Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard was on WFPK this morning, here are some Pearl Jam notes:

On Pearl Jam touring with Soundgarden: “sounds fun, I think we should do it.”

On Eddie Vedder’s injury: Said Ed hurt his back moving a bench in the back yard, his arm went to sleep. Now he’s going through physical therapy, “He’s in the process of getting healthy right now. I think he’s improving. I think everything’s going to be fine.”

On next Pearl Jam box set: Said there will be another one, but no concrete plans yet, “”I don’t know when the next one’s coming out.”

On new Pearl Jam music: Said Pearl Jam’s best records are ahead of them.

  • SON

    But who would open for who? :O

  • Fernanda

    Matt Cameron will work A LOT!

  • Dave

    Haha! Its easy for Stone to say, he doesn’t have to play drums the whole time!

  • louderthanshit333

    Doesn’t sound very confident in their new music.

  • be

    would be an amazing tour with Soundgarden, truly historic for the two most important bands of the grunge, now, indeed! 🙂 😀

  • Dennis

    Boo. I want to see SG, and I don’t want to pay PJ money to do it.

  • be


    Pearl Jam’s Next Album Will Likely Drop in 2013, Says Mike McCready

    Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready updates the status on their currently in-the-works tenth studio album, which he says will probably not be finished this year.

    Pearl Jam’s upcoming tenth studio album was one of the most anticipated releases set for this year. Unfortunately for PJ fans, guitarist Mike McCready says that the anticipation will likely go unsatisfied until 2013. “Were probably not gonna have anything out this year,” McCready tells Louisville, Ky., radio station WFPK. “Were trying to make this thing the best as possible that we can and we’re taking our time with it. Like a slow-cooked turkey [laughs]. I don’t know if that’s the right analogy.”

    Despite all the various projects the members of Pearl Jam have in play — Brad, Soundgarden, Eddie Vedder solo, etc. — the guitarist says that they have already laid the groundwork for the new disc. “We’ve got about 15 ideas or so that were kicking around and Ed’s working on. So yeah, that’s where we’re at — we’re doing a record right now and we’re in the middle of it,” says McCready. “I would say some [of the songs are] experimental, but some is pretty straight forward rock ‘n’ roll and some are some really beautiful ballads and such.”

    During the sessions for their previous album, 2009?s ‘Backspacer,’ there was reportedly enough material recorded for a second album. “Two or three are from that,” McCready reveals of the songs they’re crafting for the new album. “We all brought in ten songs, five songs a piece to the band. So that’s in addition to the two or three from ‘Backspacer.’ Sometimes the songs just don’t make the record because they’re not good enough for that record, but they may be good if you revisit them.”

    Pearl Jam will co-headline a pair of music festivals with Foo Fighters this summer — the DeLuna Music Festival in Pensacola, Fla., and Atlanta’s Music Midtown Festival. The band is also set for a European tour which begins in June.

  • Dave A still sucks.

    sounds like his comments about touring with soundgarden are classic stone sarcasim

  • drew

    as cool as this sounds “on paper”, both these bands have way too much great material to try to stuff into
    their own headlining shows…..

    an evening with PJ, no opener, and the same with soundgarden, would be a treat to fans worldwide!

  • Kyle


    I think it’s pretty obvious that those bands would share co-headlining duties, like trading off who plays first every other night of the tour type deal.

    They’d bring in another band entirely to do the opening work. Soundgarden and Pearl Jam are just so impossibly huge that either one of those bands “opening” for the other one would never work.

  • EMB

    They should setup a touring festival

  • kez

    going from mccready the next album will be another backspacer by the sounds of it..the ballads wont be deep and dark they will be eds typical style of love soing forward rock and ballads…im getting bad feelings about this album..not only are they being lazy in producing..last album 2009..i think they have lost it..i really hope this album proves me wrong but i highly doubt it:(

  • Biggerman

    @ SON

    Maybe both for The Who 😉

  • kez

    i just dont understand why they cant stick to their roots…they whore their music to every genre…i even heard about dubstep!..i want to be able to hear good grunge rock with intense vocals and solos but

  • ignitor4

    They are sticking to their roots! If you knew the band better you would realize that they are like Neil in that they all love lots of musical genres and that is what drives them. They won’t pigeonhole themselves to just please the masses! That is what makes each new album not always great but special in its own way!

  • Cody

    @ kez if there are dubstep samples they have completely sold out, like the foo fighters.

  • Ben

    Was kind of expecting more in-depth info from Stone after Mikes great interview.
    Oh well still good…

  • Dandy

    Vedder is someone who is like a “made in china” product. A 77 year old franciscan priest from the Bronx suffered a stroke and made a swift recovery within days. While Vedder, who is 30 years younger than him, was given a recovery time of 6 months. That’s worst than a stroke. Aaaawww. Karma for your lies.

  • Ben

    “Bay Leaf, Stones personal solo record has turned 10 years old. He says he’s proud of that record and expects to release another solo album in the next couple of years. It’s fun to be a fascist in the studio when doing a solo album.”


    ^ I think this should be included in the notes.

    Bayleaf is a great album!

  • Ben

    It is hard to believe Bayleaf is 10 years old! Stone’s second album is way way way overdue!!






  • Dreux

    “sold out”?
    What are you, 12?

  • Cody

    fuck off dreux, bands sell out. it happens whether you wanna come out of your sheltered world or not. the foos are a perfect example

  • Stefan

    Matt, you can do it 😉

  • Kyle


    Fuck The Who. Not insulting you, but The Who is the most overrated piece of shit band that ever got famous. Soundgarden and Pearl Jam shit all over them. Maybe not in the history of rock music scheme of things, but as far as the music and talent of the musicians themselves goes, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam destroy The Who.

  • be

    remembering the good times. That will soon tour the PJ + Soundargen :): D

    PEARL JAM with Chris Cornell *Hunger Strike* PJ20 night 2 @ Alpine Valley 9/4/2011 HD


  • be

    Congratulations!!! very successful, I love this home page, access daily .. congratulations for the great job that comes many years of grunge report ahead 🙂 😀

  • Ben

    @ Cody … tell me how and when the Foo Fighters sold out, some of their music may not appeal to older fans, and that goes equally to their early stuff and new stuff. I myself prefer their first album, but I’d still say that Wasting Light is a fantastic rock album. How many artists that are “sell outs” that you’ve ever heard of making a record in a god damn garage? (not to mention that “There Is Nothing Left To Lose” was at least partially recorded in Dave Grohl’s basement). They may have came out with some mediocre music like “Wheels”, but they’ve come out with a lot more great stuff. I think you’re confusing a bands sound evolving with selling out. If a band pumped out the same album time and time again, then THAT would be selling out (hello Nickelback).

  • Aaron

    Here is some interesting news from Stone in a new article. He mentions that the album is at least 1/2 to 3/4 done, expects it out early next year, a hard rocking song from Mccready and more.

  • jjc19461

    If you think The Who are “overrated shit” you seriously have some music issues. The Who were one of the greatest bands in the 70s along with pink floyd, led zeppelin, sabbath, and Queen. just to name a few examples. Have you not heard their catalog besides their hits? Listen to Quadrophenia. Great album.

  • Cody

    okay man doing a dead mouse remix and featuring it on a deluxe version of your album plus a grammy commercial is strong evidence to begin with. real bands (see Pearl Jam) dont give a fuck about awards because the grammys dont mean shit and are somebody’s opinion. foos just want the attention.

  • jaime

    They have to tour together, they could take turns opening up for eachother, and also do Temple of the Dogs songs. If i saw that concert I could die the next day and be happy… it’s my dream to see that happen. Of course the only thing that could make it better is if Tool toured with them. That would almost be too much to handle but Im up for it.