Here are the demos that will be featured on the Best Buy deluxe edition of Soundgarden’s new album King Animal.

14. Worse Dreams [Demo](3:21)
15. Black Saturday [Demo](3:16)
16. By Crooked Steps [Demo](4:23)
17. Bones of Birds [Demo]
18. A Thousand Days Before [Demo]

  • Crazies

    There’s also a version with Halfway There (Demo).. so that’s six actually. Can’t remember if it’s an Amazon exclusive or iTunes.

  • BillyL

    Amazon only has three demos on it (“Worse Dreams”, “Black Saturday” and “By Crooked Steps”) while the iTunes version has those three plus “Halfway There” but lacks “Bones of Birds” and “A Thousand Days Before”. I think this is the one with the most demos on it. It’s just shitty that they included different demos on different versions. Hopefully we’ll be able to buy the demo versions separately because I’m not buying more than one copy of this album.

  • Patrick

    Are any of these demos Matt Cameron songs, and if so, is he singing on any of them?

  • Nicb115

    I just want a special ed vinyl!!!! Wtf no news for us vinyl lovers. I’m sure all the demos will be available to download somewhere for free. I’m not buying 2 cd and 1 vinyl. I’ll do 1 and 1. And absolutely no preordered news for SGW Store.

  • Mia

    Wish I would’ve known about the demo thing earlier. It’s kind of confusing that different versions have different demos on them. I suppose eventually they’ll all be online.

  • b.v.

    Why not include Live To Rise as a bonus track as well?

  • ChainsGarden

    Because live to rise does not belong on the cd. It sounds nothing like the rest of the album and was made for the movie soundtrack and nothing else. In an interview they sounded like they wern’t proud of the song, just made a radio friendly song to fit the movie.

  • Scott McLean

    Okay thanks, I’ll go look for that there.

  • cosmicatomic

    So safe to assume this is the one to buy?

  • thefreewheelinmarkarm

    As usual I’m going to my local record store for the release. Fuck big box stores. I’ll get the demos elsewhere.

  • Lennart has the same bonus tracks, so there is NOTHING exclusive about this.

  • ross

    when does it leak?

  • Ben

    With all these different versions with different demos… why not just release a demo of each song on a separate CD.

    @ Patrick – Interesting thought… I know the riff for By Crooked Steps is Matt’s but I doubt whether he would have recorded vocals to any of these songs… but you never know.