• Marie

    Damn it, I already pre-ordered it on Amazon! Oh well, I got a good deal on it there, too.

  • King Cornell 20

    Just read his interview with rolling stone. No one is as witty in a little interview as Eddie. “Being nostalgic is like taking an offramp and getting a sandwich – and then you get back on the highway. I don’t want to be spending the rest of my life at the gas station”.

  • poonzz1

    My local Best Buy had the sale price at $8.99 for the new Ukulele Songs cd plus I used the coupon for 2 more dollars off. That’s $6.99 for the new Ed Ved album! What a deal! I bought 3 copies….

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000022737943 Riley R.

    Well… it’s not as good as Into the Wild but whatever I didn’t expect it to be. The DVD is the better of the two

  • pretty penny

    Yikes, this photo at first glance looks like Ed’s sitting on the can!