Soundgarden are set to headline the Big Day Out festival. This will be the band’s third time playing at Big Day Out, the last time they played there was in 1997 near the end of the band’s original run:

1/20/12 – Auckland, NZ

1/22/12 – Gold Coast, AUS

1/26/12 – Sydney, AUS

1/29/12 – Melbourne, AUS

2/3/12 – Adelaide, AUS

2/5/12 – Perth, AU

  • MJM

    I can’t masturbate to these guys. I just can’t do it. I need pictures of Taylor Momsen’s tight, pink, perfect, barely legal pussy. That will make me ejaculate all over my computer screen.

  • missy

    So Australia get Chris solo in a few weeks followed by Soundgarden. And after 2 years and all the support we have given the band over 20 years Europe gets fuck all.

  • @elcris1981

    Fuck!. Yeah!!!! I’m in NZ. The only thing it’s I got my holiday to Asia on January-February… I’ll go to Asia, comeback to NZ and Australia, and to Asia again… Shit… lot of money but GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!! YEAH!!!

  • Ash

    And us Aussies don’t support soundgarden. Miss Europe we miss out on slot of tours from many bands due to distance and logistics, but we don’t whinge. Just appreciate them when they tour especially at this time in there lives. Bring in Cornell and gang looking forward to both tours.