• Bama_Grunge

    This is a little too far for me. I’ll stick with my Aspen trip in February!

  • inkstp

    they had me at slash!!
    finding out that stp was to play there, i had to and hopefuly will be (way over there) to enjoy this one time (for me!!!) show.
    hoping i get to meet them in person. err.. hope? its not the rite word. will blow shit up if i have to…
    just kiddin by the way, dont cancel..

  • syntp

    stp f***ing rocked singapore…
    sound was great, lights were awesome
    scott was killing on stage
    got hold of dean deleo’s guitar pick
    god what a night out

    by the time stp got on after stage after all the talking and the joking with sugar sugar my voice was all cracked from calling out for stp.
    coupla beers took me to where i wanted that night.
    love u guys