing together. I think that’s what lives on. That thing we created together, I’ll always cherish for the rest of my life.”

Stone Temple Pilots’ Dean and Robert DeLeo were interviewed on 105.7 The Point yesterday about their singer search, and Alternative Nation transcribed quotes.

Dean said, “You know in 3 seconds whether this person is worth pursuing or not.”

They also responded to a fan who told them to change their name, since an iconic frontman like Scott Weiland is irreplaceable. Another told them they have the right to keep the name, since it’s 3/4 of the original members still performing Stone Temple Pilots songs.

Robert adamantly defended keeping the name without Weiland, “I kind of look at it this way. There were 3/4 of us that were responsible with Scott, making STP. For instance, you have a company like Coca Cola, and you have someone running Coca Cola. If they’re not there any more, do you change the name of Coca Cola?” Robert added that changing the name at this point in his life didn’t make sense, “It’s easy for someone to say that, and get on their computer, and write that in, but if you’re in that position in life, that’s the last thing I want to do right now.” He added that if he were in his 20’s, we would change his name, but that he now ‘can’t afford to do it.’

Dean said, “I see the point there on both comments, I do, I see the point. It’s interesting, because there’s people that say, ‘That was Scott’s band.’ Well I’m going to tell you something, if this was Scott’s band, it would have been run into the ground by 1998. It would have been over. That’s the way he lived his life. We’re talking about a guy that killed himself, unfortunately, the tragedy of that. Robert, Eric, and I were the guys who managed through thick and thin to keep him together, he relied upon us, we relied upon him. He got farther, and farther away from this world, and there was no coming back man.”

The DeLeos also revealed that Chester Bennington told them he was quitting STP 8 to 9 months ago, and that they planned to have a singer search before Scott Weiland died.

  • Raj

    Us too Robert, we still can`t believe Scott is gone.

    • dakotablue

      Yes. And Bowie too.

  • burgervan

    I can.

  • Felonious Punk

    “We can’t believe he’s gone. We really can’t believe it. In the meantime, any Average Joe who wants a crack at filling his shoes in the band, come on down!”

  • Ann Anderson

    You can tell that Robert and Scott were close friends long before Dean came into the picture. Robert always has a softer and more emotional tone when it comes to talking about Scott. I am not dissing Dean at all here, by the way.

  • Marbin

    Im ok if they want to keep the name. Its their livelihood. Bad analogy with Coca Cola though. STP didn’t just change management as his Coke analogy suggests. Because if Coke changes its formula, should you still call it Coke? Very poor comparison. They’ve done that before, and we ended up with “New Coke” , and Diet Coke, and Coke Zero. See how that works? When they changed the ingredients, the formula, they changed the name.

    They can keep the name. They earned it. Because they could call themselves the “Fart Mouth Mondays”, and I’ll still know who they are, and think of them as the STP guys. The name isn’t as important to me as the music, and I hope they can come back strong. The Coke thing though, terrible analogy.