Steven Adler & Izzy Stradlin’s Rumored Involvement In Guns N’ Roses Reunion

Metal Sludge is reporting that Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler could be guest performers on Guns N’ Roses’ upcoming reunion tour.

“It’s Axl, Slash & Duff. And whoever they decided to hire for the week, month or leg of a specific tour. If anyone so much as steps a foot to the left, they will be replaced faster than Summer’s replaces clip-in extensions on tour.”

He added, “It’s the Big 3, Dizzy will be on keys, Frank on drums and Richard on rythym. And Izzy will saunter in a few nights and do 2-3 songs. Adler will get a chance to play a song or two, and my guess, might even be done 38 Special style. With both drummers. I’ve heard from sources Axl does not like Sorum, and he’s also said a few dumb things in recent years – so he’s not likely to be there unless he bought a ticket. Scatter in a guest here or there on guitar, or Bach singing a duet with the boss on a night or two. Maybe if Fortus breaks an arm or something, they might bring in Gilby for a run of shows. I’d also wager there will be another utility player or two on the trek playing keyboards, or maybe even some extra guitar. Mark my words on all of this.”

Ex-Poison manager Howie Hubberman hinted at Facebook at Guns N’ Roses trying to find a way to have some sort of role for Steven Adler in the reunion. “Negotiations are not finished. They are doing this the right way!! Right way would include Steven (in some way).

  • yoda

    gawd… “big 3” my ass… it’s “big 5” or bust…
    the 5 skeleton heads on the cover of AFD. and preferably no one else. now THAT would be absolutely incredible.

    oh yea, and the legendary axl rose who has not been seen since ’93. not the fat elvis imposter.

    • Mel Catley

      Agree totally. This reunion is pointless unless it includes Axl, Steven, Duff, Slash and Izzy and no one else. Otherwise what would be the point? Their magic was captured with these 5 guys only

      • Leon Truskowki

        Yes. The magic was the 5 original men. That’s what we want to see ! Axl is fat and can’t sing anymore! Really is like Van Hallen with Roth. Roth can’t sing and the fans are going to see the other members ! Fuck you Axl for not getting Steven Adler ! We got to look at bald Frank ! He can’t even keep a beat! Your voice sounds like a cat getting ran over by a car! Get the original members asshole !

    • Kimberley

      Thank You!!

    • dakotablue

      Haha! And Duff looks like Mountain Girl from that movie The Ladykillers in photo at top.

      • Michael Wood

        Wow, deep pull! Good flick, too!

      • Leon Truskowki

        Duffs wife is fucking Axl!

    • Doug1001

      I saw Axl live in Columbus a few years back… He was actually really good.

  • Felonious Punk

    According to Slash’s sunglasses, it was he who took this incredibly professional-looking band selfie of the reunited lineup

    Who are clearly suffering from a case of gout, if their faces are any indication..

  • Dee

    250-275 dollars for just three of them? I get why Stevie is not 100% involved, but if Izzy is only a guest, well, this is not a reunion.

    • Corndog

      Agreed. All or none. Not interested in a sort of, almost but not quite reunion.

      • Leon Truskowki

        Correct all 5 originSl members only! Dizzy Is no member! He got to feel like an asshole on stage! Axl your washed up! Please don’t go to any shows unless all original members are involved! Let’s all stick together !

  • Celio Azevedo

    Great! Billions of dollars business.

  • Jimmy Intense

    Stop calling it a reunion unless all essential members are involved. KISS, Pixies and RATM did their reunions right. Surely they can stomach each other for a few million dollars.

  • Nikdik

    No Matt Sorum either? If Axl can bury the hatchet with Slash anything is possible

  • Raj

    Axl Rose is controlling the whole ship, just like he made his bandmates sing away the GNR name to him. He controls who is in the reunion, which songs are going to played, the order in which they are going to be played. He probably doesn’t trust Adler to be reliable, Izzy has been come and go even during the new Guns era. Semi reunion for now, maybe he’s testing the waters, if they implode he will cancel it all. If it runs smoothly, they maybe other guys trickle in with more regularity.

    • Proud Pitbull Parent.

      I totally agree with you and I think Axl has every right to be in complete control. With all due respect to Slash, Duff, Steven and even Matt fucked up big time with the drugs and drinking which is the true reason why the band fell apart. Shirt Izzy was the first one to get tired of it. If you look at any videos of any of those guys back in the day. Slash and Duff could barely talk they were so trashed, if I were Axl i’d be pissed off all the time too. I hope for the fans sake that these guys pull it together put everything behind them and kickass on during these shows.

      • Leon Truskowki

        They are still assholes! For them not to include Steven Adler that will be there demise! Axl you are fat and washed up. The reunion is about looking at the original 5 members. The paid no attention to Dezzy read at hall of fame! They should replace you will miles Kennedy ! Axl your a dick

  • Ted Liscinski

    Howie Hubberman’s input is dubious. This whole article is.

  • agentboolen

    If they do it this way I want Buckethead playing a couple songs. Would be funny seeing him and Slash playing on the same stage together.

  • pïgchop™
  • Mein Kampf

    Axl lost the magic many years ago.

    • Leon Truskowki

      Agree! He can’t sing a note! He is like David Lee Roth!