Stone Temple Pilots Cancel All Upcoming Tour Dates

Stone Temple Pilots have dropped off the Soundwave tour, an Australian tour that was set to kick off next month with Green Day and Alice In Chains also featured on the bill. Here is STP’s announcement:

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS regretfully cancel all upcoming shows. The recording of the new album has now gone beyond schedule and sadly the availability of the recording studio, engineers and the producer or lack thereof dictates that the band have had to cancel their upcoming engagements.

The band were also set to perform in Indonesia and Hawaii. STP frontman Chester Bennington is simultaneously recording new albums with STP and Linkin Park.

  • Zach

    In other news, nobody gives a shit about them anyway.

  • Deviate

    I heard Scott Weiland was available for some recording sessions with them.

  • — Joe —

    This is good news. I would rather have new music than a band go out and play the same old music.

  • Mr. K.

    Nobody = Zach apparently.

  • Douche

    How could you hear anything with your head up your ass. Scott is done Dude so get over it.

  • Raj

    Quick! Someone get a dollar bill for Dean to wipe his nose with. All that money lost must be eating him up.The new STP album with Chester won\’t be anything special.


    Oh yes i heard that rumor too 🙂 Someone in the music industry who goes by the name of Scott Weiland is a sound engineer and he has volunteered to help Stone Temple Pilots record their new album in 2014



  • Jeff

    Hey look at that! I guess they don\\’t need Scott as their excuse to cancel tours!

    PS – could these “please type the characters” be ANY harder to read!?!?!?!?

  • Rbees

    What a piss poor excuse. STP would make more money from playing Soundwave (+ 2 additional sideshows) than what their new album would sell in 20 years!

  • Oz Jim

    As an Australian……thats fucked!FFS! Ya can\’t do that to fans -especially in countries that have historically been treated poorly.

  • CagedTiger

    For the love of God don\’t do it!! Don\’t release an album under the STP name with Chester from LP on vocals, call it anything else but don\’t fuck up your legacy by calling it STP.

  • Rahul Sethi

    Actually Linkin Park\’s album recording session went on for long due to which STP wasn\’t able to complete subsequent recording process , soin order to mke room for it , they had to cancel their tour.Chester is still in studio with Linkin Park